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Sword Play begins with Sabine being forced to moved back home to San Jose by her mother She makes the move and is surprised to discover some of her old acquaintances actually missed her including her old fencing teacher She has a visit from the ghost of the student she predicted would die and he gives her the task of helping an unknown female Sabine then must try to figure out who her actually is Additionally, someone is trying to attack Sabine Her old friends Manny, Thorn, and Dominic have not forgotten her and come to visit but her boyfriend, Josh has broken two dates She continues to search for the missing charm in order to help cure her grandmother Will the drama ever end You will have to read it to find out. Original review can be read at Izy s book dream Seer seriesI wasn t sure how I felt about the whole idea of Sabine moving back It turns out okay and interesting, but at first I really wasn t sure how to feel about this This book had a totally different theme It was nice to get explanations about Sabine s past and to see the reactions of her old friends when they see her.I liked how we got to see Sabine s old life and experience her rekindling with old friends and her family I also really enjoyed Amy s part in this book I also liked to see which friends were putting in the efforts to entertain their friendship with Sabine and I loved Dominic s slow increase in importance as the books and Sabine evolve I also loved to see Josh s attitude towards her move I fell in love with Kevin and I really liked Sabine s fencing coach.I liked that Sabine doesn t know who to help and can t quite figure it out quickly, if at all It felt nice to see that sometimes, the messages received aren t clear, but she still tries her best.I should have seen coming the twist in this plot, but honestly, I did not expect it at all I was really surprised when a 3rd girl appeared towards the end leaving Sabine trying to figure out who s the her Kip wants her to help I liked that her mother seems to be warming up to her but I really hated the whole atmosphere in this household This book surprised me in many ways and I think it was a nice move by Linda Joy Singleton to shake things up a little bit this far off into the series This is usually a part were us readers start to lose interest in a long series.Although it was really interesting, I felt like this book was way too short It felt like a short story than an actual book. In this book, we get to see a little bit of where Sabine came from while for the most part, this series has focused on her being basically exiled from home and adjusting living with her grandmother, things take a turn when her mother decides it s time for her to come back home.It was really nice meeting old hometown friends of Sabine and getting a bit backstory as to what exactly happened to make Sabine leave her family and live with her grandmother I like that we got to see of her sisters they are fun characters and I hope they get to be fleshed out a little bit However, I do think that this book suffers from middle book syndrome It s just setting things up and plodding along until we can get to the end of the series While the main conflict of this book is dramatic and intriguing, it s conveniently wrapped up so that there s little payoff for such a long stretch of suspense as to what s actually happening.The most suspenseful thing for me is the romance between Sabine and her boyfriend While Josh seems like a nice guy, I m not convinced he actually is, and I love that Dominic keeps coming back at exactly the right moment to help her out I hope this tension is continued in the next book, or that we get some answers about Josh.Overall, though, I m excited to see how this series ends Just two books before the finish Also posted on Purple People Readers. Sword Play is the fourth book in The Seer series In this book Sabine is thrown back into the world she has been working so hard to put behind her She s back to living with her parents and her twin sister s in San Jose I believe that s the place Soon she is hanging with her old fencing club friends, having uncomfortable moments with her ex best friend, and has taken a job working for her ex fencing instructor Although Sabine is sad to have left Nona, her friends, her boyfriend, and even Dominic, she is happy to be with her twin sister s Ashley and Amy Before coming back to live with her parents a ghost from Sabine s past Kip visits asking her to help her The her is a bit confusing since she isn t sure who he is talking about, and before she can ask, Kip is gone It soon comes down between Kip s girlfriend and his little sister But are they the right ones she should be focusing on Well of course I know, but I won t spill the goods I enjoyed this book much than the previous three There is a lot going on in this book and a lot is being revealed The ending is a jaw dropper I couldn t believe it It s getting interesting This book was good, well written, and worth the read Since I ve been on this adventure with Sabine the main character for four books now I have grown fond of the characters and ghostly personas in this series and I enjoyed it ButI feel like the author could have given commentary to the CLIFF HANGER at the end.oy Repeating myself a little bit from my review of tome 3, but oh well Good book Since I m in my late 20s, I know I m not the target audience for this serie, but read it anyway I enjoyed it Not the best book I ve ever read but I know that teen me would have loved it A girl that over analyses things and has magical powers Heck yes I put only 3 stars which means I liked it, but nothing because I feel like it is very repetitive A lot of times during the book, Sabine express the same emotion over the same situation Over and over Like, yes, we get it, you are incredibly stressed over your Nana s situation No need to say if for 3 pages straight Also, yes, it feels weird to see your former best friend with that specific guy You say it every time you see them together it s what annoyed me during my reading Nothing too intense, but still worth mentioning.Also, I want to mention that I read the french translation of this book Sometimes I know that translations aren t perfectly aligned with the original version in the terms chosen and whatnot, so this is also worth mentioning.I want to end this on a last note the end of this book left me speechless Did not see that coming. Sabine is not happy to find Kip, the boy whose death she predicted at her old school, thereby leading to her being kicked out when it came true, as a ghost sitting at the end of her bed and asking for her to help her After all, her mother has decided that she should come back home now instead of living with Nona, and the last thing Sabine wants is to face the people at her old school, especially the best friend who betrayed her And Sabine is not happy to be leaving Nona and all her new friends, especially boyfriend Josh But Josh promises to visit her every weekend, and Dominic, Nona s farm hand apprentice vows to continue looking for the silver charms they need to find the remedy book to help Nona overcome her illness.Upon returning home, Sabine is happy to be close to her twin sisters, and begins working for her old fencing teacher, helping with classes and reconnecting with the sport she loved But also feels lonely and misses being home with Nona and her friends While she enjoys seeing some of her old friends again, and discovers that they have missed her, she and her former best friend, Brianne, still can t get along Josh, despite his promise to come see her every weekend, is getting and involved in his magician training and never does come And then strange and dangerous things begin to happen, as she tries to figure out who the her is Kip wants her to help and then doing so Someone is out for Sabine, as well And Brianne has a secret that may cause them both serious harm.This is the one that hooked me, even though some things were confusing because I hadn t read the earlier ones Sabine really starts thinking about who she is and who her friends are, as well as still struggling with wanting to fit in and not be ostracized again with realizing that she needs to be herself and likes helping others with her gift She also struggles with really liking Josh and thinking that he s such a nice, great guy who helps others but he s also very much against the idea of ghosts or psychics so she doesn t want him to know about her gift And she is also realizing her growing connection to and attraction for Dominic, with whom she can really be herself. RESUME, MAY HAVE SPOILERS After her big accident, Sabine returns back home on her mother s demand She gets to reunite with her friends of the fencing performance groupe in which she used to be in Brianne, her ex best friend totally ignores her and it hurts Sabine because she was the only one that she trusted before the whole story appeared Kip, the boy whom she predicted the death, appears to her and tells her help her Sabine doesn t know who she has to help At first she thinks it s Kip s girlfriend that can t get over him Sabine helps her find someone new After that, she finds out that Kip s little sister feels guilty of his death because they argued and she never said that she was sorry Sabine helps her find peace At the same time, Sabine has vision of the night of Kip s death She is with him in his car, he is speeding Finally, Sabine finds out that Brianne met with Kip, but Tony, Brianne s new boyfriend, found out and hit her Tony took her to his car to bring her back home The reason Kip died was because he was speeding to try to save Brianne END OF RESUME This is a really good book series for people who love fiction and easy reading Plus, there is never a boring moment while reading this book The action never stops You always want to know what s going to happen next Each book of the series has between 300 and 500 small pages with small chapters so you read through them super fast I find that the first book is a good introduction to all the characters of the series Also, everything is really well described and super easy to read I ve first read this series at 14 years old Now I m 18 and I loved it even than I did back then I definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves a good story with non stop action. This is my favorite book in the series, the others fall kind of flat. ^FREE PDF ★ Sword Play (The Seer, #4) ☔ Help Her, Insists The Spirit Of Kip, The Jock From Her Old School Who Died In A Car Accident But His Cryptic Message Is The Last Thing On Sabine S Mind As She Packs Up To Move Back Home She S Not Happy About Leaving Her Friends, Her Boyfriend, And Nona Who S Gravely Ill, But Won T Dare Challenge Her Mother S Orders Besides, Sabine S Also Harboring Hope That She Can Become Close To Her Family Again Reuniting With Her Fencing Club Brings Back Painful Memories Of Getting Kicked Out Of School And Betrayed By Her Former Best Friend Brianne, Now Too Entangled With Her Boyfriend To Notice Sabine Unlike Kip S Ghost Who Continues To Nag Her About Someone In Trouble But Kip Died Alone, So Who Needs Her Help As Sabine Researches The Events Of That Tragic Night, She Pieces Together A Shocking Revelation Knowledge That Leads To A Dangerous Duel With A Surprising Foe