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this book was probably my favorite book of the series it s all about how amber gets stuck in her best friend Alyce s body Alyce has been having a really hard time in her life, but she refuses to talk about it when amber gets switched into this last body she sees all the problems Alyce has needed answers to remember that terrible dark lifer he s found ambers soul again if she doesn t do anything about him soon he will either1 make her into a dark lifer to have a never ending life stealing peoples energy2 take her boy friends life away or3 kill herif you want to know the ending results you will have to read this book your self. Not as good as the first but still good to read if you enjoyed the first to books in the series. [Free Kindle] ♷ Dead Girl in Love (Dead Girl, #3) ♗ Oh, Wow I M My Own Best Friend Or At Least, I M In Her Body Okay, This Assignment Will Be Quick And Easy Thanks, Grammy See, My Dead Grandmother Keeps Finding People Who Have Big Problems And Then I Have The Freaky Experience Of Stepping Into Their Life And Their Body To Provide Help This Time, I M In The Body Of My BFF, Alyce Since Alyce And I Know Everything About Each Other, I Won T Have To Do A Lot Of Detective Work, Which Is A Definite Plus But, As Alyce, I Ve Got Some Really Pressing Questions To Answer Starting With, What Am I Doing In This Coffin From The Author Of THE SEERseries A good book, and I guess a good ending to the series. This book was really disappointing compared to the first two Various story lines are brought up with minimal follow through Dead Girl in Love fell flat Amber is a temp lifter occupying the body of her best friend, Alyce I ve worn my friend s underwear before, but swapping bodies would be a bit personal Amber must adhere to the nine divine rules for temp lifters including the first rule, follow through on your host s body obligations and plans This means putting up with Alyce s whiny mother Amber has always had a strained relationship with Mrs Perfetti, and now has to live with her She is codependant, often behaves like a child and has been known to snoop around in Alyce s room Meanwhile, Amber s deceased granny is inhabiting her body Granny is somewhat unconventional, which causes Amber some concern The story seemed to be leading up to events with her granny, who seems like an interesting character, but there wasn t much focus on her The situations involving granny could have been a lot fun Although she is only expected to take care of Alyce s life, while she is recooperating from her depression, Amber decides to make improvements She encounters a new puzzle to work through as she investigates Alyce s current obsession involving mortuaries Busy with her recent adventures, she neglected to realize Alyce s unhappiness and soon realizes she doesn t know her best friend as well as she thought She also decides Alyce needs a love life She goes on several interesting dates It can be horrible when friends try to set you up This story line had great potential, had it been developed further Amber is once again haunted by Gabe, the dark lifter from the previous story He is a body swapper who refuses to give up the practice I was disappointed that Amber fell for Gabe s charming good looks and sad story of betrayal once again I d be likely to fall for someone like this, but I expected from her character What is it with these older guys Older guys can be wonderful, but Gabe died than a century ago This story did not end on cliff hanger It is quite possible this is the last story in this series. Reviewed by Randstostipher tallnlankyrn Nguyen for TeensReadToo.comAfter surviving a near death experience, Amber Borden s life is not what one would call normal Amber is a Temp Lifer, where every so often she inhabits another person s body, letting their soul rest and allowing for Amber to experience someone else s life and help them with their problems, whether she wants to or not First, Amber was the popular girl in school, Leah, and then her boyfriend s older sister, Sharayah.This third time around Amber is now Alyce, her best friend, while, surprisingly, her deceased grandmother inhabits Amber Of course, as being BFFs one would think that the assignment would be a piece of cake, since BFFs don t hide anything from each other However, Amber is in for a rude awakening, as her friend s life isn t as bad as she thought it was it s even complicated For one, Alyce s mother is not what Amber had believed her to be Sure, she still scares the stuffing out of Amber just by looking at her However, the only reason why she is the way she is, and the reason why Alyce spends most of her time with Amber, is because her mother has mental problems Mood swings accompanied with changes in behavior and personalities, Alyce has always had to take care of her mother, not wanting her to go to an institution and not wanting anyone to know the problems she encounters right at home.While discovering her best friend s home life, Amber also finds out that her best friend is looking for The Lost This Lost might just be the answer as to why Amber found herself in her best friend s body in a coffin It s a good thing Amber has Dustin to help her figure out the whereabouts of The Lost, since the GEM can t tell her much Amber will do anything to help her friend, even if it means having to go on dates With the problems of her best friend s mother, The Lost, and threats brought upon her boyfriend by a Dark Lifer, one could say Amber s life is uniquebut for Amber it s now normal.It is just AMAZING how Linda Joy Singleton develops her characters and keeps the plot and storyline so original and mysterious, leaving the readers on their toes Instead of just identifying the main characters, Singleton allows even the readers to inhabit the bodies of those who would be used as secondary characters in other novels.This installment helps us wonder How much do we really know about our best friends And do we want to know all about them, or will the truth just be too much DEAD GIRL IN LOVE is full of twists and turns, but in the end love is definitely in the air This last installment wraps up this series nicely in both Amber s aspect of life and also Amber and her mother s.Now we must sit and wonder whether Singleton will write another installment in the series, just because it would be as great as the first three Or wonder what wonderful series will she cook up next This book ties everything together or does it,kind of a flop kind of dull in my opinion. I love the series Dead Girl Was my first experience with paranormal books , and after I read the first one ,I was hooked I read the 3 books in 2 days It s a very easy and fun reading,and you can t help but to fall in love with the characters It s a mixture of romance ,intrigue,secrets ,family and true friendship.The way the author describes the feelings of the characters , brings you back at the time,and there you aredealing with emotions long gone,and enjoying youself.It is a feel good book that brings the youth back in you..PS , I must read these books in the right sequence. This is a fitting ending to the Dead Girl trilogy, but I wish that this wonderful well written series didn t have to end In this final book, Amber s new Temp Lifer assignment is in the body of her best friend, Alyce A Temp Lifer s responsibility is to sort of body sit to give the hostess time to rest so she can come back and figure out the answer to her own problems But Amber gets involved in Alyce s problems, starting with the question of why is she inside a coffin Amber discovers that she didn t know her BFF as well as she thought she did Alyce had many secrets in her life Add a sort of demon figure, a Dark Lifer that flits through the whole series and gets much too close to Amber as Alyce in this book and you have a unique extraordinary series a book that I could hardly put down until I finished reading it I very highly recommend the whole Dead Girl trilogy series. Ugh, so disappointed It s like Amber drops IQ points with each consecutive book.