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RereadI need something to simple and sweet since we had to out our poor, sweet Beau down on Friday A reread of the romance between pretty, but thick as a plank, Tino Valentino and Faith was the ticket.The books has no slut shaming, low angst, sizzling chemistry, a sweet heroine that doesn t just roll over despite the fact she is both in love and in lust with the hero, a hero that tries to be noble to the memory of his dead wife and disappoints his girl, his Sicilian mother and his cute son, a slap in the face to the sad old trope that Sicilian mothers only want hand picked Sicilian DIL s, and the typical Lucy Monroe characters that jaw on about the status of their relationship LM s characters LOVE to talk.Crap I just lost my whole review.This is a re read, and I ve bumped this to four stars based on the actions of the characters.Basic plot is American widow Faith and Valentino, a rich, alpha Sicilian have been having a steamy affair for about a year on the down low Faith happens to be friends with Tino s mother and art teacher to his son, facts he is not aware of When Faith is invited to dinner by mamacita and the son, she is excited as she thinks it s a move in serious direction The look of shock and horror when Tino sees her puts that to bed pretty quick That and the fact he pretends not to know her hurt her considerably Later he admits that when his wife died, he made a solemn promise not to remarry, but if he were to remarry for his son s sake it would be to a nice Sicilian girl These are not the words to make a lover happy, and Faith throws down an ultimatum All or nothing Valentino is a smart businessman and a hunk of burning Sicilian love He also happens to be thick as a plank What could be wrong with having a passionate affair that is going nowhere Bottom line, Valentino is a GUY He has the best of both worlds incendiary passion when he wants it and time for his son separate Why change Faith is incredibly hurt and it turns out incredibly pregnant Once the H finds out, he does the practical thing and offers to marry her FOR THE BABY Needless to say, our little h with a spine of steel is underwhelmed with the sheer lack of romance and ass hattery of the hero Thank you Ms Monroe for writing reasonable characters that are still fun to read Faith is a strong woman who has survived one heartbreak after another, but still looks at life with optimism The nice Sicilian mama is unique to Harley land She is nice She likes Faith and does not expect her son to marry an Italian princess whose family dates back to Moses And Valentino, oh Valentino, so pretty, so stupid So in over his head A nice 2 by 4 upside the head would do nicely for him although he is a sweetheart, but he s still such a guy. Argh Lucy Monroe used to be my favorite category writer, and I can t seem to stop trying, hoping for the awesome gut twists she used to deliver But once again, I get the endless meandering conversation, in which all emotion is dissipated in bickering or analysis I m reminded of the old Love is Hell cartoon I love you I love you, too Do you know the meaning of the word love What Oh let s not fight, I love you Except this couple wouldn t agree long enough to get to the first two sentences Here is the actual declaration of love I love you You fill my heart You are my heart You don t You can t You said Many things I wished were true, but the only real truth is my love for you But you aren t happy about it I have never before broken a promise I could not save Maura and now I cannot keep my last promise to her She made you promise never to love again That didn t sound like the woman Agata had told Faith about.Is it too much to hope for a little consistent reaction from Faith before she gets all distracted by wondering about Tino s first wife and what she was like The entire book is like that all her books are like that I guess it works for most people, since Monroe is still extremely popular.As far as the plot dead wife and ludicrously adorable little boy for him, dead husband and miscarriage for her, promises to dead spouses, unexpected pregnancy, yadda yadda yadda An extra star just because her feelings about the pregnancy touched me When they re not talking, they actually do get to have feelings, woo hoo. Hmmm not so bad Not bad at all.All because of a h who s sweet, giving and patient despite a very painful past She deserved a generous and indulgent H But here she had to do most of the work and the giving too.It s the usual you are good only to bed but not to wed theme She s an American expat artist living in Sicily and he s the local wealthy vintner They start a sex only affair with no other contact outside of it They meet conveniently at his apartment, spend a few hours together and then go their own way never even spending a whole night together as insisted on by the H The H is a widower with a son and loved his first wife, and has vowed never to replace her in his heart The h is friends with the H s mother and his son but doesn t mention it to him So when she finds out she s pregnant along with that she loves him she tries to gently nudge him into a , say, amenable thinking but he clearly rejects her and tells her that he ll only ever marry for his son and that too will be to a Sicilian And to not rock the boat the sex boat that is.We have had innumerable hs in love who decide to not reveal a pregnancy because they don t want a trapped H offering marriage But this h s reasoning and thoughts explained it best imoIt had all crystallized when he said he wouldn t marry her at any cost Once he knew about the baby, that attitude would change, but the underlying reasons for it wouldn t It was one thing to marry someone knowing you loved them and they only liked you and found deep satisfaction in your body But to marry someone you knew did not want to marry you and did in fact see something so wrong about you that they would marry someone else over you, that was something else entirely I also liked the way the author expressed the h s anguish and feelings of grief over her past, and her joy and fear about her pregnancy through her art and statues Usually we are told that a character sketches or creates but exactly what we are not told Okay my major problem with the book isn t the H s asshattery because he was just being what he is a selfish idiot BUT the number of times the dead wife s name is mentioned 35 times And if the h s husband and their marriage could be sadly reduced to a passionless convenience to show the H as a better choice and he did need that help , why was the dead wife dragged out page after page, thought after thought and in the epilogue too Not liking the H much, I m in camp Taylish the dead husband by default and demand some respect for him. Once again, I m just not sure why Lucy Monroe s Harlequin romances affect me so muchbut they do Valentino s Love Child and yes I m shuddering even as I write that made me laugh and cry and sometimes that s just exactly what I want and exactly what Monroe can deliver for me.Faith s past has taught her not to hope for a family of her own Instead, she s learned to be content with her life in Sicily, her art, and her work with children Her sizzling affair with Valentino was unexpected and she certainly never dreamed it would last almost a year Over that year though, her feelings have grown and she knows that soon she ll have to back away to save her heart But then a miracle She s pregnant with a child she never dreamed she could carry Maybe she s greedy, but she can t help but dream of another miracle a life with Tino.Valentino made a promise at his young wife s grave He would never allow another to take her place in his heart So he s kept his affairs and mistresses separate from his family life with his young son But he s having difficulty keeping thoughts of his latest lover, Faith, from intruding into his other life He s infatuated with her but still determined to remain heart whole Until Faith begins acting strangeand dares to terminate their affair Yes, the plot is one I ve read many times Yes, I know what the ending will be But it just doesn t seem to matter For the time I m reading Lucy Monroe s story, I m totally immersed in it The characters become real to me and their joy and pain is almost visceral As an added bonus, the sex is hot and the stories are relatively short She s an author whose books I ll reread when I need a good emotional jolt If that sounds good to you, try her latest and let me know what you think Since I refuse to type that title again [ READ KINDLE ] ♇ Valentino's Love-Child ♸ Valentino S Love Child By Lucy Monroe Under The Sicilian Sun, Valentino S Mistress Tempts Him Like No Other Only Love Can Never Be Mentioned But His Stunning American Lover Is Testing His ResolveValentino S Love Child Lucy Monroe Livres Not Retrouvez Valentino S Love Child Et Des Millions De Livres En Stock SurAchetez Neuf Ou D Occasion Valentino S Love Child A Secret Baby Romance EnglishAppareilsSlectionnez La Section Dans Laquelle Vous Souhaitez Faire Votre Recherche Valentino S Love Child Lucy Monroe Reviews Valentino Grisafi Has Loved And Lost And Now He Refuses To Love Again Now He Knows His Relationship With His Current Bed Partner, Faith Is Different Valentino S Love Child A Secret Baby Romance EPub LucyA Secret Baby Romance, Valentino S Love Child, Lucy Monroe, Harlequin Presents Des Milliers De Livres Avec La Livraison Chez Vous Enjour Ou En Magasin Avec % De Rduction Harlequin Valentino S Love Child Innocent Only Love Can Never Be Mentioned But Valentino Grisafi S Stunning, Intriguing American Lover Is Testing His Resolve He Said He D Never Marry Again His Principles Won T Allow It The One Person To Tame The Untamable Valentino Is The Woman Now Carrying His Child Harlequin Valentino S Love Child Under The Sicilian Sun, Valentino S Mistress Tempts Him Like No Other Their Relationship Is Scorching, Its Intensity Unmatched, The Desire Indescribable Only, Love Can Never Be Valentino S Love Child Lucy MonroeThis Shopping Feature Will Continue To Load Items In Order To Navigate Out Of This Carousel Please Use Your Heading Shortcut Key To Navigate To The Next Or Previous HeadingValentino S Love Child A Secret Baby Lucy Monroe Art Teacher Monroe Books Valentino Love Child Wife Died Mother And Son Made A Promise Tell Tino Books And I Love Book Is Lucy Loved This Story Lover Faith Tino And Faith Heart Marry Pregnant Baby Relationship Artist American Valentino S Love Child Valenttina Torre Orsaia Browse Pages Bands, Businesses, Restaurants, Brands And Celebrities Can Create Pages In Order To Connect With Their Fans And Customers On Facebook this was soooo goooood let me tell ya with this title is really a surprise..its such a stupid title this book deserves a better title.with that out of the way what can i tell you that had not been saidthis book just moves you you can feel the grief, the sadness its angst but in an emotional way In another books you read all the right words but you just don t feel it here is at reverse its not dramatic but you just feel it I loved the h, she was way to kind to H About him i ll just say this MEN ARE STUPID the silver line is that he redeemed himself at the end I am glad that for once h has valid reasons for not telling him about the pregnancy I wish there were books like this, i m tired of the flimsy stuff i thought that you cheated on me, that you don t want the child, etc and don t check the facts or dont open your mouth to discuss the issue and assume that the other person thinks wants. His declaration of love came too little too late for me.Also I don t appreciate being reminded the hero is a selfish bastard who cares about no one, not his lover, or her feelings but also not his precious son and mother and I don t want to be reminded he d only marry a sicilian after seducing the heroine again.He had a classic dog in the manger attitude and only really wanted the heroine when she without doubt dumped him.He really wanted the baby, may be he loved her, but without the baby the marriage wouldn t have happened He d keep on using the heroine until she was too mentally damaged.He also only wanted her love when he realised he might be competing with a dead man, whereas he had NO issues hiding behind his dead wife where the heroine was concerned.I do NOT enjoy double standards You may have them, but when you realise it, you need to be humble not overly arrogant because your precious ego is hurt Specially when you have done severe damage to begin with.Heroine was his dirty little secret and he expected her to keep being so, there was no coming back. I liked this story The hero was not nice to the heroine but mainly hurt her with words as a knee jerk reaction to keep himself from hurting It dealt with long term grief Both of them were widowed but while the heroine had forced herself to move on the hero had not When he began to fall in love with the heroin, the hero could not handle what he considered betrayal of his first wife.Believable emotions and story line. Love this book.Faith was an orphan, everyone she ever loved was taken away from her She married a fellow orphan and wound up having a terrible time getting and staying pregnant She finally managed one only for a car accident to take away her husband and unborn baby Tino married young and loved his wife, together they had a son One day his wife was feeling under the weather and Tino thought she was pregnant again When he returned from work he found that she d actually had a diabetic attack and died He promised he d never love another woman again.These two find each other and start up an affair Neither Faith nor Tino have any desire to make things permanent but there is an understanding for faithfulness.So Faith finds that she s ready to go forward in her life and hopes that Tino will too, but he just doesn t want to She s entwined in his life then he realizes His mother is a good friend of hers and she teaches art to his son in school.A lot of heartache in this book because we have Faith who feels like maybe she s not supposed to have a family but has reached a point where she can accept the past and try to move forward And Tino who hasn t been able to accept the past and is still trying to protect his heart.Faith was really strong and she had some of the best lines ever Tino managed to be a real jerk which made for some good angst This book managed to cover all my favorite tropes. A passionate emotional read about a man afraid to love again because of his promise to his dead wife and a woman who tragically lost her husband and baby Hero and heroine become lovers and that s all they want to be but an unexpected pregnancy changes their plans and forces them to examine their feelings.