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3,5 Normally, I would never have liked this book I mean, abducted heroines and obtuse heroes are so not my thing Yet, I liked this.I read the 2nd book before I picked up this and only convinced myself that I want to read this today, this morning It was like a Cinderella story with a transcontinental setting and a Prince or King UnCharming The hero, Stephen is one angry man So, generally you don t find a HR hero who has anger management issues to the point of being dangerous and borderline abusive and is often dumb as a doornail seriously, he couldn t figure out that he took her virginity and ridiculously stubborn to both the fact that she was a whore and that he was unattractive to women , but here it was acceptable And this only worked because tavern wench Tanya, aka lost betrothed Princess Tatiana, was a badass She s really awesome and strong, while possessing her own set of flaws Considering her situation, I really liked her character and the fact that she didn t give in to Stephen s and his friends vile opinions She acted smart in a bad abduction situation Gawd, I hate that theme, but kudos to her I also liked the secondary characters and Vasili is infuriatingly obnoxious I really want to read the 2nd book again to see his abuse It s so sweet.The one part that was painfully slow was their process of falling in love Stephen is so weird, that he says the dumbest things at the worst times, and it only cause Tanya to protect herself and say bad things back Stephen s personality kinda got better at the end, when they didn t have as much sexual tension and emotional turmoil, so I guess it does redeem itself.Worth a read, but you must want to read an abduction themed HR or you won t enjoy it. This book had me ready to claw my eyes out at 430am, but at the same time had me ready to call my husband home early so he could, er, help me out Damn it was good, hot, well written, sexy I could go on forever A must read, a must own and re read also The hero, even with all of his power is gentle, sweet, and super sexy, he s protective, loyal, honest, and courageous for any man let alone he is a KING The heroine is young and lead a really rough life, she s so strong, and I really admired her for it She s nothing short of the most beautiful woman anyone has ever seen and she never uses it to advantage, even going as far as to cover it up with makeup He comes to collect her and she run s time s then I would have allowed but he is forever forgiving and gentle with her no matter what he thinks she is A true romance, sure to melt your heart 3 Why couldn t I be her Damn reality, that s why.. Johanna Lindsey 1991, 90 s Lindsey Elxis , Lindsey . ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ⚈ Once a Princess (Cardinia's Royal Family, #1) ☥ Once Upon A TimeIn A Rustic Mississippi Tavern, A Beautiful Exiled Princess Was Forced To Dance For The Pleasure Of Others Unaware Of Her Regal Birthrightand Infuriated By A Magnificent Golden Eyed Devil Who Crossed An Ocean To Possess Her From A Far Off Land A Bold And Brazen Prince Came To America To Claim His Promised Bride But The Spirited Vixen Spurned His Affections While Inflaming His Royal Blood With Passion S Fireimpelling Virile Stefan Barany To Take In Sensuous And Searing Conquest The Love Tatiana Vowed Never To Yield site Book City The fact that the main hero uses kissing as an anger outlet got me likeMmmk.does this happen to anybody in reality out there in the Goodreads universe When I m angry I go driving and usually find me some donuts or something We all deal with emotions in different ways I guess I am currently on a quest to find an alternative to Julia Quinn she is queen aka hard to replace because I ve read all her booksalmost So I gave Ms Lindsey a whirl I will give it to this book there were some fun moments of this book fun tension that I liked Might go ahead and try another Erika s Link 1 14 2011Book 1 Once A PrincessStefan Barany is to become King and must go and retrieve his future queen from America, where she was hidden as a baby to keep her alive Her father, the King at that time, had put to death the son of a Baron for murder, in turn the Baron promised to kill off all of the Janacek s, and the feud and deaths continued All but Tatiana survived because she was sent away.Tanya had a terrible life The people who took her in as a baby owned a tavern and treated her like a slave When Iris Dobb lived, she would take the beatings meant for Tanya Since then, Tanya learned to survive and never cry.Dobb was on his deathbed and promised the tavern to Tanya She finally felt some control over her life One night she had to replace one of her dancers with the seductive stage dance Stephen watched the beautiful dancer with eyes aglow He knew her to be the serving wench and they were told for a few coins she would give him than a dance Somehow Tanya was able to survive another night with her virtue, even against the handsome man Stephan had to find the girl at the tavern who was suppose to be his future wife He knew she had a special mark on her left cheek, the one she sat on That was the telling mark to know if the tavern wench was really a princess She was not easy to convince so they finally took her back with them, even if against her will Which turned into a wild adventure between Tanya s escapes, attempted murders, kidnapping, jealous mistresses and.Tanya did not want to go with these men She did not want to be married and have another man controlling her life But is seems future Princesses don t always get what they want, or do they The first in the Cardinia s Royal Family series by Johanna Lindsey I loved this book I thought it was hilarious Tanya Tatiana works in her guardian s tavern with high hopes of inheriting it someday All hope of that dies when a group of men come and kidnap her to take back to their country After all she is their long lost princess and its time for her to take her place by the prince s side. Let me sum this up quickly before I dive into my mini rant soon to be King from Eastern Europe is betrothed to a princess who was sent to America when she was 5 months old to escape a blood feud with some crazy mother f ers Said STBK soon to be king travels to Mississippi to find said princess who was to have been raised in the lap of luxury to come home and bear him an heir while he continues to bone every chick in the joint Imagine his surprise when tragedy had struck and this woman ended up as a Cinderella esque slave in a bar tavern to a man who beat her But now he has to get her from Mississippi to Cardiniaagainst her willOh, did I mention she is the most gorgeous woman in the world but hides her beauty.And she is a virgin.Oh, and did I mention that the STBK has a couple of scars on his face like, not a big deal that he totally needs some therapy about.So this is really a cross between Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast with a makeover scene from Miss Congeniality.With a touch of 50 Shades because STBK gets angry and likes to work out that aggression between the sheets.Whatever.Up until this point, I am not really judging anyone That is actually a premise I can get behind Minus the 20 year old virgin part Seriously At this point, I remember what my problem is with a lot of historical romance and hence my preference for contemporary romance For some inexplicable reason, historical romance writers seem to forget that no actually means no and portray rape as something that is okay if the guy is hot I am all about romanticizing sex simultaneous orgasms Let s have a show of hands how often THAT happens but I am not all about romanticizing rape And it bothers me that books do this says the woman who is queuing up the next Diana Gabaldon book I get it It is symbolic of a woman s unacknowledged need to be dominated by a strong man It starts as what we call date rape in college but morphs into true love It is rape as the key to unlocking a woman s tightly crossed legs so she can recognize her sexuality.It s bullshit.And, in case you couldn t tell, it really annoys me.Call me feminist Call me overreactive Call me what you will But I love me a good, descriptive, erotic sex scene but think it is way better when the woman isn t opposed to the sex and forced into it before discovering what she has been missing all these years.Okay Rant over Please resume your daily lives.