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I Am the CheeseRobert Cormier 220 pages HarperCollins,1985 7.99ISBN Dell,1981 ISBN 0 440 94060 5 Have you ever thought about living the life of a victim Always having the fear of being heard or watched from left to right, up to down A little taste in what the bitter sweet life is here in this compressed, and brilliant book The lives of a small, mysterious family of the Farmers Adam Farmer Student, son of Mr Mrs Farmer are on stake This small family is being hunted down by the government What do the officials want from this average family A I saw the Gray man get out of the car.A I could tell mother was dead with her head twisted in an abnormal angle.T What else did you see You must tell me.T Tell me of this, Gray man You must not retreat now.T You must not retreat now.A I would like to suspend now.T You must not Tell me. I think that this is truly an amazing book Personally being a fan of mystery, I enjoyed how Robert Cormier tosses in and stirs up the story with characters and conflicts to prevent the main character from getting what he wants It seems as if the story is occurring or playing in my head, as I read each word I picture the scenes go by and I visualize the characters in front of me, interacting before my eyes Adam Farmer, or so he was given this name, lives a normal life goes to school, hangs out with his friend, goes home, and all that other stuff However, his dad has been out of town and he hasn t gotten back Adam recieves a notice that his dad is in the hospital Worried and stealthily, Adam s guile sets him off onto a journey He encounters many life threatening experiences and obstacles that stand in his path What he doesn t realize is that everything he s ever been told, or lived through, is a lie Personally, I think that people who enjoy reading and solving mystery books will love this book because this book has a variety of issues from identity loss, all the way to helping talking to strangers Plus, the story and backgrounds of the characters are interesting as well It sfun than just solving any other puzzle this one s been built incorrectly, and you re the one that has to rebuild it. When I first saw this book, I thought it was strange book that no one would read and it was one of the books I just quote dumb but Robert Cormier, who describes the protagonist, Adam Farmer, and his epic journey to see his father in Rutterburg, Vermont creates this amazing book all in flashbacks He tells the story of Adam as if he was telling it himself Adam Farmer a normal kid in school, one day finds the need see his father in Rutterburg, Vermont He abandons his mother and his precious Amy Hertz and rides of to see his father His epic journey extends longer and longer meeting many obstacles on the way delaying him from his goal But as the book continues, Adams past is going to haunt himself as he finds out that he is not who he really is Confused, in the beginning of this book, I wanted to throw it away But as the story continued the true meaning unveiled to me Shocked, grateful, and satisfied, when I finish the book the true story of Adam Farmer is shown His character really changes as the story goes on This page turner is truly remarkable piece of literature is a must read and the ending would leave you shocked and surprised on what is the true, truth of Adam s past. FREE PDF ♈ I Am the Cheese ☨ Adam Farmer Is On A Journey He Has To Get To Rutterburg With A Parcel For His Father But As He Travels, He Starts To Remember The Events Leading Up To This Point, Memories Which Are Also Being Prised Out In Gruelling Psychiatric Interviews What Is The Secret Of Adam Farmer And What Will Happen When He Finds Out Wish I had NEVER read this book Required reading for my 10th grader so I read it first Starts out good, keeps you reading even if it does bounce back and forth in time Then it ends horribly, suddenly without resolving anything and with no hope no finality It just ends where it begins It does give you the endless circle that a mentally disturbed person must feel but GOSH Why, during a youth s most unsettling years of self doubt, low self esteem, bouts of depression, hopelessness the teen years, why would a teacher want them to read a book like this I will ask her and report back. 4.5 5This is Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio for teens LOLRobert Cormier was there and doing Young Adult Lit before it was hip Long before J.K Rowling or Suzanne Collins Ya feel me, bro j kThis short novel plays with perceptions, memory, and switches effortlessly between first person present tense chapters and third person past tense segments Also, a third, unique from of storytelling exists here the recording between the main character and the Doctor Between these three avenues of tense and feel , the reader is brilliantly given different angles and interpretations of the story and it stays fresh Somehow, since 1977, this novel still feels super fresh Like the Supermarket chain For real.I was surprised at how much I liked the pacing and the voice, reminding me of a combination between Catcher in the Rye , The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime , with a bit of One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest and a splash of the films Memento and Shutter Island in presentation of plot delivery.An excellent book at a great length for teens Well written, tight, and only slowish around the three quarter mark if I had to be picky.Will easily be reading and recommendingRobert Cormier to people, but specifically teens 13 19 The Chocolate War is next on my list, and came out two years before I am the Cheese. I bought this young adult novel when I was a second or third year undergraduate student at university the book was sold in the college bookshop as it was apparently used as a case study text on a course there One of the two primary reasons why I bought it at the time was that I had enjoyed reading the same author s book, The Chocolate War, when I was 11 years old and had wanted to readbooks by him However, for some reason, I don t think I saw any of his other books in the local bookshop during my teen years although this might have been as much because of my focus on fantasy novels such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Dragonlance Chronicles as on the possibility that Robert Cormier s books were not stocked locally at the time The other reason is that I am a Cormier on my mother s side and being descended from 17th century French colonists in Canada with the same name it s very likely that I m distantly related to this Canadian American author.The strange thing is that it has taken me over twenty years to actually get around to reading the book The main reason for this delay is probably that the book got shelved at an early date and was soon after forgotten about as I got other books to read for leisure or to study for my BA and MA degrees and subsequent research Whatever the cause for this delay, I m glad that I finally did read I am the Cheese As to what started me reading the book, it was my desire to add, on GoodReads, the correct cover for the edition that I owned, as well as that for The Chocolate War which got me browsing it.At 191 pages, it s a short enough read and most of the book was read in two sittings a day apart if I d nothing else to do I would ve read this in a day Since it is a psychological thriller, it builds suspense well by alternating between two stories The fourteen year old protagonist s adventure in cycling towards a town in another state so that he could meet up with his father and give him a parcel, the contents of which we are not told about, forms one story This is told in both the first and third person The other story takes the form of transcripts of therapy sessions increasingly embellished by third person narratives , which are held at some kind of institution where the protagonist a little older now it seems has difficulty in recalling some traumatic events in his life The story combination and their gradual unfolding not only build suspense but also, for me, created an element of dread This is because you know that, at some point, something bad is going to happen and, all the while, there is growing unease on the part of the protagonist and the reader as to the true purpose of the therapy sessions or was the boy just paranoid The d nouement of the book is depressing Also, the psychological and ethical issues that arise in the context of the treatment received by the protagonist at the institution where the therapy sessions take place are perhaps typical of a lot of writing in the 1960s and 1970s when scientists were very much interested in themes like mind control and memory suppression It s therefore very much a product of its time but I don t think it has any less value today than it did in the late 1970s If it gets readers, especially younger ones, to question received wisdom then its value, other than being a good tale, is secure. I am the Cheese by Robert Cormier was a fantastic book because it totally caught me off guard until the very end of the book The reason was that Adam, the protagonist, tells a story while he rides a bicycle in a circle Adam is mentally ill and is put in a facility because Adam knows something that the government doesn t want him to remember As a result, the government drugs Adam in the hope of erasing his memories The ending is very surprising, so i do not want to ruin the book The title is also significant because it is a metaphor for Adam s life Adam s life is like cheese in that it has many holes All in all, I recommend this book to anyone who likes surprises or adventures WHOLE CLASS READINGAdam s whole life is like a maze He remembers when his life was happy and normal But a mysterious man, Mr Grey, controls everything in his family s life, and the implications are sinister Adam embarks on a bicycle quest, pedaling to find his dad as he does, he starts remembering, and then things come crashing down This book is certainly smart It s mostly psychological and requires the reader to keep up and pay attention that said, I found it to be disappointing Indeed, I found the book to be rather pointless and a waste of my time to read it Moreover, the book is bleak and seems to pander to a demographic that likes needlessly scary movies or conspiracy theories Additionally, the format is somewhat confusing, and I feel could have been done better, so that identities and clues wereseamlessly woven together And while Adam begins to realize things and discover his identity, his discoveries are short lived and ultimately futile What kind of adolescent message is that Honestly, I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone There are plenty of psychological thrillers out there, ones with better,climactic, interesting, or useful endings. spoiler THE CHEESE STANDS ALONE. I read this in school and it made such an impact on me I could shiver just thinking about it.I looked for this book for years due to my forgetting the title Maybe that was subconsciously on purpose as it is one of the most depressing books I ve ever read That doesn t mean it isn t good I saw another reviewer said something about what were they thinking making this a school assignment I could kind of understand that.Some of the best literature I ve read during my High school and college says that was required Among those are 1984, The Lottery, An Incident at Owl Creek Bridge, The Light in the Forest, The Color Purple and manyI am sure I am forgetting I am the Cheese is one I am not sure I d have read otherwise so I guess that s a good thing If you happen to be thinking of reading this try to start the book in a decent mood because it is so morose.It was a gr eat read though Not sure I will reread but it gets 4.5 stars from me anyway.