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There were parts of this book that I really, really enjoyed namely Sabine s visions and the mysterious Dominic and then there were parts that I never quite connected with.To start with, Josh is the most freaking perfect person EVER The guy volunteers at a Children s Hospital for Pete s sake He doesn t lose his temper He doesn t have any vices that were mentioned He s perfect And let s face it, Mr Perfect would be nice in real life but in a story he s just boring That right there was the problem I never got a sense of chemistry between Sabine and Josh She has these great, life defining secrets and he s an open book.Dominic, on the other hand, was layered and surly and infinitely interesting His past is muddled and painful and I d rather read about him than Perfect Josh Sadly, Dominic wasn t even presented as a love interest in this book I can see it happening somewhere down the road but Sabine spent the better half of the book despising him for breathing Which was kinda cool, unto itself.Now Sabine I liked her visions I liked that she was willing to put aside her fears and try to help when she could The downside is that I never felt like she was a high school kid The sense of conflict she felt over her gift was presented but it not really fleshed out She was too poised most of the time I vaguely remember high school and I sure as hell didn t have anything as volcanic as a psychic gift to deal with and I was still fumbling my way through the dark often than not She wasn t It took me out of the story, honestly I could have done with angst and less poise, I guess.Overall, I liked the book but I wasn t wowed by it I am curious as to where Dominic will end up and how he ll put his past behind him but I could do without Josh and his perfect perfection If Sabine s visions are consistently of the bloody, violent variety I d be all over the next book Kelly Reading the Paranormal I d recommend this to a reader on the young side of young adult Although the first person protagonist Sabine Rose is a high school student, the writing is rather simplistic for that age The plot line is not that unique, either.What makes the book interesting and worth reading are the characters of Sabine and the people around her, and their interactions Many teenagers are convinced that, if others discover their secret self even if it s not that they re psychic , they ll be rejected and lose all their friends They ll empathize with Sabina about that And as Sabina grows in confidence and begins to overcome that fear, a teen reader may borrow a bit of her courage as she gets comfortable with herself.I had trouble rating this I find it on the low side of books I usually give 3 stars Nevertheless, I ll probably continue to read at least one of the others in the series. @Download Pdf ⚢ Don't Die, Dragonfly (The Seer, #1) ⛑ After Getting Kicked Out Of School And Sent To Live With Her Grandmother, Sabine Rose Is Determined To Become A Normal Teenage Girl That S Why She Hides Her Psychic Gift From Everyone At Her New School, Pretending That The Predictions She Helps Write For The School Newspaper Are Just Fun Nonsense Excellent book. Personal Response I loved it At first I was hoping that it wouldn t be a series because I had a different book series to read after that I didn t want to be strung out over getting the next book, but I guess the exact thing I didn t want to do is kind of happening But either way it was a very wonderful story and I am definitely going to find the second book.Plot It starts off with Sabine helping edit the paper at her new school with her friend Manny Sabine is a seer which means that she can see visions of the future, but only of other people She continues to have visions of a girl with a dragonfly tattoo who is in big danger A few other things happen but it goes to explain her crush on a guy named Josh at school As she is watching him in his class she saves him from being squished by a sliding car in the auto shop classroom Finally being noticed by him they get together and go on a date They double up with Josh s friend Evan and his girl Danielle, who is the girl with the dragonfly tattoo Sabine s grandmother, Nona, who is also a seer has hired a boy named Dominic to help around the farm Sabine, who was uninformed of this found him with his falcon, Dagger This puts a bad line between the two and an unfriendliness that neither is willing to solve A few nights later Sabine has another vision of a bloody dragonfly, running to the school she catches Danielle trying to steal something from the filing cabinet in the office They get caught by the janitor there but when he tries to catch them they escape At school the next morning Sabine finds out that the school was vandalized and the janitor was attacked and knocked senseless Since he could not remember anything Sabine and Danielle are safe Danielle isn t at school but Sabine is afraid of getting caught and accused She asks her friend Manny about what to do, and they begin the investigation When Sabine calls up Danielle to find out what she was doing on that night she finds out that she was there to get a copy of a test but failed to get it Eventually Sabine tells Manny about her ability, and Manny goes off and finds another girl with a special talent This girl, Thorn, can find things by touching the hand of the person who hid the object she s looking for Together Sabine and Thorn look for the objects that were stolen from the school on the night it was vandalized They find the vice principal s chair out in the woods and the rest of the objects in Sabine s locker Now they know that someone is out to get her Danielle is back at school and is terribly sad, Evan had left her and found someone else When Sabine tries to comfort her she says that Sabine didn t understand, and runs off Finding her at the football field watching practice, Sabine finds that the test was not for herself but for Evan, because if he failed another bio test he would be kicked off the football team Danielle is incredibly angry at Evan and and makes vague threats towards him Running into Evan himself, Sabine learns that Evan is the one who vandalized the school and is trying to frame Sabine He thinks that she is getting in the way of Josh and his friendship and making it seem like she was a bad girl would make Josh hate her Following him into the school she is tricked and Evan locks her in the office, spray paints the walls and hides the cans in her locker Dominic finds her and gets her out before she is found by the new janitor, and they get rid of the paint cans as well Sabine has a vision of the past, of a boy in a thunderstorm chained to a tree The boy is screaming above the thunder and she knows that it is Dominic When Sabine asks him about it be simply tells her that a man wasn t right in the head and that he hurt him to make himself feel powerful Instead she asks him how he found her Dominic says that he too has a special power, he can talk to animals, and the animals tell him where Sabine is going Going back to school the next day without trouble, Sabine, Manny and Thorn devise a plan to get at Evan Thorn takes them to a candy shop called Tricks and Treats The shop keeper is a friend of Thorn s and she takes them to a secret room full of superstitious things for luck and predictions They make up a pouch of luck to give to Mr B, Evan s bio teacher He being superstitious, the write a fake prediction for the Mystic Manny column in the school paper, saying that bad things will come When Mr B reads it he will ask Manny for help on what to do to avoid the bad things and Manny gives him the pouch Thorn, being prepared, had a custom fortune cookie made that said change the test The plan went exactly as planned and Evan, now with not having the answers to the test, failed and was kicked off the football team Meanwhile Danielle was not at school Sabine, being concerned and still having visions, rushes over to Danielle s house with Thorn When her dad answers the door the go up to her room and find a suicide note on her pillow Thorn has never tried to use her power to find people before, but she gathers enough that they find her at the football field Her wrists are cut and bleeding They speed her to the hospital in time to save her, had they been any later Danielle would have died Meanwhile Nona is loosing herself She hides things in strange places and forgets where they are The story ends with her sending off Sabine and Dominic to find something that will save Nona Recommendation I would recommend this book to People who like tales of psychics and seers Or teen girls. Sabine is sent to live with her grandma Tired of feeling like an outcast she decides to keep her psychic powers to herself,even from the one person who can help her her grandma When she get s a job in her school s newspaper,being friends with popular cheerleader Penny love, and when Josh DeMarco starts to show interest in her, she finally feels normal and fit s in But everyday she s reminded she cannot be normal because she can never get her bossy sprit guide, Opal out of her mind or the the mysterious girl with the Dragon tatoo. I really enjoyed this little book.I picked it up for some light reading,and am pleased to say I really liked it there wasn t to many things I didn t really like about it One major thing was some parts of it where predictable, and there where a few typos I really enjoyed following Sabine through this story and feeling all her emotions while she could tell the future Getting her dream guy, having a few friendship troubles And making friends with someone seemingly completely different then her, wrapped up in a cliff hanger Can t wait to get the next one It was an entertaining book Simple and quick to read The characters were cool and it didn t get me all confused like the books I ve been reading lately.ButI sorta spoiled myself some things Not much but enough to make me question if I will keep reading this series.Although, the next book looks quite promising, this book lacked of the things I was looking for all the coven stuff and circles, that kind of thing There wasn t much about actually being a witch, the way I wanted it to.Plus, what I spoiled myself is who Sabine ends up with It s not really important but it makes me not want to keep reading the books because I read she ends up with Dominic and 1 I kind of not like him We don t really get to know him in this book but I m so done with the mysterious bad boy stuff.And that s how it s going to get And I don t like bad boys not even a bit The mysterious and reserved stuff makes me want to smack them in the head.2 I really really like Josh He s so sweet I don t want to see him heartbroken Plus, I picture him as Josh Hutcherson And what if the author turns him bad like Cal on the Sweep series Or turns him into a dick I can t hate someone who in my head looks like Josh Hutcherson I keep comparing it to the Sweep series But it s that that series was perfect Yeah, it had 15 books but It had a grounded main character with problems in all sorts of ways with her family, with her friends, with boys, with her legacy And its love triangle worked for me It s probably one of the best love triangles I ve read She goes from Cal to Hunter, Cal is a dick, I never really liked him even when I thought they would end up together, and Hunter is great, a good natured guy who only wants her to be safe and who loves her for who she really is And in this case, I don t think Dominic is better than Josh, Josh is caring and good while Dominic is probably gonna mess up with her mind.I don t want to give up on the idea that I m never going to find a series as good as that one.Maybe I should pick up Thorn s book I ve been longing for a book with a goth female character I have no interest in goth boys, sorry Source I own a copy of this book 16 year old Sabine has a secret she gets visions and warnings about the future although they re always about other people.Her latest warning is about a girl with a dragonfly tattoo, although she s not really sure what she s supposed to be warning her about.When someone puts the janitor in the hospital after a break in at the school, Sabine is determined to find out who did it, especially when it seems the culprit is trying to frame her.Who injured the janitor Why are they trying to frame her And what should the girl with the dragonfly tattoo not do This was an interesting story, and I thought the mystery element was done well.Sabine was an okay character but she was a bit dumb at times Violet Ambrose Syndrome If you suspect someone of a crime, and you already know that they hate you do not follow them alone to a dark janitors closest I mean Sabine do you have no common sense The storyline was pretty good, although I did wonder if this was going to be a bit too young for me Thankfully this wasn t the case, but Sabine did come across as a little immature at times I thought the mystery aspect was done quite well, although I did pick up on stuff a lot quicker than Sabine did I did think that this was an enjoyable story though.The ending was good, even if I did guess what was going to happen quicker than Sabine did We were left with a bit of a cliff hanger, but again, how Sabine didn t see this coming I don t know Overall an enjoyable YA paranormal mystery, 7 out of 10. This is the first book of the sequel The seer and so far I really liked this book Sabine Rose was kicked out of her school and sent to live with her grandma,Nona Sabine have a psychic gift that lead her to get kicked out of her school.She s trying really hard to prove that she was innocence of killing a girl at her old schoo She can sense dangers and many other things Now in her new school shes trying to be normal like a teenage girl would But when she starts having deadly visions of a girl with dragonfly tatoo she s really freaked out How will she help that girl or will she end of murdering again Sabine feels in love with a new boy named Josh and he has a friend name Evan and Danielle Rose recognized one day that Danielle have a tatoo with a dragonfly on it She doesnt talk about it because they ll think she s a freak The next thing Rose finds out is that Nona had invited a strange boy name Dominic Later she find out that Dominic can communicate with animals and find out if somebody is in danger.But what does he got to do with Nona And what secrets is Danielle hiding against Evan read the book to fnd out You ll love it