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I ve read another book not so long ago where the lead female character hooked up with her best friend s boyfriend My reaction wasI was not at all happy with how that one played out.But with this book it was an entirely different story It was put in a way that I liked the lead character despite the fact that she fell in love with her best friend s boy.Lani and Erin have been best friends for as long as they could remember.But they were different from each other as night and day.Lani was the environmentalist who usually likes to likes things simple.Erin was the exact opposite.She was the outgoing one who does something she wants without hesitation.Erin started to date Jason whom she thinks was her soul mate.Lani was okay with the fact that Erin was going out with Jason.Jason was a good guy and it wasn t hard to see that.When Erin went to camp leaving Lani and Jason together that s when things started to get complicated.Lani know it was wrong but she was starting to develop feelings for Jason.What made it worse was the fact that Jason seemed to be feeling the same way.Lani has to choose between keeping her friendship with Erin or hurting her just for the sake of her getting the guy who she thinks was the guy fate chose for her.One good thing about this book was that it was relatable.The plot was not that unique but the characters made it so.Lani, Erin, Jason and Blake were very relatable.When we read this book we either see a piece of ourselves with Lani, Erin, Jason or Blake and that was what made this book good.I do believe in fate but don t entirely depend on it Fate would sometimes intervene but in the end out decisions would still be the last call.We can make our own destiny.Though I love how the author used the fate thing in this book.I definitely look forward to books from this author.I give this book a 4 D this book is now my favorite book maybe because i m 13 so i read some reviews here and i m shocked i mean this book is amazing of course its not for everyone but i couldn t believe that such little things people were focusing on like the way she said and was like do you really think that matters so much the point of a book is to focus on the plot and i think that this book really went deeper than just some teenagers falling in love it shows about fate and how things work out how they re suppost to and in my opinion, i am NOT big on astrology and things like that but why does that matter this book isn t suppost to be everything you want this is told from the point of lani and i think she did a great job with this book.my experience reading this i started reading this at about 7 30 pm i read about 1 3 of it by 9 30 pm i stopped reading because i needed to do something family related then i picked up again at around 10 00 pm i read this ENTIRE book in one day i stayed up to 1 20 am i could NOT put it down when i was done reading it, i was angry that it ended this book is my favorite book apperently a lot of people disagree with me, but to me that doesn t matter i LOVE this book. You can obviously tell what this book is about from the cover I picked up this book because I saw that some people compared Colasanti s writing to Sarah Dessen I pretty much got the opposite of what I expected.What I didn t like Lani s ThoughtsThe inner dialogue was written as following I was all like,I go,He s like,And I m all, Yes, some teenagers do actually talk like this, but this got incredibly annoying throughout the book Honestly, if what was actually in quotes was like that, fine But what ever happened to I said,Random CharactersAfter every few chapters, a new character is introduced randomly The main character Lani just mentions a new character as if I m supposed to automatically know who they are This actually happens a lot throughout the book, not only in the first few chapters And after these characters are just randomly introduced, you never see them again At all.CharactersI hated how stereotypical the character Blake was He s a gay guy and he s a fashion diva and he acts totally girly That s really stereotypical..that s not how all gay guys act.Lani s character was just plain stupid at times In the end, Erin view spoiler embarrasses Lani online hide spoiler Something Like Fate is a typical YA novel of two best friends wooing the same guy One takes the initiative and asks said guy, Jason, out He agrees But then the best friend of said girl, Lani, begins talking to him and finds out that she likes him and he likes her back They talk , with the initiative girl, Erin s, consent, and finds out that they have a lot in common Like a freakish amount of things in common I m still wrapping my mind around the common oddities So when the girl goes away, the cats will play Jason s and Lani s relationship is refreshing and ever so endearing But when Erin comes back things go downhill.It was within the last few chapters that things get out of hand Erin is a complete itch Lani needs to stop being a pushover but they are times where I applaud her To make amends for stealing her ex boyfriend Jason and Lani hook up after Erin gets dumped , Erin tells Lani to stop seeing Jason, which she compiles Excuse me for a second while I scream Seriously Are you daft woman In the very next line, Erin tells Lani that she is yet to be forgiven and ignores her for the next several days at school So the purpose of not seeing Jason is I dislike the ending very much so It was way too fast Erin apologies, Lani forgives Lani apologies, Erin forgives they cry and hug That s it I did not see much character development for the majority of them There were some characters that I found really enjoyable to read Blake and Connor Blake is gay but no one knows about it and Connor is from Canada yay Canadians They add a touch of serenity and whimsical humor at times that added much to the dialogues I love the fact that Blake was able to forgive and grow whereas Connor is sweet, caring, and a steady rock. This review can also be found here Orange Rhombus.Sky blue Triangle.Red Circle.No clue what I m talking about Well the characters, Lani and Jason, think different kinds of water taste like this Evian tastes like sky blue triangles and Poland Spring tastes like red circles Don t believe me, check pages 98 and 99 in the paperback.If that wasn t ridiculous enough, half of the dialogue between Jason and Lani sounds like it belongs in the seventies Who says Far Out any Oh and Lani talks to her shopping cart Just saying That s kind of weird.The talk of Fate throughout this book really got on my nerves They live in a small town, where as children they would probably run into each other and just because that happened, they were meant to be together or because they like the same thing it s Fate It got to the point, where I didn t want to even finish the book If I never hear the word Fate again in my entire life it will be too soon.The characters were just so unlikeable Erin was vain and self centered, everything in the entire world revolved around her Lani had too much of an obsession with Fate and took everything to extremes And Jason, he was just plain annoying The conversations the characters had throughout the novel were unrealistic and extremely weird.The only two characters who had potential were Connor and Blake and there just wasn t enough of them in the story, if there had been maybe it wouldn t have been so bad They seemed like they were only there to move the main character along and when they weren t needed they disappeared.So overall, this book was a bust for me The premise of the book sounded like it could be interesting, but it just never delivered. This review is going to be painful to write because I tend to enjoy Susane Colasanti s work When It Happens and Waiting for You are two of my favorite YA books Sadly, there s no cosmic law that prevents good authors from sometimes writing bad stories, and Something Like Fate proves it More than likely, you ve already read the synopsis and have an idea of what the story is about However, the synopsis is slightly misleading Let s start with the first slightly misleading statement Lani and Erin are best friends This in itself isn t a lie, but the write up would have you believing that Erin is deserving of this friendship Unfortunately for the reader, we are left wondering why Lani even bothers with Erin since it s obvious after the first few chapters that Erin is a fatuous, volatile, selfish bitch She is oblivious to everyone but herself and generally treats Lani like an accessory than a friend The second misleading thing about the synopsis is that it makes it seem like Lani begins a secret romance with Jason while Jason is still dating Erin From the synopsis I thought this was going to be one of those books where the protagonist betrayed her friend in the worst way imaginable and then has to try and put the pieces back together, one agonizing piece at a time What the synopsis doesn t tell you, however, is that Jason and Erin are no longer a couple when he and Lani begin their secret relationship So this whole betraying her best friend thing is nothing than some hyper sensitive BS on the part of hysterical, irrational teenagers None of the characters in the book are particularly endearing Lani is weak in a way that infuriates me, allowing the insecurities of others to dictate how she lives her life Erin, her best friend and soul sister is a complete bitch who treats Lani like crap It s one thing to be angry with your friend and get into a fight, maybe not speak, say some things you may not mean in the heat of the moment, etc What s not acceptable, however, is forwarding a private email that you ve modified to make yourself look better to your entire graduating class in order to get everyone to turn on your supposed best friend Also unacceptable is allowing some of your other friends to create a website talking about how big of a slut your former best friend is These are inexcusable offenses, yet even as Erin is carrying them out, Lani, wracked with guilt for reasons I can t even begin to comprehend is staying away from Jason in order to prove to Erin how much their friendship means to her Obviously it doesn t mean a whole hell of a lot to Erin, but I guess that s beside the point Jason, while being the cute, sweet dream boy, thoroughly disappoints with his complete lack of concern for Lani once she tells him they have to be apart I can understand him being hurt and angry, but you would think that a guy who cares about her would stand up for her at least once Jason doesn t bother which didn t endear me at all to him Another of Lani s friends , Danielle, quits speaking to Lani after she finds out that Lani lied to her about her birthday party Even after Lani apologizes and admits she screwed up, Danielle is apparently too good for her With friends like these, who needs enemies Aside from the things that made me angry, there were at least two things that didn t make any sense The first is Erin s treatment of Blake, Lani s and Erin s homosexual friend When he is outted by a popular boy who is another of Erin s friends , then ostracized and harassed for his sexual orientation, Erin doesn t seem to care The second is the treatment of Lani by her entire graduating class It s supposedly a small class less than 100 who don t know each other all that well, yet they all instantly hate Lani once they learn of her betrayal I m sorry, what This book also helped me to finally pinpoint Colasanti s most glaring weakness her characters maturity levels While I understand that everyone matures at a different pace, every character in Something Like Fate speaks and behaves like they are 13, perhaps 14 years old These are supposedly high school seniors.borderline legal adults, yet their speech patterns and behaviors mimic those of your average 6th grader It s a disconnect that s almost surrealistically jarring, and it s something that the characters in Colasanti s other books also suffer from, albeit to a slightly lesser degree Like, they are like, totally immature Totally Totally, totally, totally Cheers Colasanti has a talent for occasionally writing endearing characters and cute stories This, however, is one of those books that you should probably steer clear of, especially if irrational, weak characters make you a little insane When I want nothing than to climb into a book and give each and every character a black eye, it doesn t make for a particularly endearing experience Like, totally. I gaved up on this book After reading half of the book i just went and i skipped chapters It was cheesy and shitty written And it didn t even felt like a real story The plot was awful,boring,clich ,not exciting at all An adjective for the whole book would be Unrealistic AF In my life I have never ever ever found a character like Lani so annoying But if i stop and think for a bit every character in this book was annoying But she was so childish,it didn t even seemed that she was 17 And in every chapter she was going on and on about astrology Like geeeeeeez.I m so mad right now because i really thought this was a nice summer enjoyable read.It was a waste of time for me,and i have many other books to read So,picking up this book wasI m not even going to add quotes to this review,that s how mad i am. While browsing the shelves of my local bookstore, I came upon an accumulation of books by Susane Colasanti with beautiful book covers and promising though perhaps slightly cliched storylines.After I had staggered through the first chapter, I realized that Edwin Rolfe and Lester Fuller really knew what they were talking about You really can t judge a book by its cover.Here are just a few things that made me want to give up on this book entirely 1 The constant referral to fate as a recurring motif throughout the story when considering the main character, Lani In fact, anything involving Lani provided me with a sense of discomfort For one thing, her main interests include obsessing over horoscopes and discussing the colors and shapes of various brands of bottled water I have never had the opportunity to drink Poland Spring, but I doubt I would ever make the connection and apprehend that it tastes like a red circle.But what bothered me most about Lani was the fact that she wouldn t stop droning on and on about fate She would put every ounce of her stale personality into preaching about astrology and her obsessive infatuation for horoscopes and palm readings What s is that fate seemed to be equally infatuated with her and in the form of a dapper young man named Jason, which leads me to the next vexation2 Jason s whole purpose in life must have been to take form as Lani s lapdog or French bulldog , if you will because he has no popular guy attribute whatsoever Though he was dating Erin who I will rant about later , he found himself immersed in conversations with Lani about the importance of raspberries and the wonders of kite flying He is famous for drawing perfect circles and has kept the same Little Prince poster since he was four And to top it all off, he knows that his water tastes like an orange rhombus.Funny thing too, because Lani is equally interested in every one of these things, so I shouldn t have been surprised that within one week of meeting each other, Lani and Jason were sitting together in their own private table in the cafeteria, completely isolated from Jason s popular guy friends and his girlfriend, Erin, who also happens to be Lani s best friend.And speaking of which3 Erin was a cold hard bitch Lani spoke of her as if she were the world, but all she ever did was talk about boys and cast away her best friend to go talk to her boyfriend and see how he felt about her which is a whole new matter entirely, considering that if he really was your boyfriend, you could have just as easily asked him about his feelings yourself.And after it became apparent that Lani and Jason were obviously destined for each other, Erin went ahead and ruined Lani s life to the point of making vicious websites, turning her classmates against her and banning her from seeing Jason And what did this solve Absolutely nothing.So forgive me for thinking that Erin and her group of Golden Kids were a bunch of languid morons.4 And speaking of the Golden Kids , who exactly put them in charge of the school All they ever wanted to do was help the environment and make the world a better place honorable qualities, but not the kind you d find in a prominent high school crowd I was forced to conclude that Susane Colasanti had no recollection of what it was like to be a teenager in high school.Overall, I just found this book to be very monotonous to the point of near hilarity I m still trying to figure out how Evian tastes like a sky blue triangle , and even during the serious parts I found myself doubling over in fits of hysteric laughter I would only recommend this book to fans of romance with no regard for well written love predicaments. (FREE PDF) ì Something Like Fate ⚝ Lani And Erin Are Bonded For Life One Thing That Connects Them Is Their Fascination Of Fate Lani Wonders How Much Of Our Lives Has Already Been Decided And How Much We Can Actually Influence Since The Unknown Can Unexpectedly Change Our Lives Forever, How Much Can We Really Control From The Minute Lani Meets Jason, She Can T Deny The Intense Connection They Share It Feels Like She S Known Him Forever She S Not Sure If He Feels It, Too But It Doesn T Matter Because Jason Is Erin S Boyfriend Lani Is Determined To Ignore Her Feelings For Jason, No Matter How Powerful They Are, Rather Than Risk Hurting Her Best FriendHow Long Can Lani Keep Running From The Boy Who Might Be Her Destiny I thought I would give this book a chance With so many reviews I just wasn t sure Ya has been my favorite for awhile But This was just not my thing.The character was too wrapped up in recycling Astrology etc All things that don t interest me It bored me to hear all that Her best friend was bossy and she wasn t honest