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A night with the Society PlayboyBoring.very boring skipped ahead to the end boring Did I mention it was boring Storyline took place less than a week and so boring. This was a wonderful second chance at love read,Caleb Ava both know each other from childhood as they grow up they are attracted to each other one day they give into it but the very next day Ava left which makes Caleb jump to conclusions.Ava had left cause she felt no one loves her and now she has returned and is not sure what to expect from whom and then there s Caleb whom she still loves.It is a wonderful story of how to face the past,forgiveness,to trust again and start afresh.Very good readRecommend it I have to say I find it utterly surprising that this book hasn t garnered higher ratings, attention and higher praise from readers here, for it is such a little gem of a book In being only the second person to actually write a full review for this unassuming little book, I feel like one of those few lucky people to have found the proverbial diamond in the rough The synopsis for this book really doesn t do this story justice Really this book is so heartwarming and romantic, I found myself with a foolish toothy smile on my face not only upon finishing the book but also during the entire time I spent reading this book and this was my third time reading it I find this book to be so sweet and tender that I couldn t just let this book slide into the abyss of anonymity without at least letting some people out in cyberspace know that they really shouldn t dismiss it without at least giving it a chance first After all, they might just find themselves falling hopelessly in love with Caleb, just like I did and do again every time I re read this little book.Granted, this is not your typical Presents Modern book full of over the top dramatics like amnesia, crazy revenge schemes, unplanned pregnancies insert expletive of choice here , Cruella de Ville gone mad schemes, Neanderthal heroes of the Italian or Greek variety, quivering heroines swooning in their co dependence over a cruel and abusive hero or whatever other way out there tropes you typically find in this line No, instead you will find good old fashioned romance of the boy next door, childhood friends fall in love variety that will warm your heart and make you feel like everything is right with the world during the short time you are cocooned in its tender magic.Ally Blake s writing is largely accountable for creating this pink filled frilly coziness Her writing just jumps off the page from the very first line and invites you into a world that is flirty and fun and warm and cozy all at the same time The color pink, tutti frutti flavored bubble gum and strawberry scented bubble bath are the words that come to mind to describe the feelings evoked through Ally Blake s writing.But don t worry Don t expect this book to be filled with tutu wearing characters although our heroine Ava s mother comes close Oh no Caleb Gilchrist is really a deliciously incorrigible, fun loving playboy who is a shameless flirt and womanizer, as we see from his cameo in the prior book in the series, The Magnate s Indecent Proposal Taken by the Millionaire , in which we see Damian Haliburton s Caleb s best friend and Ava s older brother story Caleb is your quintessential old money, platinum card totting country club member, Ralph Lauren advertisement preppy pretty boy enjoying his life of privilege, high stakes finance and his fair share of debauchery and completely unapologetic about it But beneath the indolent and frivolous surface lies a very tender, perceptive, sensitive and steadfast man with a hopelessly broken heart view spoiler Ava Haliburton is the love of Caleb s life although he won t admit to anyone, let alone himself, that he is capable of such steadfast love He truly believes that he is the shark of Collins Street but his actions and thoughts really show him for what he is a boy with a broken heart that never mended and that all his playboy antics were really just a means to cover his hurt and longing for Ava He could never have any feelings for any other woman because his heart unequivocally belongs to Ava, who took it away with her when she left Australia.Caleb Gilchrist and Ava Halliburton have known each other since their childhood when the Gilchrists moved to Ava s neighborhood The Gilchrists and the Haliburtons are part of Melbourne s gilded high society They grow up as part of this privileged but plastic milieu where the world revolves around country clubs, alcohol infused Saturday morning tennis matches, and where mothers care about their plastic surgery than the well being of their children and emotions are no go areas Whereas Caleb adjusted pretty well in this environment, Ava withered in it As a bookish and shy child, Ava never felt comfortable in her gilded and plastic world and was deeply affected by her parents divorce and what she felt was her father s ultimate rejection She develops an endearing habit of spewing off random tidbits of trivia to hide her awkwardness and insecurities and hides behind her books as a security blanket As a teenager, Ava decides to escape this unbearably superficial world when she is admitted to Harvard University But she is conflicted when, prior to her departure, she and Caleb share an unplanned but very tender and emotional night together Caleb asks her to stay with him, but although Ava is conflicted, she is horrified at the idea of turning out to be another Stepford Wife just like her mother if she stays for him.The book starts with Damien s wedding, where Caleb meets Ava again for the first time since that night ten years ago He is angered that she tries to use him to test her attractiveness to men after being rejected by her father figure professor boyfriend, but at the same time he is helpless to the magic that pulls at him every time he is near her He convinces himself that if he spends one night with her and uses her the way she tried to use him, he will be able to finally purge himself of his feelings for her and move on with his life In this process, however, they both find that the feelings they found for each other at such a tender age really were the real thing and that they are now wise enough to know that it doesn t get any better than this and that this time they should fight for their love Caleb comes to see that he is simply hiding behind the debonair playboy image and that Ava is worth putting aside his pride and Ava, in turn, comes full circle and realizes that the very thing she travelled the world to find was right in the very place that she was running away from.I like that despite the light and flirty tone of the book, it raises a deeper question of true love and the right timing Ava and Caleb found true love but the timing wasn t right and neither was mature enough for true love to flourish Ava had her own issues and inadequacies she had to work through and only by living life and experiencing different places and people was she emotionally mature enough to welcome true love in her life Caleb would have been a very different man less driven and ambitious and perfectly happy to settle into the one dimensional complacency of his plastic milieu had Ava s abandonment and ensuing hurt not driven him to be a complex and three dimensional person Through the ten years apart they go through the trials and tribulations that life presents and through that process obtain the wisdom that only life lived can bring It seems contradictory that they needed to part and experience all the hurts in order to finally come together, but in some respects it also rings true to real life hide spoiler Ava Haliburton has returned home for her brother, Damien s, wedding She s spent the last ten years in college and graduate school in the United States She has just been dumped by one of her professor s who saw career advancement as important than her relationship Caleb Gilchrist, Damien Haliburton s best man and business partner, has spent the last decade living the good life and not thinking about how when Ava ran off all those years ago, she left him behind after he begged her stay Now that she s back, he s can t decide whether to stay away from her or be with her one last time in the hope that it will purge her from his mind This story is about how Ava and Caleb deal with each other during the three days following the wedding It is a smart, funny story that is romantic, emotional, and charged with great sexual tension, without slipping over the line into unbelievable and maudlin One of the best Harlequin s I ve read in a long time I m going to go looking for other books by Ally Blake to see if they live up to this one. What did I think Well I just did not like it at all The story dragged a bit and I just couldn t relate to it at all. It s the second book for The Magnate s Indecent Proposal by Ally Blake I really wished that I read the first book first , it would give insight to this one But still this one was so much fun to read Both are childhood friend, but went to different ways , and it was very nice to see strong personalities getting along with each other. DNF from boredom on p25 It looks like she hasn t written another heroine like Harper from a Week with the Best Man, so I am giving up on her. I dunno, it didn t really work for me, I felt like I was missing something They were both so hung up on the past that I couldn t get a grasp on the present. Friends to lovers second chance story Phd candidate heroine returns to Australia for her brother s wedding, the hero from The Magnate s Indecent Proposal Hero is her brothers bff and business partner in a hedge fund investment company The H h had a one night stand before she left for Harvard 10 years before Hero asked her to stay with him, but heroine didn t want to grow up to be an empty headed society matron like her mother Hero has nursed his hurt and unrequited love ever since Heroine is the one that got away and we know this because we have the hero s PoV exclusively for the first few chapters And no, neither were celibate in ten years Because we get the hero s PoV, having the heroine come on to him the night of the wedding and then reject him at the last moment seems extra cruel She explains she is getting over a break up and needed to feel desirable again.Not a kind, wise, or mature thing to do Hero forgives her for this because he s a nice guy under his playboy ways and he realizes heroine is pretty messed up.The H h have several sexual encounters during the three days of wedding activities that follow The couple doesn t go on their honeymoon for three days Is that the current trend Anyway all those activities were boooring The hero lets the heroine know he s not into commitment, etc Heroine has problems of her own and this is where the author completely lost me The heroine has been estranged from her parents for ten years Her parents were in the middle of a bad divorce when she left and they hardly noticed Now her parents have reconciled, although they haven t remarried Her father thinks she should just give everyone a pass about her hurt and confusion and pretend nothing happened And she does after some time passes and no one talks about anything Somehow her father thinks they have a happy house again even though the mother publicly and constantly criticizes the heroine and mommy dearest drinks Bloody Marys at 9 00 in the morning The rich are different, I guess.In true Chick Lit fashion the hero sells his half of the hedge fund to accompany the heroine to Boston so she can finish her Phd he gives her a ring at the airport It was a nice ending but there were so many unclear motivations and actions that didn t add up I was also annoyed by the following The heroine tended to blurt out random facts when she was nervous Cute, but it got tedious I got the hero s love for her, but I didn t get her love for him She was really messed up with her daddy figure boyfriends she even ruminates about not being able to admire her old guy boyfriend s backsides after watching the hero walk away I guess she fixed the daddy problem because she made up with her father but ew I also had a problem with long dialogue sequences with no dialogue tags I got lost with who was speaking and found I didn t really care Not a good sign.This isn t a terrible HP just not very coherent or believable. ^DOWNLOAD ☠ A Night with the Society Playboy ↬ Once Ava Halliburton Shared A Tender Night Of Passion With Caleb Gilchrist The Next Day, She Left Not To Return For Ten YearsBut Now She S Home For A Wedding And Caleb S The Best Man Richer And Sexier Than Ever, With A Playboy ReputationCaleb Still Wants Her But Ava Walked Out On Him, And He S No Gentleman One Night, And Then He Ll Be The One To Walk Away