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This was a really well done short story Even as a stand alone story, without the rest of the series, this was so worth the read This prequel is about Kaylee having an episode and ending up in a mental health ward It s really intense, but has it s humorous moments Kaylee meets a girl Lydia, whom I can t tell you much about without giving too much away Lydia is my favorite in this story This is definitely a great way to start the series. My Soul to Lose by Rachel Vincent, narrated by Amanda RonconiPrequel to the Soul Screamers series4 starsKaylee Cavanaugh was supposed to just have a normal day shopping at the mall, but a panic attack took over and she couldn t stop screaming When she wakes up, she finds herself in a psych hospital As she tries to convince everyone she is fine, another patient seems to be curious about who she is My first audiobook I would say it was a success I didn t love My Soul to Lose but I really enjoyed it The narrator could be annoying at times, but she could make the story interesting when it came down to whether I was able to concentrate on the story I did have a few problems with the narrator s voice and how she portrayed the characters Sometimes I liked the voices she made, but her Kaylee voice annoyed me greatly at times Which is obviously not a good thing considering the fact that Kaylee is the MC I did enjoy the storyline and I was a fan of the first Soul Screamers book I really liked seeing how Vincent portrayed Kaylee s first experience as a banshiede Another qualm I had was with the other patient who was revealed to have an ability at the end I liked this ability quite a bit and she proved to be an interesting character that showed potential to be in the series in the future or even have her own I was sad that her reveal was so rushed and it left me feeling confused and I had to rewind the audiobook a bit I m quite pleased with my first delve into the audiobook world and I m happy it wasn t terrible like I was afraid it would be.Whimsical Writing Scale 4Character Scale 4.25Audiobook Scale 3.5Plotastic Scale 4.5Cover Thoughts It s simple, but I don t like that snot color green at all. My Soul to StealFour stars A gripping prequel that will leave you screaming for Kaylee and her best friend, Emma, chatter excitedly as they peruse the packed mall Happily, they shop, making plans for the big homecoming dance Without warning Kaylee begins to tremble and sweat as panic and fear assault her senses Deep inside she can feel the scream beginning to swell, building and pushing to break free to pierce the air Desperate, Kaylee gasps for Emma to help her Quickly, the two girls dash down the corridor and take refuge among the brightly colored, towering stacks of bath towels in a department store Scared and shaking Kaylee slowly gains control, until the frail, boy in the wheel chair turns the corner This time she cannot stop the impulse and her shockingly, loud scream reverberates through the air A wave of tremendous sadness washes over her and tears stream down her cheeks She falls to her knees unable to cease the deafening wail emanating from her lungs Clawing at her throat and gasping for air until the fog appears and she falls into blackness Frightening images flee through her mind and then she wakes to a nightmarish reality Kaylee is restrained to a bed in a cold, windowless room Her limbs ache and her voice is raw Where is she Kaylee discovers that fifteen hours flew by while she lay shackled and unconscious in the mental institution Is she crazy Kaylee navigates around the dire, confines of her new surroundings Her typical, teenage wardrobe is now sparkly, sweat suits minus the drawstrings to prevent hangings and soft, fuzzy socks Time is spent, avoiding group therapy sessions and completing crossword and jigsaw puzzles, while her mind plots a way out A strange girl with mesmerizing green eyes watches her every move At last Kaylee is on the brink of gaining her freedom when terror rips through her Again the howling festers and swirls in her throat, threatening to explode out of her, no matter how hard she clamps her jaw Lydia, the green eyed girl grabs her hand and tugs her down the hall Inexplicably, Lydia manages to halt the ear splitting howl but at what price Why is Kaylee unable to control the intense and powerful screams Rachel Vincent manages to yank you into Kaylee s world with her powerful, short prequel I was riveted to the story It is intense to say the least I swear my jaw ached in sympathy as Kaylee tries to clench back her painful, ear splitting screams I wonder how her screams compare to those of my three year old daughter on a bad day Then the horror of waking up in the psych ward All I can say is Wow My only complaint, I desperately wanted or should I say I screamed for , I will be grabbing a copy of My Soul To Take Soul Screamers 1 immediately Favorite Quotations I couldn t see who swam in the darkness, who wore shadows like a second skin She watched me with a creepy sort of detached curiosity, as if I were a bug crawling across the sidewalk in front of her I wondered briefly if she was the ant stomper type Great I m psychotic and sparkly Relief washed over me like that first air conditioned breeze on a hot summer day Kaylee do you know why you are here Yeah Because the doors are locked. Review originally posted here.I ve been wanting to read something from Rachel Vincent ever since I discovered her books, but I never seemed to find the time to do it, so I prioritized started her first I think YA series, Soul Screamers, I was a bit wary because it s paranormal and it was published right on the fever of Twilight, so it could go very wrong but a lot of people enjoyed this series.I m impressed by this short novella, it doesn t fall into YA paranormal cliches and it didn t read like anything I ever read before For starters a lot of it passes on a psychiatric ward, where Kaylee is because of what the doctor believe to be a psychotic break down, I have to say that the way the whole experience is treated is a bit worrisome because it doesn t shine a very positive light on psychiatrists and or seeking treatments but also I understand why it s portrait this way, since we, readers, know that what Kaylee is passing isn t a break down but a paranormal experience.That being said, the atmosphere on this short story is pretty on point with what I would want from paranormal reads, it starts of quite a normal thing, with regular girls shopping but it turns into a kind of nightmare when Kaylee has the vision, gets interned and everyone is claiming she has a mental health problem, it gets even interesting when a girl from the hospital seems to be really interested on Kaylee too Overall it was a really nice introduction of this series and it definitely made me pick up the first book right after finishing it, it doesn t show any signs of cliched paranormal stories, has a great atmosphere similar to suspenseful movies and I want to know about Kaylee and her gift or curse, who knows, not me Recommended to lovers of YA paranormal that haven t still tried to read this series. Ok, this story is scary A young girl has what she thinks are panic attacks Of course, those of us who read a lot of supernatural stories know she s a banshee Then it gets worse when she ends up in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest This was a relatively quick read A prequel if you will to the Soul Screamer books It was a damn good one too I can already tell I am going to devour this series It was pretty intense and I kept turning page after page to see what happens next Wow and what an intriguing concept this was A different take on the paranormal world I can t wait to delve into the next 5 books Another lazy weekend review I had but a few stolen minutes to read tonight, so instead of only making a couple chapters of headway on a long book, I figured I d squeeze in a freebie short It s been a while since I ve read book 1 of this series, so I thought using the prequel as a refresher course might be a good idea Eh, not really I thought this was an okay read, but I don t think it was absolutely necessary either.I d say skip this and go right to book 1, then come back and read the prequel later if you want to know Kaylee s early experiences as a bean side pronounced banshee What is a bean side This character is basically a harbinger of death When you hear one scream, you know someone s about to bite it Kinda interesting, right You don t see many stories like that, which is why I m going to finally quit screwing around and read book 2 soon Although, I did think that this description of one of her first screams was pretty coolThe shriek ripped from my gut and ripped my mouth open on its way out It felt like someone was pulling barbed wire from my throat, then shoving it through my ears, straight into my head Prequels have a very specific job give you, as the reader, just enough of a taste of a series that you ll pull the bills out of your pocket to purchase the full book So often, I ve been unable to connect with the MC or its premise Not so with this book Rachel pulled me into the plot within four pages and created a real sense of empathy with Kaylee.Goodreads summary It was supposed to be a fun day, shopping at the mall with her best friend Then the panic attack started and Kaylee Cavanaugh finds herself screaming, unable to stop Her secret fears are exposed and it s the worst day of her life Until she wakes up in the psychiatric unit She tries to convince everyone she s fine despite the shadows she sees forming around another patient and the urge to scream which comes burbling up again and again Everyone thinks she s crazy Everyone except Lydia, that is Another patient with some special abilities. Good start ^DOWNLOAD KINDLE ↬ My Soul to Lose ↙ It Was Supposed To Be A Fun Day, Shopping At The Mall With Her Best Friend Then The Panic Attack Started And Kaylee Cavanaugh Finds Herself Screaming, Unable To Stop Her Secret Fears Are Exposed And It S The Worst Day Of Her LifeUntil She Wakes Up In The Psychiatric UnitShe Tries To Convince Everyone She S Fine Despite The Shadows She Sees Forming Around Another Patient And The Urge To Scream Which Comes Burbling Up Again And Again Everyone Thinks She S Crazy Everyone Except Lydia, That Is Another Patient With Some Special Abilities An EBook Exclusive Prequel To Rachel Vincent S SOUL SCREAMERS Series