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What a fantastic debut novel I absolutely loved this world that Kincy created. Where Others live among humans It s normal to see a centaur beside you shopping in the produce section at the grocery store I mean wouldn t that be a riot It was interesting to have a novel that included an array of mythological and magical creatures So many times a novel is focused on one being, werewolves, vampires, fae but Other is something unique I d love to hear about the research that Kincy did for this novel and all of the creatures that live in her world And not to mention it has one of my most favorite aspects of any novel A love story It s not your run of the mill boy meets girl type of love story, which made me appreciate it evenThen on top of all that we have this murder mystery And I can honestly say that I didn t see who the killer was until it was pretty much spelled out I had my assumptions but they weren t totally correct I love when an author can distract you enough with the story that the big revelation really is a surprise Kincy s character s are real and captivating Especially the main character Gwen I was angry at her initially for how naive and judgmental she was of Others that weren t like her, but it made the story evenfascinating to watch Gwen s character grow Although, I have to admit, I think Tavian was my favorite I can t wait to readfrom Kincy I initially thought this debut paranormal mystery romance was going to be marginal, because I found the opening lacking it should have been an exciting scene but the first person narrative seemed bland , but the writing improved, and the appealing characters and genre blending won me over Other takes place in a slightly different modern world, in which Others supernatural creatures have come out of the closet, so to speak, and are living publicly among normals Gwen, the protagonist, lives in a Washington backwater where the locals view Others with suspicion and fear, so she hides her identity as half pooka a Welsh shapeshifting spirit Gwen can become a horse, cat, owl, and other animals , even from her uber Christian boyfriend Zach Then Others around town and in surrounding areas like Seattle start being murdered, including a close friend of Gwen s, so this coming of age novel turns into a serial killer mystery Romance develops between Gwen and a cute boy named Tavian, who happens to be a kitsune Japanese fox spirit , after Zach flips out when Gwen tells him the truth about her being half pooka.This first novel has a lot going on, plot wise, but instead of being schizophrenic, it totally works Everything falls together a little neatly, but it s a well earned happy ending The parallels between Others and other marginalized groups especially homosexuals grow a little bit pointed after a while, but the parallels are still good ones and help make Gwen s identity strugglesrelatable Gwen and Tavian are super adorable Tavian is a little perfect, to be honest, but I forgive him because he s a nice, normal guy with a mostly positive attitude, a change from the brooding, unkind, mysterious romantic leads in so many teen paranormal romances The mystery provides a goodly amount of suspense and danger, though it s not hard to figure out the identity of the serial killer it s still a great reveal, however Gwen is sympathetic and believable, especially in her grief over the murder of her best friend and her troubles with her boyfriend Zach over her heritage.I really enjoyed this one, and I hope Kincy writerswith these characters. E-PUB ☲ Other ☪ Shapeshifting Can Be A Beautiful And Deadly Secret Gwen Craves The Forbidden Rush Of Leaping From Her Bedroom Window And Transforming Into An Owl, But She Could Lose It All If Anyone Caught Her Most Americans Don T Exactly Roll Out The Welcome Mat For Others In The Small Town Of Klikamuks, Washington, Coming Out As A Person With Paranormal Abilities Means Staring Down The Barrel Of A Shotgun Gwen Hasn T Even Told The Truth To Her Boyfriend, Zack, Who She Hopes Will Be The Boy To Take Her VirginityWhen A Pack Of Werewolves Claims The National Forest Behind Gwen S House As Their Territory, The Tensions In Klikamuks Escalate Into Murder Prejudice Slows The Police Investigation It Doesn T Take Gwen Long To Realize A Serial Killer Is Targeting Others On The Hunt For Clues, She Meets Tavian, A Sexy Japanese Fox Spirit Who Rivals Zack And Challenges Her To Embrace Her Shapeshifting Can She Find The Killer Before He Finds Her, Or Will Her Secrets Be The Death Of Her TBR Reduce Challenge 25 2011 Arlene This element was fascinating and the plot and it s characters intriguing but I couldn t for the life of me get into the style of writing.Not for me This book had so much potential to be great but in the end, it mostly crashed and burned The beginning started off with a bang, her standing in her room contemplating her shapeshifting and her desire to be free, but it took a giant nosedive after a few chapters.Okay, there were some great things about the book that I loved The fact that the main love interest for the girl was Japanese That was cool in and of itself but he s shorter than her which made it doubly awesome I mean, how many times do you find in a story, especially ya, where the guy is shorter than her It s almost unheard of I loved the shapeshifting bits, it s always fun to read about characters turning into animals, and if they re magical creatures even better It helps that the writer s style is simple and easy to read You can finish this in one sitting in a snap which is what I did There s also a mystery plot subplot in here so it keeps up the tension and makes it fast paced But there s a lot of flaws to this book I may just be nitpicky but you make the Japanese guy have a name like Tavian Octavian Kimura And I don t care what reason you gave for it in the story but omg that name is just so jarring it makes me grit my teeth every time I see it Further, his characterization is such a stereotypical one Loves anime, manga, and likes to draw What You know there isto Japan than just their manga anime side of things Give himdepth And, also, the author does know that there is no such thing as wtf in the Japanese language, right I was really disappointed that there was a whole subplot focused on Gwen confessing her true identity to her boyfriend being nothingthan using an excuse under the pretense of sleeping with him for the first time to be the outlet for it Really now It s only because of sex that you re able to be honest with yourself and you need the validation of the boy to do this for you No thanks This whole thing overshadowed the main plot, which was finding out who the killer was of the mysterious murders of Others But then that main plot seemed sort of like an after thought that she finally remembered after so many pages and just decided to rush through a climax There wasn t really any suspenseful moments like say, The Body Finder had with its gradual rise in tension that teased us by taking on a roller coaster of emotions There was nothing but a quick rush to clues that didn t have enough time to sink in so when the ending comes you re just going, oh, that s it This book had so much potential Too bad it fell flat. Did Not FinishThe style of the author rubbed me the wrong way, the very way she talked, what she talked about, and how she talked about it Suffice it to say, the personality was weird and annoying She kept trying to be funny, but missed the mark by a country mile.I hated that she already had a boyfriend I definitely don t agree with that, and since I know she s gonna end up with the Japanese fox spirit mentioned on the back of the book and why would you give that away before we ve even started reading the book That would have made for a nice surprise I don t even wanna read about her and Zack I did like him though It was cool how he was interested in medieval life, and wore a cross necklace and went to Renaissance fairs That was really unique And the IM he sent her speaking like a knight in the Middle Ages was funny and cute I hated that Tavian was shorter than her I really don t like when the girl is taller than the guy.It was really interesting that the author chose Washington as her setting That just screams Twilight Could you not have picked one other location in the world that hadn t already been done Basically, this book is just another cookie cutter plotter with overused material And it was really weird that regular humans knew that supernatural beings existed I could barely wrap my mind around that I was highly irritated by all the Hollywood, stereotypical and propaganda comments that were flying around It went something like pookas are said to be mean to people That s Hollywood for you So stupid One author came up with it, and then everyone jumped on the bandwagon Use your own stuff, I beg of you There s nothingannoying than reading overused material I was really sick of Gwen blushing all the time She blushed for every single thing that happened, even when it wasn t really embarrassing Chloe would get mad about her saying something negative about werewolves She would blush Her mom would look at her sternly She would blush Quit blushing Jeeze Think of another reaction.When Gwen decides to have sex with Zack, I was waiting for it to get ruined I waited, and waited, until it became apparent that she wasn t going to tell him that she was Other And they just have sex, and then she tells him the truth W.T.F I hate when characters screw up this badly She doesn t even deserve to be with Tavian, and this book sucks So I threw it down in disgust, and will never pick it back up again I have not one ounce of curiosity about what happens in this piece of trash. 3.5 stars Other was not a bad read by any means The world building was wonderful and my book tuitive bells were chiming The idea that you could be a natural born Other or a bloodborn Other, inflicted by either bite or sexual contact That s right You could become an Other in the same way you get nasties in the no no I found that pretty creative Other contains a wide variety of species Vampires, were creatures, centaurs non chalant supermarket shoppers , kitsune, dryads, and pookas, as Gwen was I m very interested to find outthe different kinds of Others there are in Kincy s world Then we have Gwen Oh, Gwen I loved her Sure she had her crybaby moments, but when you have a festering secret that your parents discourage you from sharing, you have no friends except for your boyfriend, who doesn t know your dirty little secret and may potentially judge you for it, you may tend to get a little emotional Gwen was not perky She was dry, sarcastic, and over analytical about everything I really freaking enjoyed that about her I sympathized with her When she was itching to give into her pooka side, but trying as hard as she could not to shift despite how much it hurt , I felt bad for her Other had a decent plot It took awhile to reach the climax, due to world building and various love interest scenes Tavian was sweet, but no swooning occurred Mostly, this story was about Gwen gaining acceptance and becoming comfortable in her skin I m okay with that But I do have one major gripe not all Christians are closed minded, judgment wielding hatemongers Seriously I understand that there are some of us who give the others a bad image I ve SEEN them and KNOW them But we are not all out to change anyone who is different I just felt the need to say that, because there s some heavy negative imagery regarding religious folks in this story I am absolutely looking forward to further development of Gwen s world and story in the next book, Bloodborn Yay for unexpectedly decent book OPENING LINE I can t last much longer It s been one week, three days and I can t remember how many hours NOTABLE SCENE Whatever I ve earned this I ll be careful I ve been a good little girl for long enough It s easy to transform again, I m so giddy with the lingering magic Back to girl I go I climb through the window and onto the roof Naked, I curl my bare toes around shingles and grin nervously in the moonlight I hope nobody s awake Wind tosses my curls I clench my hands and stir the magic inside me Power boils through my veins, dizzying me Concentrate The night snaps into sharper focus I jump My arms, my wings, strain upward Feathers unfurl from my skin My plummet curves into a swoop, and I tuck my talons beneath my body From girl to great horned owl in about a second Pretty good, huh Page 3What is a pooka you ask According to Gwen s old textbooks, pookas were described as mythical creatures that show up as a dark horse with glowing golden eyes, stalking travelers on murky nights, inviting them on wild rides, throwing them into bogs, over cliffs you get the picture right The world building of OTHER ended up being the strongest component for me It was intriguing to immerse myself into a novel with leprechauns, dryads, water sprites and pookas Most seemed to want to live quiet lives in normal towns, even though they were not so normal people I also appreciated the issues of tolerance and prejudice that the Others had to deal with, particularly the werewolves of Winema s pack who were literally forced out of Canada before settling outside of Gwen s town The scene when Gwen met Winema was well written and the wolf pups nearly broke my heart Just like in any society, some Others were regarded as a higher class and certain Others, like vampires and werewolves were viewed with fear and hatred I found that interesting and was intrigued by the class distinctions, as well as the unique magical abilities of the Others themselves.Unfortunately, I had a hard time really connecting to Gwen I also thought the pacing was rather slow, especially in the beginning I knew straightaway who the killer would target next, and that predictability took away a lot of the emotional punch when that event occurred down the line However, when Gwen began interacting with Tavian, a Japanese fox kitsune spirit how cool is that , I thought the pacing accelerated and I began to appreciate Gwen a lotShe proved herself to be a loyal friend and showed tremendous courage when it came to solving the the murders.An unusual mix of magic and mystery, OTHER was chocked full of interesting characters and an intriguing plot line Though slow to start, it is a series with a lot of potential The next book entitled BLOODBORN releases in 2011 SIDE NOTE I was in Ireland a few months back and went to a dinner hosted by a professional folklorist called Food, Folklore Fairies I remember him referencing pookas as they related to 18th century peasant life He joked that men would blame the pooka as the reason why they were coming home late from the local pubs The man would tell his wife, I left the pub with every intention of coming home to you but that darn pooka got me it s not my fault Apparently pookas seemed to have had an affinity for waiting for intoxicated men to exit pubs, only to sidle under their legs as they stumbled drunkenly about The men would then proclaim the last thing they remembered was being taken on a wild ride through the night and then thrown off the back of the pooka into a ditch I wonder if that excuse really worked The setting was very interesting the intertwinement of faeries and werewolves and all sort of supernatural creatures living in a modern world where people know about them but generally treat them as inferior to them It allows for some interesting exploration of themes of racism, intolerance and stereotyping Though the protagonists tend to indulge in such behavior as much as the seeming villians But it was different and I thought it could have really taken the story in a great direction.What I got was angsty whining over Gwen s relationship with Zach And their entire relationship was based on what exactly Clearly not honesty and any sort of lasting affection or understanding since after Gwen sleeps with Zach and tells him she is half pooka he dumps her like a hot coal Ick Gwen was sort of a moron with that whole situation Sure, she is feisty and rebellious and independent What that meant was she was willfully stupid and kept running off into danger before ever using a whit of common sense She was totally prejudiced against the werewolves and vampires, seeing them all as inferior to her since they were bloodborn and assuming they were all killers and criminals And then complains about how everybody is so biased against paranormals Like she has any right to be affronted when she treats those she considers somehow less than her the same way she dislikes being treated And she is so determined that a werewolf is the serial killer even when it becomes increasingly clear he isn t And who is The rabid, fanatical, bigoted Christians of the story Of Course What other motive is there than righteously exterminating these misbegotten creatures and freeing their souls from damnation Spare me The next book that uses Christians and also refuses to show one decent Christian through out is only going to confirm the a lack of creativity and b lack of tolerance that exists It is bad if anyone else is treated so, but the Christians Never a good word to say about that lot Tavian was all right, though a bit bland and he and Gwen fell in lust love way too quickly The prose was direct and very dry.So, premise and setting were liked The cover fits the story very well gets hair and eye colour correct, the wood setting very accurate and reflective of many of the scenes in the book I like how what I had thought was the shoulder of a dress is actually feathers showing a shifting into a bird But the characters, content, and style were not to my liking. This is a really interesting world that Kincy s put together Fantasy creatures like centaurs and fairies are real, and increasingly public in their lives Aside from the Others or people with a paranormal identity, which is fabulously PC , this is recognizably modern America Considering that Kincy doesn t give her supernatural characters much in the way of extraordinary powers, this isn t exactly X Men Or maybe it is, because The Others is mostly about the sort of prejudice that one would expect to spring up when people discover that vampires, werewolves, and shapeshifters are real People staring at the centaur in the supermarket Naturally Pray the fey away church groups Sadly, yes A serial killer who pointedly poses his Other victims in ways that suggest their exact paranormal natures Yes, I can see this.Kincy s worldbuilding is the strongest part of the book Granted, it is mostly our world as we know it, but the way people react to the Others is consistent and makes sense She also handles the various abilities and weaknesses of the Others in a way that s internally consistent and mostly consistent with the stories that her readers will be familiar with That said, she also ventures outside the usual suspects that pop up again and again in fantasy There are werewolves, sure, but main character Gwen isn t one She s a pooka, a Welsh shapeshifter that I doubt many readers in the target audience would have heard of before Gwen s friend Chloe isn t a fairy, she s a dryad Honestly, I get sick of book after book being about werewolves or vampires, and it s nice to see some variety.That said, how much you like this book will depend almost entirely on how much you can bring yourself to like Gwen I did end up liking her, mostly, but she could be frustrating She has believable flaws, even if they can be irritating It can be very annoying to watch her cling to her prejudice against Others that are made like vampires , not born like herself her father was a pooka And yet, I entirely believe that growing up as she did, in the culture that she did, she d feel judgmental towards those she sees as making her own life harder I never felt like the author agreed with her in the slightest, or felt that we should, which made it bearable The way she handles her relationship with boyfriend Zack who does not know that she s a pooka made me want to shake her sometimes, but it s also painfully realistic How many girls hide important things about themselves from boys they love, out of the fear of losing them That said, I had a harder time with how doggedly Gwen stuck with her initial impression that a werewolf Chloe is dating must be a bad person Of course, she s basing it off of negative werewolf stereotypes, and of course those stereotypes have been heavily ingrained in her But after awhile, it stops making any sort of sense that Gwen would still be convinced that a werewolf is behind the Other murders, and especially not this werewolf And yet it takes her almost the entire length of the book to come to grips with that I was also surprised with how she kept trying to find the killer, against all reason And speaking of less than wise decisions, how about shapeshifting openly, outdoors, on a sunny day When you know that somebody is stalking and killing Others in your hometown, shouldn t you becautious I like the world that Kincy has created, and I think it holds together I m torn about her main character Gwen can be very hard to like, but it s also easy to see why she is the way she is It seems that other books in the series have different narrators, so I may try those, too.