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~Download Ebook ♪ Token of Darkness ♋ Cooper Blake Has Everything Going For Him Until He Wakes From A Car Accident With His Football Career In Ruins And A Mysterious, Attractive Girl By His Side Cooper Doesn T Know How Samantha Got There Or Why He Can See Her All He Knows Is That She S A Ghost, And The Shadows That Surround Her Seem Intent On Destroying HerNo One From Cooper S Old Life Would Understand What He Can Barely Grasp Himself But Delilah, The Captain Of The Cheerleading Squad, Has Secrets Of Her Own, Like Her Ability To See Beyond The Physical World, And Her Tangled History With Brent, A Loner From A Neighboring School Who Can Hear Strangers Most Intimate Thoughts Delilah And Brent Know That Cooper Is In Trouble Than He Realizes, And That Samantha May Not Be As Innocent As She Has Led Cooper To Believe But The Only Way To Figure Out Where Samantha Came From Will Put Them All In Danger Than They Ever Dreamed Possible Token Of Darkness Is A Chilling, Irresistable Read About The Nature Of Power And Responsibility dnf page 66I just can t get through this book I think if I was still a teenager I could get through but I can t I used to be obsessed with Amelia s books but as I ve gotten older, I ve realized how basic they are and it s pretty disappointing when there s authors like Rowling and Maas who write amazing young adult novels at an adult level. Another book that I had taken a long break from I like the author but lately haven t been catching up with the rest of the books in this series So this is a 3.5 for me.Finally, finally got around to it and found while the writing was good to okay, the characters were well, the same way Either okay or good I guess I like the cover.Near the ending there it was kind of cute Though I was reminded of the Ghost and the Goth books for some reason Basically, an okay to good quick read and will try to catch up with this series.It does have its moments, with some potential with the character of Samantha I wanted to know a littleabout the characters I mean we do get a little character info throughout, but still A quick, has its moments, good to okay kind of read. I finished this book, leaned back in my chair, and thought Okay, why didn t I enjoy that as much as the others The simple answer THERE WERE NO VAMPIRES That might seem like a rather petty reason to give a book four stars instead of five, but I m used to having vampires in the Den of Shadows series And I do have a less superficial reason for giving Token of Darkness four stars instead of five to be honest none of the characters were as engaging or sympathetic as the other characters in the previous books in this series.So yes, aside from the total lack of vampires anywhere in this book don t worry, I am going to stop complaining eventually none of the characters in Token of Darkness were I found anywhere near as compelling as all of those of Amelia Atwater Rhodes previous books For some reason in this novel she had a really hard time making me care about any of them Aside from perhaps Cooper but of course if I hadn t felt anything for the main character I wouldn t have read the book And don t get me wrong, all of the characters were okay to some extent it was just that none of them had the compelling, jarring impact I ve come to expect from reading the previous books in the Den of Shadows series.The premise of the book as stated on the blurb was, admittedly, interesting, but soon lost its charm after you discovered that the mysterious attractive girl ghost was in fact a whiney brat Okay, so I m being a bit harsh, admittedly, she wasn t always that bad but sometimes she was There were some times when her fear at being left alone was tugging at my heart strings, but at other times she was petulant and annoying view spoiler And what was with her stealing Brent s body, and kissing Cooper while she was inside Brent That s officially crossing the line for me hide spoiler Why do I keep reading Amelia Atwater Rhodes She blew me away with In the Forests of the Night, then lost me Hawksong was a good first attempt at adding sexual tension to YA, but anything after that has been so bland and follows this formula long exposition that takes up three quarters of the book followed by an explanation that comes from nowhere and happily ever after conclusion This book is no different. Elementary writing a storyline that goes nowhere unsympathetic, underdeveloped characters From the start we are thrown into a confusing world that is supposedly ours with a paranormal twist, but it feelslike a story that belongs on an episode of, like, Charmed, or Buffy Fans of L J Smith, Vivian Vande Velde, and Lois Duncan will no doubt be able to overlook its similar flaws and find the book interesting, but this just wasn t for me. Meh This book leaves an overall impression of meh on me It s actually kind of weird, because when I think of the specifics of the book itself, I can actually come up withelements that I liked than ones that I didn t, but somehow, the overall response it evoked was one of bland indifference.The concept here is something of a switch for Atwater Rhodes Den of Shadows books, in that it doesn t focus on that predator prey dynamic between a human and a vampire, or the vampires and the witches In fact, it doesn t have any vampires at all Or witches Or shifters No, our cast here is almost exclusively human, the story ismystery than action, and it swell, kind of nice.I ll be perfectly honest, I kind of expected to be bored by the lack of vampire witch shifter presence, but Atwater Rhodes gets points for making her magically inclined humans as much an interesting part of the world mythology as the supes Nine books in, and we ve really never gotten an idea of how humans factor in to the DoS world aside from the ones who become snacks for, or are destined to be turned in to, vampires, of course Turns out, there is actually quite a range of psychics and human sorcerers who exist outside the scope of the world that we ve seen so far, and whose powers work completely differently than those of born witch magic users like, say, the Vida family.The primary focus of Token of Darkness is Cooper, an accidental psychic who woke up from a near fatal accident with a ghost named Samantha at his side, presumably as a free gift with purchase She has no idea who she is or how she died, but Cooper figures that if she followed him home, then in accordance with popular culture, he must be intended to help her move on or something Unfortunately, weeks of research have turned up zilch, even on something as basic as her identity, so the quest to send Samantha in to the light has come to something of a dead end.Though he s become somewhat resigned to Samantha s presence, Cooper hasn t quite recovered from any of the other effects of his crash He s plagued by remnants of the trauma, both physical and psychological, and that s probably the best part of the book That sounds awful, but let me explain.Cooper s surviving the crash was miraculous, but he didn t escape unscathed His body is healing, but there s massive scarring, and hip and knee issues keep him from being fully physically able Psychologically, he s difficultly adjusting to the idea of his new limitations and connecting with any of his family or friends To make matters worse, PTSD has left him struggling with nightmares, flashbacks, and anxiety attacks especially in cars.All of this is very well realized throughout the book You see it in every part of Cooper s life in his decision to walk or utilize public transit whenever possible, in his nightmares and his inability to sleep, in his awkward exchanges with school mates He s dealing with a lot in the wake of the crash, and I liked the acknowledgement of that Trauma recovery as seen in urban fantasy adult and YA is typically either non existent or, well, off the charts dramatic Token of Darkness falls somewhere in the middle, and rings far truer than anything else I ve read, dealing with similar issues.That being said, I was a little uncomfortable with the idea that some of Cooper s lingering trauma could have just been the result of bad psychic jujuRead complete review at You re Killing.Us. Amelia Atwater Rhodes s Token of Darkness was a one day read It went by really quick and I m at a loss to say if this was a good thing or bad thing While parts of the story were very intriguing, I felt like things were wrapped up too quickly Once the true problem presented itself, one of the characters basically said let s do x and all is well again But again, I must say that it was still a good story in general, I just wished the length was .It s been months since Cooper s accident that has left him scarred and damaged inways than one Seeing the ghost of a girl his age named, Samantha, has been only one of the new changes He s gotten used to Samantha hanging around him She s become almost like a friend in some ways She longs to be mortal again Though her memories of when she was alive are vague and practically nonexistent.When trying to research ways of helping Samantha move on, her meets Brent, a guy his age who is used to weird things and the like He knows someone who might be able to help with Cooper s ghost problem, because the same person helped him with his own psychic abilities.Another character, Delilah is also around who has her own set of magical talents She felt off to me from the getgo She seemed almost sinister or conniving in ways Though her character development never really got a chance to shine She was just there and seemingly bad.It soon comes into question that Samantha may be something other than a ghost and that s when the story got really interesting and yet, a little confusing too The revealing of what she is was a tad muddled and I never really grasped the whys and hows of it all And then there was a half hearted attempt at connecting two events to one another and explaining how things came to be in the beginning It was interesting to say the least, but again, I felt like things were too rushed at times That the whole trying to wrap things up happened so hurriedly to get it all in a neat little bow And then story itself is still under 200 pages, I couldn t understand the need to rush things through.Overall it was an okay story It wasn t the best Amelia has written, I found I really enjoyed her earlier works the most, as that was what spawned my love for vampire stories This little mishap, naturally won t stop me from readingof her books either Overall Rating 3 5 stars Token of Darkness will be a little bit different than the books before it within this series WHY Oh, becausethere are none of my favorite vampires in it and there are no vampires at all Even though it disappoints in that area it is still a really good book I gobbled it up within an hour maybe less I don t know I don t time myself on these things I really liked Cooper s character in this book he was probably my favorite in the entire book Whereas Samantha and Brent sort of helped the book move a long here and there, Delilah was just kind of there and did nothing At least that s how I felt Overall, I liked the book but it wasn t my favorite within the series. When I was younger I was a very big fan of the author, even had a fansite dedicated to her books I loved her first novels but have not read anything by her in quite a while When I stumbled over Token of Darkness I dind t think about it and just bought it A big mistake on my part Honestly, I don t know if I just outgrew AAR or if this book is so much worse than her other books but it was a pain to finish There is not one character in it that s actually likable or that you find any reason to care about They are shallow and badly written and you get the same information about them over and over and over again It s amazing how boring they are Boring characters areor less a death sentence for a book but if the story is interesting enough, sometimes it s worth to pull through Unfortunately the story itself is just as bad as the characters Most of the time things happen that are never really explained or if they are explained, it s pretty poorly done There are a lot of plotholes but since the story overall is not good, it doesn t really matter Neither story nor characters give you any reason to care, anyway.If you are interested in the author, you should try some of her earlier work Forests of the night or Demon in my view are fantastic but skip this one It s not worth the time.