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Drawn Together was one of the first M M books I read I have really fond memories of this story and when I found out it was being re released as an audiobookwell, I was happier than a pig in mud Then I found out Greg Tremblay, performing under his steamier Greg Boudreaux moniker, was going to narrate and my excitement knew no bounds.I absolutely loved the narration Greg does not disappoint with his wonderful southern drawl for Rory, Yamane s lighter tones, the pure creepiness of Amelia, and the perfectly pitched side characters.I ll admit I did some eye rolling and teeth gritting at the story this time around This is one of those times I had a hard time re reading a book I loved years ago view spoiler The first time I read this I didn t notice, or maybe it was I didn t care, about the stalking and I m not even talking about Amelia s stalking but Rory s obsession and cross country journey with the absolute conviction Yamane would fall into his arms , the consent issues there s a scene when Rory makes love to Yamane when Yamane was unconscious that had me frowning , some seriously crazy plot points The detective who helps them leave the state Not contacting the FBI or Parish police to report Amelia The whole plot to draw Amelia out , and the huge miscommunication between Rory and YamaneI sometimes had a hard time suspending disbelief hide spoiler Finally I finished this book I hate to admit this, but I really didn t enjoy it at all I liked Rory the most He was always the Hero and trying to protect and save everyone I did not like Ran Yamane Not even a little bit I hate his needy, whoring ways and do not think he deserved Rory in the end He did not redeem himself in my eyes All the characters seemed unrealistic with their actions and dialogue When I want unrealistic I typically go for the paranormal fantasy type books Not this.I found many of the Louisiana references slightly offensive, even though they were also pretty funny Seriously, we re not all gator eating coon asses down here So what if we are Its all stereotype And just because we sound different, doesn t mean we are uneducated And if the bad guys came after me, they would definitely see the other end of my hand gun I would be within my rights But I wouldn t be feeding then to no gators I love reading stories that take place in my home state, but this was over the top. [Read Epub] ☤ Drawn Together ☹ Rory Might Just Be A Simple Southern Boy From St Antoine S Parish Louisiana, But He Knows What He Wants He S Been In Love With The Girl Of His Dreams, Reclusive And Mysterious Artist Ran Yamane, Since Junior High School And Now He Has The Chance To Meet Her He S Going To Chuck Everything And Travel , Miles To Anime Expo In Long Beach To Tell Her, And No One And Nothing Is Going To Stand In His Way Ran Yamane Is Not A Girl, But He Gets That A Lot People Come To Him With Teddy Bears And Chocolates And Disappointment By The Truckload He S Trusted Fans In The Past And Been Tragically Wrong So When He Meets Rory He S Understandably Wary, But Resigned What He S Not Prepared For Is His Magnetic Attraction To The Young Man, Rory S Apparent Willingness To Overlook His Gender, And The Fact That Their Lives Are Both Thrown Into Chaos When His Number One Fan And Psycho Stalker Shows Up To Get Revenge Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Anal Play Intercourse, Violence After my first impressions of the beginning of this book, this is a surprise hit I have really enjoyed all of ZA Maxfield s books so far, especially Crossing Borders and was hoping for the same humor that was missing from St Nacho s and The Long Way HomeI had high expectations for this one Why a surprise The first several chapters outline the trip out west for Rory to see his idol Yamane and frankly, he comes off as a an obsessed psycho stalker Worse, the author shoves him into a beat up little car that just makes him very unappealing for the roadtripI almost gave up and I am so glad I didn t Once Rory and Yamane meet and implausibly really hang out together for dinner the book really takes off At that point I began to love Rory and wanted to have my usual readers voyeuristic seat to watch as they fell in love Apparently ZA Maxfield and I have the same sense of humor because I laughed so hard at parts of this book that my husband told me to be quiet so he could sleep Just certain things about the authors humor really strikes me as funny I would give this 5 stars if the beginning wasn t so off putting and if the sex scenes which don t really start to happen until about half way through the book were a bitvibrantly described. I appreciated the suspense and adore Rory and Yamane love story Isthan good This book is perfectJust finish it, and I m not ashamed to say I have tears in my eyes.And at the same time read this book give so much happiness I just want to share it with you, the reader of my review If you have this book in your to read shelf do it I regret the time I take deciding if I should or no read it My advice is grab this book reading only 10 pages and tell me if you will not already be in love with the main characters They are funny, sexy, courageous, fantastic lovers They are Perfect My applause to ZA Maxfiled, she did a marvelous job writing this book.5 stars are not enough 44% dnf with a weak maybe to continue at another time. This book made me grin like a maniac I enjoyed it so much It s funny and sweet and sexy and romantic and too much fun not to give five gushing stars The characters won me over quickly and I adored every minute of their crazy love story. This is a total OFY, which isn t a trope I would go out of my way to read, but I tend to be drawn to books with artist again and again, and this was a pleasant surprise Ran Yamane is a splendid character, and Rory, who admittedly I took a little while to warm up to was interesting I liked that he surpassed my expectations as a character, just as he surpassed Ran Yamane s expectations as well Oh, and I love psycho stalkers July 2018The book is amazing and the audio is just as amazing I ll never stop loving this book March 26 20185 s forever..After all these many years I still love this book Drawn Together was my very first M M romance and I happened to find it by chance I was reading Yaoi for years and fanfic but it never dawned on me that there might actually be actual novels featuring two men together, as an avid reader it never even crossed my mind.I believe I was on website reading herWeib Kreuz fanfic if you haven t read her works I suggest you go check them out on her website and I was about to purchase her books and came across Drawn Together as a suggestion I decided to read it first and fell in love instantly It was my introduction to M M well two dudes together in actual book form and I haven t looked back since I love this book because it s amazing and also sentimental value Also some of my old skool M M readers will remember FictionWise, that s where I purchased this with some of my earlier boy on boy reads I love this book, so sweet We meet Yamane a manga artist and the boy who fell in love with her art work unsuspecting Rory has no idea that the artist he fell in love with and thinks is the woman of his dreams is actually the man of his heart Check out this book about two guys who never suspected they would fall in love, and throw in a psycho B, and you got a great story.Z.A Maxfield is a gem. I loved Rory and Yamane s characters Loved them together Yamane takes place as one of my all time favorite heroes He was such an interesting and sexy character.Plus, I absolutely love this cover I would rate it higher than 5 stars if I could.