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[Read Ebook] ⚷ Before I Fall ¶ For Popular High School Senior Samantha Kingston, February Cupid Day Should Be One Big Party, A Day Of Valentines And Roses And The Privileges That Come With Being At The Top Of The Social Pyramid And It Is Until She Dies In A Terrible Accident That NightHowever, She Still Wakes Up The Next Morning In Fact, Sam Lives The Last Day Of Her Life Seven Times, Until She Realizes That By Making Even The Slightest Changes, She May Hold Power Than She Ever ImaginedBefore I Fall Is Now A Major Motion Picture Zoey Deutch, Halston Sage, And Kian Lawley Named To Numerous State Reading Lists, The Novel Was Also Recognized As A Best Book Of The Year By, Barnes Noble, The Daily Beast, NPR, And Publishers Weekly I am not going for these evil sshole girls on here I cringed and raged through most of the book I didn t give a rat s ss about these evil girls The worse was Lindsay to me The only reason I have the book 2 stars is because Sam redeemed herself after all of the days she relived She went back and did all of the right things Whether it was all a dream or something, I don t know but she did good in the end The very end was bittersweet in it s own way But, going through the books and hearing all of the things the girls did to other people, because they were bullies, was just sick I hate bullies so freaking much and the book has to blow my mind in order for me to love a book with them in it This one just didn t I m not going to go on and on about it I m so glad that sooooooooooooo many of my friends loved the book with the exception of a few I m not scared, if that s what you re wondering The moment of death is full of sound and warmth and light, so much light it fills me up, absorbs me a tunnel of light shooting away, arcing up and up and up, and if singing were a feeling it would be this, this light, this lifting, like laughing The rest you have to find out for yourself MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List I have to confess something before I write this review This book is about a teenager, Sam, who is a Mean Girl who trips into Groundhog Day world and is set on a path to redemption My confession is that I used to be a girl almost exactly like Sam.Shallow, egotistical and worst of all mean Really, really mean I ve commented before on the fact that I was a terrible teenager My parents did not so much try to raise me through these years More like they tried to survive me as you would a hurricane In this book, Sam comes to the final realization that she is a bitch I know I related to this book perhaps than some other readers would because I had to come to my own realization about that It is a strange and aggravatingly unsettling experience to wake up and realize the world neither revolves around you, nor should it, because you are a horrible person Yet, that s nothing compared to living your teenage years on the receiving end of bullshit people like me dished out to other people.I can imagine growing up with that kind of experience would make you quite unsympathetic to Sam But Sam is on a path and a journey Oliver doesn t withhold on characterization Every petty, mean, shallow act and thought is shamelessly paraded here I loved the cast and the complicated relationships they all had I loved Sam and Kent s relationship as well as Sam and Lindsey s relationship Most of the people in this book felt like people I d known or met in real life.The writing worked well for this novel Never too flowery or explanatory but rather serving the purpose of translating complicated thoughts and feeling to the reader without being burdensome or boring Every time I felt Sam was a little tooOliver managed to turn it around and make herI think it took a lot of courage to write Sam s characterization as she did A lot of YA fiction depicts the Perfect Female ala Bella Swan Where character flaws amount to being clumsy and everyone they ever meet thinks they re amazing and mature and wise beyond their years Note Zoe Redbird, no, you are not My only complaint about the book is in the spoiler down below Basically, I loved it, I connected to it I felt like the themes were handled in a believable, realistic way.I guess this book made me melancholy I think about Juliet Sykes and remember that I once had my own Juliet Sykes I wish I could go back in time and change that I wish I could somehow make amends to her Hell, I wish I could even remember her real name and not just all the disgusting nicknames we gave her I wish I d been the kind of teenager I could be proud of Yet this book made me glad that I did change, that I have tomorrow to keep trying and learning and growing It makes me happy to think that even I deserved a chance at redemption and to choose a different way to live my life Most of all, this book makes me really bloody happy that I m an adult now and that I never, ever, have to go back Ever view spoiler Perhaps the only real critique I could give of the book is this Do you remember that scene from Shakespeare in Love when Ben Affleck s Ned Alleyn is talking to Shakespeare about the ending of Romeo and Juliet and he says, But there s a scene missing between marriage and death And in case you skipped school for the Obvious lesson in your Obvious class, he s talking about boning It s this but it s not this If you know what I meanNow I m not actually saying that I wanted Sam and Kent to bone but I felt there needed to be to the final part of the book than just a few vague kisses and a goodbye I mean, poor Kent, right he wakes up one day and, out of the blue, the girl he s in love with decides to give him a break and actually kiss him Then she tells him that he s the best thing that ever happened to her Then she dies At least give the poor guy a happy ending of sorts. hide spoiler I shiver, thinking about how easy it is to be totally wrong about people to see one tiny part of them and confuse it for the whole. 4 1 2 stars Back in 2010, I read Before I Fall and immediately thought I d found a new favourite author I eagerly awaited every book Lauren Oliver released after it and yet, I have disliked every single one My dislike for her writing style in books like Rooms and Vanishing Girls made me wonder what happened Could it be that Oliver s style had so drastically changed Or was it my own changing tastes that had pulled me away from her books Returning to this book in 2015, it is still as fantastic as I remember It is truly such a strong YA Contemporary with a non realistic spin and the writing is perfect The saddest thing about reading this book again was finally understanding how much Oliver s style has changed, in my opinion, for the worse.Before I Fall is about popular mean girl Samantha Kingston and her group of popular friends When Samantha dies in a car crash on the eve of her school s Cupid Day , she awakens once again in the morning of the same day Has she been given a second chance A chance to put it right To solve the mystery To prevent her death For the next seven days, Samantha wakes up on February 12 She must learn the truth behind her unfortunate end and, by doing so, she finds herself tangled up in the lives of those she d cared little for before.The novel s strength is both in the overarching story and its outcome, and also in the details So many characters are affected by Samantha s actions and they become and developed and complex as Samantha learns to really see them Every character is handled with sympathy, turning mean girls, losers and geeks into human beings, each with their own story.It is a lesson on the dangers of bullying and how careless actions can have a huge negative impact on someone s life But it also offers an understanding and sometimes sympathetic view of the people who do the bullying It s such an interesting, multi layered story.Moving, thoughtful, and just as powerful the second time around.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Pinterest I hated this book, and loved it It s cruel, and frustrating, unfair, and yet it s also sad, and hopeful, and honest and authentic I m not sure how everyone else feels about their High School experience, but I despised mine You couldn t pay me to go back However, this story was so vivid, that I felt as though I could smell the grease from the cafeteria, feel the rough tile on the bathroom floor and the chill of that cold fateful night I even cringed at the hurt that all these characters so casually inflicted upon one another, so I guess I went back after all Sam is not a nice girl In fact, she is a bit of a bitch Scratch that, she is a bitch She doesn t set out to maliciously attack anyone, but she doesn t stand against it either She won t instigate the chant of psycho at the school outcast, but she shouts it just as loudly as her group of popular she witches Worse, she actually believes that others should just accept the way they are mercilessly attacked because she was once mocked in the third grade for blushing, as if blushing were the equivalent to being called a whore, who bared the goods for grass when the person at the butt of that malicious lie doesn t smoke or has even been kissed Naturally, when Samantha meets an unfortunate end after forcing us to spend a day in her insipid world, I hardly felt bad for her How sad is that A teen girl dies tragically, and I thought she got what she deserved Thus is the beauty of this book Told in seven chapters, each representing the same day, Before I Fall tells the story of a typically popular girl, who gets six days to right some wrongs Make no mistake I hardly think one day is sufficient to mend the hurt that these girls created It in no way rectifies the things that Samantha has done, but it s a start in the right direction Rather, I felt this story allowed readers to realize that there is depth to us all, even the bitches and we all have thoughts that should shame us The character development of all the characters was astounding, and the character growth, drastic though it may be, was entirely believable.