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Ovaj francuski roman spada u grupu mojih najomiljenijih uredni kih postignu a Nesvakida nji, udnovat, ljudski ratni roman i sudbine obi nih ljudi I ah, da, ta ljubav na francuski na in Sjajna ekranizacija romana, sjajna muzika iz filma , 7 1917 258. Translation widget on The blog O carte despre hot r rea unei femei de a afla adevarul cu privire la soarta logodnicului sau disp rut pe front O munca demn de un detectiv, secrete ie ite la iveal , adev ruri mu amalizare i ororile r zboiului Toate mbinate intr o poveste captivanta, plin de emo ie, cu mult suspans.Recenzia mea completa o g si i aici My love,I m not able to write today, so a fellow Landis is writing this for me Your face is all lit up, I can see you I m happy, I m coming home I would like to shout out my joy on the road, I m coming home I would like to kiss you the way you like me to, I m coming home I must step lively Tomorrow is already Sunday, and we re to be married Monday Fragment of a letter sent from the trenches by a teenage soldier to his girlfriend, on a cold morning in January 1917 Jean Etchevery, affectionately called Manech by his fianc e Mathilde and Cornflower by his comrades in arms, never gets home for his wedding The very same day he is reported as killed in the line of duty For two years, Mathilde lives with her grief, until one day another soldier sends her a letter revealing the cruel, criminal actions of the authorities that led to her fianc e s death Despite being confined to a wheelchair by a childhood accident that cost her the use of her legs, Mathilde is resolved to find out the truth about that fateful day, hoping against all odds that Manech had somehow survivedEsperanza sighs, My dear girl , and says that she has better ways to spend her youth especially given her lot in life than to go chasing the wind Her desire to marry a fiancee lost in the war is a noble sentiment, but she should put all bitterness aside Bingo Crepuscule was a trench among thousands, the sixth of January in 1917 was one day in the horror of fifteen thousand others, and Manech one unfortunate soul among millions of unhappy soldiers A moving love story, a terrible account of the horrors of the Great War, a criminal investigation full of surprises, a panoramic view of France before, during and in the aftermath of the war this novel has it all and Japrisot weaves the different threads with a mastery that made one reviewer compare it to the famous epic of Tolstoy War and Peace After turning the last page, such hyperbole doesn t look as forced as I initially thought.I don t remember many private investigators that are confined to a wheelchair Mathilde has other qualities that compensate for her lack of mobility perseverance, patience, attention to detail and tidiness in organizing the accumulation of clues She may be motivated by love, but she goes about her quest in a very professional way She s not a lone wolf in the style of American hard boiled, she uses all her friends and family and even hires people to help her in her search Most of all, Mathilde writes letters and visits the relatives of the other four men who shared the fate of Manech on that desperate January morning, sent out into the no man s land between German and French trenches by their own comrades.It s not easy to write an epistolary novel using multiple voices It takes real talent to get the different backgrounds and the different temperaments right Japrisot managed to switch styles for each new character relating his or her recollection of the events to Mathilde With his experience writing crime fiction it is not a surprise that he builds the case carefully and keeps the reader guessing at the outcome until almost to the last page of the book view spoiler my favourite part is the story of Tina Lombardi who re enacts the Edmond Dantes story, taking revenge on the officers and politicians who sent her lover to die like an animal between trenches hide spoiler ( Download ) ♲ Un long dimanche de fiançailles ♒ In January , Five Wounded French Soldiers, Their Hands Bound Behind Them, Are Brought To The Front At Picardy By Their Own Troops, Forced Into The No Man S Land Between The French And German Armies, And Left To Die In The Cross Fire Their Brutal Punishment Has Been Hushed Up For Than Two Years When Mathilde Donnay, Unable To Walk Since Childhood, Begins A Relentless Quest To Find Out Whether Her Fianc , Officially Killed In The Line Of Duty, Might Still Be Alive Tipped Off By A Letter From A Dying Soldier, The Shrewd, Sardonic, And Wonderfully Imaginative Mathilde Scours The Country For Information About The Men As She Carries Her Search To Its End, An Elaborate Web Of Deception And Coincidence Emerges, And Mathilde Comes To An Understanding Of The Horrors, And The Acts Of Kindness, Brought About By WarA Runaway Bestseller In France And The Winner Of The Prix Interalli , This Astonishing Novel Is Many Things At Once An Absorbing Mystery, A Playful Study Of The Different Ways One Story Can Be Told, A Moving And Incisive Portrait Of Life In France During And After The First World War, And A Love Story Of Transforming Power And Beauty La guerra, l a, la morte, la vita.Quanto ho amato questo libro.Ho cercato il film che ne stato tratto inseguendolo nelle videoteche finch non uscito.Mette di fronte all inutilit e all assurdit della guerra attraverso l a, la follia, l inganno.Come ho letto in un altro commento, ogni personaggio meriterebbe una storia tutta sua, perch quello che riusciamo a sapere di loro non riesce a bastarci, ma solo ad aumentare il rimpianto. Oh my, explaining why I have rated this three stars is complicated, just as complicated as the book is When it ended, I liked it a lot Very much in fact, so it should get four stars Right Except that if you have been following the comments I have been making about it at diverse places at GR you will have noted that I have been annoyed, exasperated and at wits end as I read this book So what is going on As I stated, the book is complicated If you are adept at solving mysteries and love paying close attention to every detail and love unraveling clues, then this book will be perfect for you You will give it five stars I am not talented at this My response was to get thoroughly annoyed In this book just about all the characters go by numerous names They go by their name given at birth, their military rank, where they come from and other nicknames too I jotted down all these details and still was lost much of the time I was always asking, Who is that People change identities, there are coded letters that say something completely different from what you assume and people state what they think, but that isn t always true All of this put together annoyed me to pieces I have already seen the movie, so I didn t even start from scratch By the end I pretty much understood everything, but not all To achieve that, I would have to listen to the whole thing from start to finish a second time.At the end it occurred to me that perhaps the author is indeed making a point with all this confusion, particularly with the different names and identities The confusion is intended it is part of the message to be imparted by the book What is the value of a name Is it important Does it matter who exactly did that deed In all the horror of war what is one individual This book wonderfully shows the absurdity and horror of war This is its largest merit This is why you should read the book I have seen the movie in French This too proved to be a source of confusion for me Mathilde, who is looking for her fianc , hoping that he has survived WW1, is portrayed very differently in the French movie and in the translated audiobook How did the author intend her to be seen In the film she was strong and smart, but sweet and lovely too In the book she is flippant and sarcastically funny She is lame due to a childhood accident I object to seeing her portrayed so differently Why Although in both she is shown as a strong, determined woman, I felt that her flippant remarks didn t jive with the setting, Picardy, France, during the first three decades of the 1900s Here is an example Mathilde wants to take off to follow another clue, having just that day returned home When she suggests another trip, Sylvan respondsIt is not me that is going to squawk Bibihis wifeis the one who won t be pleased Leaning forward in her chair, Mathilde murmurs insidiously and ardently, Give her a good work out tonight Let s hear the rafters ring She always adores you afterwards She will be putty in our handsBook two, track 4, of the audiobook I assume you understand how Bibi was to be softened The next day, off they go, exactly as planned, without a word from Bibi These words are stranger still given that Mathilde has been raised for many years, almost as a daughter, in their home Too often the language is too modern It doesn t feel either French in character or appropriate for the 1920s Has the book been poorly translated from French I listened to the audiobook narrated by Isabel Keating Has she exaggerated the flippant lines of the translation Something has gone wrong The atmosphere, which I so loved in the original French film, was gone from the audiobook presentation So I will give the book three stars If I were one who loved solving mysteries, I would have given it four You decided if the mystery solving will entice or annoy you I do think it very well shows what actually happens in war It shows the total absurdity of war It shows trench warfare at its ugliest It showed how people were destroyed by the war Then, at the very end, it also showed how people picked themselves up and made a new life So it was not depressing It did not at all end on a sour note People are strong All of us are, if we just decide to be Some pick up the loose ends and go on to make a good life for themselves.Having finished the book I feel it merits four stars, but I did complain a lot, so I am giving it three Read it rather than listen to it and read it in French if you can You may then give it five stars The movie was worth five stars.One thing the story is just too complicated for an audiobook. The French trenches on the Western Front during World War I were muddy, cold, and infested with lice and rats The men lived in constant danger, and saw their good friends die by their sides Some soldiers suffered shell shock , some deserted, some committed suicide, and others wounded themselves to get away from this hell on earth The book opens as five soldiers, who have allegedly shot themselves in the hand, walk through the mud to the Front Their punishment is to be brought to the area between the French trenches and the enemy trenches where probable death awaits them.Mathilde, the fiancee of Manech, has been told by officials that he died on the battlefield But she receives a letter from a dying soldier who tells her that Manech was one of the five soldiers with the self inflicted wounds The soldier thinks that one or of them may still be alive Mathilde is in a wheelchair but she has an intelligent mind, a strong spirit, and a deep love for Manech With the help of her wealthy father, her chauffeur, and a detective, Mathilde contacts the families of the other four men, as well as other soldiers, to get information She receives conflicting accounts of their final days, so we don t know if Manech and the other four men survived until the end of the book Mathilde s contacts show us the terrible effects of the war on the civilian population as well as the military.The novel is a mystery, a World War I story, and a love story as it flashes back to Manech s and Mathilde s relationship The book can be a little confusing at first since the characters are called by several names, so it helps to jot down their nicknames and professions For example, Jean Etchervery is Manech, Cornflower, and the fisherman Throughout the book there is a great warmth and respect displayed by the living soldiers toward their fallen comrades and the widows who are dealing with so much pain. This is a powerful novel which touches on how war can destroy the human psyche As I read, I thought that each of us has a breaking point Some reach that point sooner than others, and, if we re lucky, most of us never have to find out for ourselves what triggers it The five men of the GR description reached their breaking point and chose self mutilation in order to avoid further time at the front Each has been court martialed for that offense and sentenced to death Instead of facing the firing squad, their sentence was to be sent over the top into No Mans land to await their discovery by the Germans.The novel is mostly taken up with the story of one young woman, Mathilde Donnay, who was engaged to the youngest of the five She, and the families of the other four, were notified of their loved one s death as having been honorable in the line of duty Mathilde learns such may not have been the case A determined woman, she tries to learn the truth of what happened that day.I have read a few books of late where I didn t like any of the characters This novel is quite the opposite I liked everyone Of course, there were some soldiers referred to who were not likeable, but they were not the actual characters in the book, just those spoken about But while the five had reached their breaking point, there were heroes as well I quite liked Mathilde, who had been in a wheel chair since the age of three Sylvain, one of her care givers, was marvelous There were soldiers who had been there on that day who shared their memories and not necessarily memories of themselves, but of others.While I have given plot than I usually do in my reviews, I never felt this was solely a plot driven novel Some might think so The writing fits the story perfectly, and the manner in which the story is told is varied Mathilde wrote letters, and though the contents of her letters are never included, we get the contents of her responders I found the characterizations of the main characters to be quite good, and even those of the minor characters was a good cameo than wooden representations.I don t know if I would read by this author or not, as I haven t looked to see anything about other titles or whether they have been translated I wanted to read this novel in my pursuance of learning experiencing about World War One It served that purpose magnificently, and am than happy to give it a full 5 stars. I recall being profoundly moved by this book, and the turmoil of its characters I read it many, many years ago likely around the time of the film release and enjoyed it so much than I expected It s well written and creates a really beautiful story.