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A heartfelt read A Beautiful father and Son bond.Another one of my favourite Dahl books Everyone so memorable Brings back happy childhood memories. I think this is my favorite Roald Dahl book I ve reread it at least a dozen times since I was a child, and it s just marvelous I love the bond the father has with his son, I love the drawings, I love the coziness of the caravan, and I love the great poaching adventure that the father and son embark on Three cheers for Danny @E-PUB ñ Danny: The Champion of the World Í Danny S Life Seems Perfect His Home Is A Gypsy Caravan, He S The Youngest Car Mechanic Around, And His Best Friend Is His Dad, Who Never Runs Out Of Wonderful Stories To Tell And When Danny Discovers His Father S Secret, He S Off On The Adventure Of A Lifetime Here S Roald Dahl S Famous Story About AYear Old Boy, His Dad, And A Daring And Hilarious Pheasant Snatching Expedition Just As Important, It S The Story Of The Love Between A Boy And His Father Who, In Danny S Own Words, Is The Most Marvelous And Exciting Father A Boy Ever Had A re read with Neo over the last while I wanted to share my original review, altered with some of Neo s sentiments in the latter part.Dahl continues with his wonderful children s stories, telling one that has a realistic flavour to it, sure to appeal to the masses After the death of his mother as an infant, Danny is left to live with his father Together, they forge a bond so close that no one can come between them Living in a small caravan out back of the service station he owns, William Willum, at times raises Danny the best he can One night, Danny wakes to find his father is not in the upper bunk bed and panics, but soon locates him strolling up the pathway After intense questioning, Danny learns that his father has been out poaching pheasants, something that many of the poorer men have been known to do on the large estate of a pompous owner Danny is enamoured at the possibility that they can do this together, but is cautioned against it, as it is a highly dangerous and illegal affair When Danny cannot find his father a second time, he goes out looking, only to discover that things are tied up in proverbial knots Sharing an idea for the pheasant catching, Danny finds a way to get in on the act What follows is a treacherous scheme that could fail at any moment, or reap rewards for many Perhaps my favourite story to date in this re reading adventure, Dahl dazzles and impresses at the same time.I vaguely remember my father reading me this story when I was young, which helped fuel my desire to try it again for myself It is also my attempt to get Neo fascinated in the art of Dahl s writing The ease with which the story flows is surely one of its greatest assets, alongside some great characters and a plot that is as believable as it is relatable to at least some children Neo believed it and said that he could almost see Danny and his dad trekking out of the dead of night Able to convey a wonderful story in short order, Dahl continues to show how he earned the title of masterful children s author of the 20th century With a peppering mention of some other stories in his quiver BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory , Dahl bridges a connection for his young readers, with just a touch of self promotion Neo found the connection to other stories funny and shocking as well Short chapters foster a great adult child joint experience and one can only hope that readers for decades to come will continue to be dazzled by the work Dahl made popular in my own youth Kudos, Mr Dahl for continuing to impress with your fluid prose I love that warm feeling your books always impart Like hate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Danny the Champion of the World , like most of Roald s work, can be seen in two different ways Danny, 10 years old, lives with his father in gypsy caravan behind a filling station in rural England His father is a mechanic and teaches Danny very early how to rebuild engines and be a brilliant mechanic But his father has another hobby that was secret to Danny When Danny finds out about it, his father brings him along Family bonding, much happiness Very sweet book.Or it could be the tale of a petty thief who recruits his 10 year old son into the fold and introduces him into a conspiracy of thieves that includes the local doctor and even the constabulary But in the end it comes down to the lesson of you can do anything you like to people who are assholes , which is pretty much a common theme in all Dahl s books.Reading it as an adult is no less magical as reading it as a ten years old This time I found myself in his father s shoes as opposed to Danny s And while I may not have made the same decisions about my son as William, I can see why he did it and I can feel his immense love for Danny.I s funny how the same images in your mind crop up over 20 years from reading a book But the descriptions painted the same pictures as they did all those years ago One thing that I did notice though, is that this time the illustrations were by Quintin Blake, who we all adore But the copy that I read and reread from my local library had a different illustrator I ll try and find a copy of this on eBay as it probably matches the images in my mind much .So, recommended highly Read it as a parent and a grown up And remember to be SPARKY I am currently trying to read all of Roald Dahl s books this year I want to start off letting you know where I stand This book did not impress me After reading sooo many of Roald Dahl s books this year, this book was a let down There wasn t a lot to the plot and it became very boring at moments If this book wasn t so short it probably would have been a DNF for me This book also wasn t creative The main character was very similar to the main character in George s Marvelous Medicine, they mentioned creatures that other books have in them, birds like in The Minpins and again this book talked about chocolate and candy I might have to take a break from his books soon, because he keeps an extremely similar pattern and creativity with all his books About the book Danny s mother passes away, so it is only him and his father Danny wakes up in the middle of the night to find his father is not a sleep He finds out that his father has been poaching pheasants This is a dangerous and very illegal activity but Danny decides he wants to do it with his father Danny comes up with a new method for poaching A sleeping medicine that has all the pheasants fall asleep However, sleeping medicine can only last so long and eventually it wore off. Simply brilliant Read this at school back in the 1980 s What a wonderful mind Ronald Dahl had I remember how I envied Danny when he got to drive the vehicle This was adapted into a film with Jeremy Irons I think Film was good too . Danny The Champion of the World, Roald Dahl Danny, the Champion of the World is a 1975 children s book by Roald Dahl The plot centres on Danny, a young English boy, and his father, William, who live in a Gypsy caravan fixing cars for a living and partake in poaching pheasants It was first published in 1975 in the United States by Alfred A Knopf, Inc and in the United Kingdom by Jonathan Cape 2001 1380 198 ENGLISH Danny the Champion of the World ITALIANO When I was four months old, my mother died suddenly and my father was left to look after me all by himself This is how I looked at the time I had no brothers or sisters So all through my boyhood, fromthe age of four months onward, there were just the two of us, my father and me Danny, nine years old, and his father live together in an old carriage, carefree The story takes a turn for the unexpected when Danny finds out that his father, in addition to being an expert mechanic, is also a poacher.Among all the Roald Dahl s novels, probably this is the one I liked less Not my daughter, however She always likes each Dahl s novel.Vote 7 Quando avevo quattro mesi, mia madre mor all improvviso, e mio padre dovette occuparsi di me tutto da solo Ecco com ero a quell epoca Non ho n fratelli n sorelle Cos per tutta la mia infanzia, dall et di quattro mesi in poi, fummo solo noi due, mio padre e io Danny, 9 anni, e suo padre vivono in una vecchia carrozza all insegna della spensieratezza La storia prende una piega inaspettata quando Danny scopre che suo padre, oltre ad essere un esperto meccanico, anche un cacciatore di frodo.Di tutte le opere di Roald Dahl che ho letto a mia figlia, forse questa quella che mi piaciuta di meno Non a mia figlia per A lei ogni libro di Dahl piace sempre.Voto 7 How well do you know your parents Nine year old Danny always lived with just his dad in their cozy gypsy caravan He thought he knew everything about his father, until one day he wakes up in the middle of the night to find out that his father missing His father his honorable, wonderful and loving father has a very, very huge secret One that will throw their lives into complete chaos I will not pretend I wasn t petrified I was But mixed in with the awful fear was a glorious feeling of excitement Most of the really exciting things we do in our lives scare us to death They wouldn t be exciting if they didn t. I loved the father son relationship The first third of the book simply describes all the things Danny does with his dad from homemade kites to taking apart an engine Dahl s signature writing style made ordinary happenings into riveting adventures.I really enjoyed how this Dahl story was so grounded in reality There wasn t any BFGs or Chocolate Factories though they were mentioned to distract us from the characters Plus, in just every sentence you can just tell how much Danny and his dad care about each other I was glad my father was an eye smiler It meant he never gave me a fake smile because it s impossible to make your eyes twinkle if you aren t feeling twinkly yourself.The Finer Books Club 2018 Reading Challenge A book that doesn t fit any of the above promptsYouTube Blog Instagram Twitter Snapchat miranda.reads Happy Reading