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Reviewed by Steph for TeensReadToo.comMia Everett is just a normal teenage girl she fears heights, she loves the Buffy series, she has a crush on the hottest guy in school, she s the neighbor of the popular cheerleader, her sister is a popular wannabe, and She turned all of the seniors and even some teachers into flesh eating zombies through a love potion gone wrong That s when Chase comes into the picture He s always been the quiet, anti social guy in her Biology class, but when he comes to her saying that she didn t perform a love potion that she really performed a spell that turned her classmates and best friend, Candice, into zombies well, she immediately starts to fall for her knight in shining armor And if all of this wasn t enough to take in, Mia also has to worry about her prom, which is just days away Will she be able to cure her classmates, and her prom date, before the actual dance And if not, what will happen to her friends and the students Will they really become zombies And why do all of them seem to salivate whenever she s around Amanda Ashby writes a very entertaining and quick read about a teenage protagonist who has to fix the catastrophic problem she created or else she ll never be able to enjoy the ball with Prince Charming Many readers will be able to relate to Mia and her quirky ways, and others will simply fall in love with her witty humor And if that doesn t work, there are always hunks Rob and Chase ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH deserves the five stars This is a very original story that isn t too far fetched that teenage readers can t relate at all it s the perfect mix of reality and imagination. Mia has been happy being on the fringe of the popular crowd She is happy to have her hypochondriac best friend, Candice, and watch what is going on around her untilRob, the super hot football star, asks her to Homecoming Everything is going fine between Mia and Rob They ve been on five dates and she can t believe her good fortune Her luck begins to change though, when Samantha, the extremely popular cheerleader, sets her sights on Rob Samantha will stop at nothing to secure her spot as Homecoming Queen and since Rob is the most likely guy to be chosen as the Homecoming King, she is determined to get Rob for herself.Mia begins to panic She doesn t really stand a chance against Samantha so she resorts to a pretty extreme measure Candice, being the hypochondriac she is, takes Mia to a place she goes for a lot of her natural medicines for a love spell to make sure Rob doesn t dump her for Samantha They choose to perform the spell during a Senior assembly and boy does that turn out to be a mistake The spell is actually an ancient ritual called Viral Zombaticus The entire Senior class has been infected and will be going through the four stages of the zombie virus in the next couple of days Since Mia performed the ritual, she is their queen and once everybody gets to stage four of the virus, they will want nothing than to eat her.Thank goodness for Chase He s a new guy with a huge secret As a team, Chase, Mia, and Candice work to reverse the Viral Zombaticus even though Candice is suffering from the virus herself and has to fight the urge to take a bite out of Mia whenever she is around Can Mia reverse the spell before she becomes a zombie meal Is Rob really as great as she thinks he is After her brush with popularity, will she be happy to go back to her place on the fringe ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH is a quick read The characters are fun to get to know Mia is likable, Candice is quirky, and Chase is calm, cool, and collected in a crisis The story isn t complex, but the humor throughout the book makes ZOMBIE QUEEN OF NEWBURY HIGH a great reading choice. I read this and I honestly enjoyed it but, there was nothing that really stood out to me.I really liked the twist of zombies having a home queen lol.3.5 5 rounded down Interesting book Quick read I didn t know what to expect Parts of the book I liked and other parts I disliked a lot Nice humor as well view spoiler Mia is not a popular girl She finally starts dating a popular guy and all of the sudden, he starts to ignore her Its not like he asked her to prom or anything Well, she decides to go with her best friend Candice to a place with herbs and spells Mia thinks she bought a love spell, but it actually was a spell that turned everyone into zombies The new boy, Chase, talked to Mia in private and told her about what the spell actually was Chase helps Mia turn everyone back to normal by a reversal spell But, it is a little complicated to get everyone back to normal when Mia is their queen hide spoiler [ Free Book ] ♟ Zombie Queen of Newbury High ☫ Quiet, Unpopular, Non Cheerleading Mia Is Blissfully Happy She Is Dating Super Hot Football God Rob, And He Actually Likes Her And Asked Her To Prom Enter Samantha Cheerleading Goddess And Miss Popularity Who Starts Making A Move For Rob With Prom In A Few Days, Mia Needs To Act Fast So She Turns To Her Best Friend, Candice, And Decides To Do A Love Spell On Rob Unfortunately, She Ends Up Inflicting A Zombie Virus Onto Her Whole Class, Making Herself Their Leader At First She Is Flattered That Everyone Is Treating Her Like A Queen But Then Zombie Hunter Hottie Chase Explains They Are Actually Fattening Her Up, Because In A Few Days, Mia Will Be The First Course In Their New Diet She S Sure She And Chase Can Figure Something Out, But She Suggests That No One Wear White To Prom, Because Things Could Get Very Messy Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookMia is super stoked that she is going to prom with the popular and handsome Rob until equally popular and self proclaimed future prom queen Samantha sets her heart on stealing Rob for her self Mia really likes this guy and will do anything to keep Rob s attention Even do a love spell on him Except said love spell doesn t do what its title claims, and instead them the whole senior class into zombies How you get zombies from a love spell, I have no idea But it s ridiculous than it sounds, lol.With the help of a new classmate, Chase, Mia sets out to correct the spell before her classmates fatten her up and eat her for lunch.Okay, I seriously loved this book When I first heard about it, it just sounds so silly and like such a fun and light read that I just HAD to have it And I can happily say that it did not disappoint While I occasionally enjoy the deep and emotional book that moves me and makes me cry, lately I ve been preferring the light books that are funny and just make me laugh Zombie Queen was exactly that and I found myself laughing out loud often than not and I absolutely love that in any book The situation Mia found herself in was just very amusing I mean, how often do you hear of a love spell turning people into zombies Seriously Can you say epic fail Lol.Another component of the book that I loved and made me laugh was Mia s BFF Candice I ve never read a book before where a character was a hypochondriac, but I am telling you, Candice was HILARIOUS This week she thought she had leprosy O.o Ever since starting nursing school I diagnose myself all the time maybe I m a hypochondriac, too Anyway, I loved Candice and all her quirkiness That book was very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed the voice Amanda Ashby gave it I highly recommend this one Oh boy, what is there to say Usually, when sitting down to write a review, I am enthusiastic about picking apart the novel and figuring out what worked and what didn t Only, with Zombie Queen, I m not at all excited Why I think part of it has to do with the fact that I found it incredibly difficult to finish the book Another reason may have to do with the fact that I am SO ready to move on to something else.So what went wrong Well, for starters, the characters were an issue from page one I had difficult discerning Candice from Mia and found both characters very forgettable Actually, I found all of the characters forgettable With third person omniscient, I think it s imperative the author create unique characters and give the readers reason to care for them, especially since we aren t given the opportunity to slip into the protagonist s shoes like with first person narrative So when that doesn t happen, as with Zombie Queen, it makes for a boring read.The story itself is very linear and easy to follow, bumping the rating from one star to two Though, for a tenured reader, this book will probably be far too predictable and formulaic There s no strong language, drinking or sexual themes, so it s absolutely suitable for the tween market but savvy teens may find it a bit boring Like with Vampire Stalker things happened in a clockwork manner, precisely when and how I expected them to No surprises.There s really not much to say. What would one teenage girl do for love Buy a love spell of course But wait, oops, did I just turn the entire school into Zombies UhOhhh.This was such an unexpected Gem Zombie Queen of Newbury High is one of those rare books that you don t know what your in for till you read it.I ll admit I thought the cover and title was cheesy, but now that I ve red the book, I think it s perfect This was a humorously entertaining read that is just to cute for words Lively characters, laugh out loud plot and the writing is evenly paced and will keep you intrigued Loved the quick wit comebacks and sassy banter There s just enough of everything in this book, romance, humor and of course, Zombies If you like funny and entertaining mixed in with paranormal slender then this is the book for you Imaginative, feisty and tons of fun The book, Zombie Queen of Nebury High, is so good I loved it so much Besides the fact that Mia changed everyone into zombie s and that Chase was a zombie hunter, I think that a lot of teenagers can relate to everything that was going on I thought it was very detailed too You really made me freak out for a second when I read that Chase and Candace were going to the prom together Mia and Chase deserve to be together I m not very big on reading books, but I liked this one, and couldn t stop reading it I was a bit confused with all the stages though I didn t quite understand why Mia used water instead of something else to spray on her Otherwise it was very interesting I think there should be a sequel to this book because it was very good Who would have thought I d be reading another zombie novel, and a funny one at that Zombie Queen of Newbury High is a quick and entertaining read Mia is such a likeable character it s hard not to relate to her, and her best friend Candice so quirky She was cracking me up with her hypocondirac obsession The plot was ingenious as well, turning your whole school into zombies, classic And it made for a great story Ashby kept you guessing, just when I thought I knew something, she s throw in another loop It was actually nice to be kept on my toes I really enjoyed reading Ashby s novel and I m looking forward to Zombies, romance, and humor, you can t ask for a better read.