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1st Read March 20102nd Read August 2015Original ReviewThis is the 4th book in the Shifters series so it is very difficult to review without giving spoilers for previous books If you re new to the series I strongly recommend you start reading from the beginning as this really is a series you need to read in order I was already a massive fan of this series but I honestly think that this is the best book yet There was so much going on I literally couldn t put it down Marc is in exile which is bad enough but when he goes missing Faythe is out of her mind with worry Along with searching for Marc she has to deal with Manx s trial and Kaci s diminishing health as she is still refusing to shift That s nothing compared to the political manoeuvres that Calvin Malone is putting into place to try and oust Faythe s father as the Alpha of the south central Pride If ever there was a character I wanted to climb into a book just to punch it would have to be Malone Prey takes you on a complete emotional rollercoaster it is the first book in a long time that actually made me cry Parts of the book are absolutely heartbreaking and although at the time I was crying Noooooo and begging Rachel Vincent not to do it, I do think that what happened is going to have an important impact for the series The plot is as even action packed than I was expecting and the number of twists the story takes is incredible We really do see Faythe start to grow up in this book Without Marc to lean on she has to stand on her own 2 feet and I can see the makings of a great Alpha in her She still isn t perfect and makes several mistakes but her character has come a long way since Stray The book doesn t end on as much of a cliff hanger as some of the previous books but don t let that make you think you won t be itching to get on with the rest of the series because you definitely will be This really is a series that I can t praise highly enough if you haven t already started reading it then you need to buy it now I promise you won t regret it 2nd ReadEven on a reread knowing exactly what was going to happen this book broke my heart reduced me to tears I guess that goes to show how invested I am in this world the characters.I m annoyed with Faythe for one particular mistake she made but I think it was kind of understandable considering the circumstances she has definitely grown up a lot since the first book. (((FREE PDF))) ⇻ Prey (Shifters #4) ☠ Sometimes Playing Cat And Mouse Is No GamePlay Right My Pride Is Under Fire From All Sides, My Father S Authority Is In Question And My Lover Is In Exile Which Means I Haven T Laid Eyes On Marc S Gorgeous Face In Months And With A New Mother And An I Know Everything Teenager Under My Protection, I Don T Exactly Have Time To Fantasize About Ever Seeing Him AgainThen Our Long Awaited Reunion Is Ruined By A Vicious Ambush By Strays Now Our Group Is Under Attack, Marc Is Missing And I Will Need Every Bit Of Skill And Smarts To Keep My Family From Being Torn Apart Forever Marc n ka r l n okudu umda image error 5 Prey Stars Hot damn these books just keep on getting better A lot happens and you are taken on an adventure Faythe is on the hunt for Mark because he is missing KC still won t shift but she might if Faythe could just have a moment to help her There is a lot of council business going down, and then there is a hella sad scene So much sadness.I loved how everyone comes together to fight.There are a few times in the book I wanted to yell and scream WHY WHY Really, WHY And I hope it gets straightened out in the next 2 books.These books are fantastic, I am on to the next You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it. This book, for me, was a better than the previous book, all drama aside I enjoyed the mysetery of the stray toms and Marc, and I liked the technology angle There were some great fight scenes I especially loved the one where Faythe beat the heck out of Pete I was even shocked when I read about the betrayal at the end of the story maybe I was blind in this one, but I never saw it coming There was a lot of action in this book which was balanced nicely with the already ongoing plot points.One thing about this book is that is gave me a reason to complain I think this book was set up to cause angst, but it really just made me angry The death of Ethan was heartbreaking Not the actual death itself I was upset, but at the same time, I saw it coming from the moment Jace brought kaci back to the ranch The part that was a killer for me was when Greg and Karen were grieving their son As a mother of two boys, this was just too easy to imagine.In the living room, Ethan lay on the sofa, his head hidden from sight by the armrest Someone had tucked his arm at his side, and my mother sat on her knees in front of the couch, one hand stroking Ethan s hair back from his face.It was hard to read these scenes, but I admired Karen s attitude After she left Ethan s body, it was a strong front she put on for the rest of the family She was still upset and there were tears, but she became the steel backbone of her family, and I was in great admiration of this chracter.The fall out from Ethan s death is what made me the angriest Faythe is one stupid girl She s gone from a spoiled, tabby princess to an enforcer that makes questionable decisions Her union with Jace pissed me off like few fictional things have Faythe was very close to Ethan It was debilitating for her to lose him But her actions following her death were despicable When Faythe went to check on Jace, who had also just lost his BFF, I didn t think anything of it Who hasn t had a drink, or four, in the midst of a stressful situation I totally get that But to have sex with Jace, in the house where Marc used to live, while Marc was fighting for his life, is unforgiveable to me Marc was kidnapped, in part, because of Faythe s bad decision making skills And I don t want to hear how she has feelings for Jace Hello She s thinking of Marc before and after her tryst with Jace On page 255 We wanted them all back Including Marc I wouldn t be able to stand losing him so close to Ethan.On page 257, the Jace kissy face begins On page 261 We can t do this I m with Marc I love Marc And the real bitch was that I d still love him even if he never forgave me for what I d just done.Now, she has a connection with Jace Puh leeze I don t care if she was drunk and grieving, there is no excuse for what she did with Jace NONE Marc has never wavered from Faythe She has turned him down and broken his heart too many times to count, and yet he still wants Faythe and is loyal to her It s time for Marc to man up I don t think Marc should forgive Faythe Who s to say she s not going to repeat these actions Marc is the rock in this relationship Faythe sways with the wind It s not fair to Marc, and it s not fair to the Pride that Faythe wants so badly to lead How is a struggle between Jace and Marc going to go over with the Pride Not well, I would guess.Faythe wants her cake, and wants to eat it, too No worries, Faythe, I ll take your cake off your hands, no problemo Marc lse bilirdim , bunu hissederdim Tek kelimeyle muhte em bir kitapt Uykusuz kalmama , durmadan salya s m k a lamama de di nan lmazd Bu seriyi fantastik epik eser olarak Anita lar n yan na eklemek gerek Hatta mutlaka herkes okumal Tam D n m serisi bundan iyi olamaz derken birden bu kitapla birlikte level atlad Tek solukta okudum ve durmadan bir aksiyon , duygu patlamas , e lenceli ve g zel diyaloglar vard K saca konumuz yle Faythe in babas Alfa Greg in ba derttedir Konsey onun ba kanl ktan ekilmesi i in tekrar bir oylamaya gidecektir Faythe ve mafya arkada lar oy toplamak i in serbest b lgeye giderken hala s rg nde olan Marc a da u rarlar Marc ve Faythe uzak ili ki ya yorlard r.Faythe evine geri d ner ve ok ge meden Marc n bir arkada olan serseriden telefon al r Marc ka r lm t r ve ortal k kan g l d r Marc bolca kan kaybetmi tir ve lm olabilir.Faythe hemen olay yerine gelir Herkes onun ld n s yler ama Faythe buna inanm yordur Bundan sonras spoiler i erir nk sitem etmeden duramayaca m Ethan Tanr m bu adam ne ok severdim Niye hep sevdi im karakterlerin ba na bir eyler geliyor ki Sonu b y k bir s rpriz ile bitti yi ki yay nevini beklemiyorum nk her halde t rnaklar m yemeye ba lard m Yani zetle , ben di er kitaba ge iyorum al t ma , cevremin bir s r t rk e bilmeyen turist ile dolu oldu na ald r etmeden Reader a g m l yorum Ps Mutlaka ama mutlaka bu seriyi okumal s n z Pi man olmazs n z. This was honestly the best one so far Mark missing, and Ethan I loved Ethan so much I was so sad when that happened, the ending was a shocker, I was not expecting that at all I love all the action, and you see different sides of every character, and a good example of a majorly changed character would be Jace He went from a fun to be around person to a serious possible alpha The fight at the end got a little nasty but I wouldn t expect anything different This was the best book out of them all because this book was the big change, it s where everything bad started, and everything that was good ended Now the only thing left to do is fight for the good Can t wait for Alpha to come out Since I accidently read Shift first lol I wasn t expecting that turn of events Heartbroken Ms Vincent takes us deeper into the politics that surround Faythe and the decisions she has made What really makes this book fantastic is the mixture of moments that just tear out your heart and the moments that make it beat about a mile a minute Who needs skydiving when you ve got Faythe and her fellow cats That s enough of a kick to get any adrenaline junky bouncing around I have to say, I loved Faythe in PREY Sometimes series make me a little nervous because if they re really good, it becomes difficult to keep that up for the next book I liked Faythe when I discovered her in Stray, I found her captivating and slightly addicting in Rogue, and come Pride, I was totally hooked I should have read PREY ages ago Faythe was phenomenal in this book, leaving me twitchy to read the fifth book in the series, Shift For some reason, Ms Vincent s books have a different feel than many shapeshifter books The mechanics of the shifting are made quite real to the reader and it s easy to pop down and really visualize what s going on in the story Combine that with the honest and kick butt nature of our heroine, Faythe, and you ve got one series that I just adore The other characteristic of Ms Vincent s writing that makes PREY and the entire series a must read She s not afraid to write the hard stuff She writes what she knows will make the series stellar and makes no apologies for it okay, so she does actually apologize sometimes, but her plot developments, however much we may wish things had turned out differently, are completely necessary She is a master of her craft and I hope to see her around for quite a while I highly suggest this to any fans of paranormal fiction Ms Vincent is a master of shapeshifting action, creating stories that develop an addiction in her readers Seriously her writing is a drug How could this series possibly get any better The wonder twins