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Ha I really liked it Another hot gay for you story that I could not put down I thought the gay chicken game was a bit silly but it was so hot and great for increasing the sexual tension Its pretty much all sex, but I still recommend it for when you are in the mood for something light and smexy and not entirely believable.Did I say this was hot 3.5 gay chicken starsJust go zen and let the urge to roll your eyes and smirk passdeep breathsinoutinout.Now get your mind out of the gutter and fucking focus This book was hilarious and super steamy It s a little nugget of GFY OFY, and I sort of loved it For sure, it was too easy For sure, things like this don t happen in real life But who the fuck cares Two hunky college boys cuddling, kissing, frotting, and blowing each other all in the name of extreme gay chicken, and you re not gonna hear me complain. @READ KINDLE Ë Str8te Boys ⚡ How Far Would You Dare To Go To Win It All Maverick Holms And Duke Warren Share Almost Everything A College Soccer Team, An Apartment And The Same Extremely Competitive Nature Thanks To That Never Back Down Spirit, They Re About To Share Than They Bargained ForThe Game Is Gay Chicken The Rule Get As Close As Possible Without Kissing, And The One That Pulls Away First Is The Loser The Problem Neither Of Them Likes To Lose It Isn T Long Before The Game Becomes An Excuse To Touch And Kiss In Every Possible Forbidden Way And After They Pose For A Gay Website To Earn Extra Money, Things Really Heat UpSuddenly Duke Is Talking Lifetime Commitment, And Mav Is Backpedaling As Hard As He Can, Not Sure If He S Ready To Accept All His Best Friend Is Offering Him Or The Truth About What He Is Not gonna lie, this turned me on AND made my heart all gooey Loved it So Duke and Mav Maverick are in a bit of a tight spot They need rent money fast Mav doesn t mind the way Duke displays affection and likes to play gay chicken But Mav is a little worried about his own growing affection towards his best friend Once again this is a sweet drop of delicous manlove Seriously what Evangeline Anderson does in 100 pages or less keeps her on my auto buy for m m romance Her characters are not only scorchers in the love scenesbut their feelings for each other are lovingly crafted so that you feel involved in the relationship I think that is what takes my breath away The complete abandon of the love between her characters Even as they try and sort the confusing feelings they still carry the emotion with such fragility So hard to display between men Evangeline Anderson manages to do that time and again Just amazing Boy, that story is like a delicious piece of chocolate cake You know you shouldn t have it, but you just can t resist its delicious sweetness.Duke and Mav, two straight macho college jocks, are captain and goalie in their college soccer team Their competitive nature reaches new heights when Duke starts playing a silly drinking game he calls gay chicken , which consists of Duke pretending to kiss his best friend The first one to give loses.Mac doesn t like losing, so the silly game leads to both guys French kissing pretty quickly because you know, losing isn t an option.Just weird that Mac isn t repulsed by kissing his male friend Strange, right But watching other nude guys in the gym showers isn t doing anyhting for him, so he can t be gay, right Right In the tradition of the many Gay for You stories that we love so much I admit, there s something about straight guys experimenting , Mav and Duke are taking the gay chicken thing further So you think you could do it he asked casually, giving Duke a challenging look Think you could stand to have your face that close to another guy s cock without freaking out I know I could Duke raised an eyebrow The question is, could you Mav leaned forward, looking his best friend in the eye I m not afraid and further Then he realized what he d said and hastily rephrased Uh, I mean, I dare you to touch me No problem Duke s voice was low and sensual Reaching up, he palmed Mav s aching shaft carefully and stroked it from root to tip God Mav s hips bucked forward involuntarily with the pleasure of his friend s hand and he couldn t quite suppress the groan that rose to his lips Feels good Duke asked softly, stroking him again You know it does, Mav almost gasped AND FURTHER. Yeah, Mav, I want you to come in my mouth Then he seemed to realize exactly what he d said because his face got red and he added, I mean, I m gonna suck you so hard you have no choice but to come and then I ll be the reigning supreme champion of ultimate gay chicken LOL.The first half of the story is the insanely hot, highly erotic journey of both guys getting physical with each other Then the story takes an unexpected turn with view spoiler one guy admitting to being gay all along and things turn into a drama fest I wasn t too happy with the ensuing You don t love me enough to be my out and proud boyfriend while just a few pages before, they were actually straight jocks who lived off alcohol, testosterone and meaningless sex with blonde cheerleaders hide spoiler Gay chicken A four year, super close friendship in which one friend lies constantly about not only his attraction, but also his sexual orientation, and oh yeah, his entire fucking personality And could someone please explain to Evangeline Anderson that the whole point of using the number 8 in a word is so you don t have to use anyletters It s Str8 Boys, dear. 4.5 stars I really enjoyed this book It s short, but the author did a fabulous job crafting the characters and making them 3 dimensional Even Duke felt fully realized, and the entire book was in Mav s POV Short, hot and with scorching sexual tension Not huge on the angst, but just enough considering the characters and plot, and definitely enough to make me feel for both heroes Plus, the 2 heroes are gorgeous D Definitely recommended if you are in the mood for a quick, hot read. This book was a great, quick, sexy read My issues with with the very thin plot To me, it was like an underdeveloped version of Hot Head, taking place in college instead of a firehouse It could have used another 50 or so pages of buildup and depth I d still read this again What can I say, I m a sucker for gay for you books with tall, hot guys This was really nice It was a little different from what I expected, but overall I enjoyed it a lot It was a gay chicken porn fantasy that turned into something mushy and romantic It was almost unbelievable really But instead of getting annoyed, I didn t I liked most of the things with it The MC s, the story Mav and Duke are cute btw The sex were hot enough I liked it Mav DukeI think this will do if you want a sweet and a little spicy short GFY read Enjoy D