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Originally posted here.Zack and Jasmine went to the same high school but they were never that close They reconnect when they bump into each other in college and they become good friends Zack then asks Jasmine to pretend to be his ex because he s never had a girlfriend before and the girl that he likes doesn t want to be with someone who s never been in a relationship Jasmine agrees, not knowing the consequences of that little lie Fast forward to the present day, Zack is about to get married to a girl that none of his friends and family really know It s up to Jasmine to confront Zack but before she can do that, she has to sort through her own feelings first My Imaginary Ex was pretty easy to read even though the story is interspersed with flashbacks to fully flesh out Jasmine and Zack s friendship The story sort of reminded me of My Best Friend s Wedding because it has a similar theme with the movie.I m not a fan of best friend love stories probably because my high school boyfriend was my best friend and we didn t really get our Happily Ever After together Don t get me wrong, we re still good friends but now I feel like I have a certain fondness for love hate relationships than best friend love stories Does that make me sound weird P In any case, I m sure there are people who will appreciate the friendship that is the foundation of Jasmine and Zack s relationship While I didn t get to connect with the characters in this one as much as I did with the characters of Fairy Tale Fail, it s still quite an enjoyable, light read The characters are believable and the author does a good job of describing the life of a young professional in her mid twenties, living in Manila Mina mentioned over Twitter that Summit is going to release another book of hers any day soon I m looking forward to that I have a confession to make I ve been slacking off I actually finished this book a few hours after I started it and yet it took a while to rate and review it It was so good One of my resolutions this year was to read romance books written by Filipino authors, featuring Filipino characters, and set or less in the Philippines I ve had the pleasure of reading Mina Esguerra s previous books and I ve always enjoyed them My Imaginary Ex has all the things I love about a Mina Esguerra and then some My Imaginary Ex is a friends to lovers story with a bit of a twist See, it all started with a lie Zack really wasn t Jasmine s ex but there was that time in college where Zack ask Jasmine to pretend to be his girlfriend It was just one time but the lie snowballed into something beyond their control Now Jasmine is the ex that Zack could not get over I fell in love with Jasmine and Zack Their friendship is so weird but so relatable and their road to happily ever after wasn t a smooth one I read the new updated version and I understand that the author added some scenes for context and lengthen the story a little bit I haven t read the original version but judging from what I ve read, Ms Esguerra did a great job not just with the story but the characters Ugh I love her characters so much They re so imperfect They make mistakes and do things that make you shake your head in exasperation but it is what made them interesting to me There s one character in this book who is going to have her own story She s a bit of the antagonist keeping our star crossed lovers apart but there was definitely to her than just being the villain I loved that the author avoided slut shaming and othering this character just because she s the antagonist So that s definitely a plus in my book.My Imaginary Ex definitely checked all the boxes that I want in my romance book It has a trope that I loved with complex characters that you want to root for in spite of everything. Thank you to Mina, the author of this chicklit, for giving three copies of this book to me as a birthday gift This is my first time to receive books from an author I liked this 3 stars To be fair to the likes of Mrs Dalloway by Virginia Woolf and Under The Net by Dame Iris Murdoch, two novels that I rated low, please understand that I am rating My Imaginary Ex based on the fact that this is a chicklit Mina, no offense so I am rating this based on chicklit standard.All the books that I read for leisure since I was a small boy are now accounted in my READ folder here in Goodreads Out of those close to 300 books, in my mind, I have only read 2 honest to goodness chicklits This and the other one was the book selected as February 2010 Book of the Month by The Filipino Group Bridget Jones Diary Mina V Esguerra s My Imaginary Ex is by far better than that Helen Fielding s novel.The story telling is sweet, short and direct For guys like me, reading a chicklit packed with emotions which is a standard mostly in the works of female authors is like being shot by a thousand bullets coming from different directions Ms Esguerra, not sure whether consciously or not, spares us with the usual irritating sweet nothings or tearjerker dialogues in her novel The only emotion this novel was able to squeezed out from me was the finally at last feeling when I was in that part where the two main protagonists Jasmine and Zachary are having sex They are the two lovers who started as friends and because of a lie told for fun at the start of their college years, their life and love had all these confusions and heartaches that were of their own doing It is something that I cannot relate with but hey we don t always need to see ourselves in the story to like it, right For one, this feels a lot like the movie My Bestfriend s Wedding but a good story can be retold several times and appear new depending on how the author s style Mina gave it a good shot by localizing the setting and using the term barkada a couple of times I am just proud that there is an English book like this that can compete with foreign chicklit I thought all romance novels are in Tagalog that my mother even asks my lawyer brother and me to buy and send her to the US Maybe I should give one of my copies to my mother I will surely make her proud as well.Kudos, Mina Well done BTW, how does a wild Keri Russell hair look like I know I vowed not to read any chick literature in the next decade but I had about two hours to kill on a bus ride so I decided to bring this along I even covered the cover with a white sheet of paper so people won t see what I m reading True story Haha.I always try to put myself in the shoes of the author s market especially if the genre is not something I would normally consume My Imaginary Ex has bestseller in fact, it already is written all over it.The premise Two exes caring so much for the guy who broke their hearts that they don t want him to marry the wrong girl and scheme to re unite him with his supposedly high school flame.My initial thoughts Yeah, right Preposterous Implausible Now, mind you, this is exactly why I enjoyed the book The interplay of the past and present made it a fun read Zack and Jasmine s long friendship seemed genuine I bought it The story is quirky, light, fun and engaging a Mina V Esguerra bankable trend I imagined it to be a rom com of sorts The story would make a great TV short or webisode I really wish someone would capitalize on Mina s storylines and adapt them for the screen.Here are some sentences I rememberedIf Lena s defiance were a balloon, it started to deflateI found the metaphor cuteLike first girlfriends always get the mistakes They fix their guys up then the next girlfriend benefits It s not fairTrue I hate it But it s true After reading Fairy Tale Fail my first Mina V Esguerra novel and first chick lit novel since reading my sister s SWH collection eons ago , I d want to give this one star but that s only because I m comparing I m starting to figure out the Mina V Esguerra universe where her characters cross each other s paths Perhaps I will read one or two of her novels this year By the way, one thing I noticed about Mina s books is that there is always a portion that describes food I like it Haha Makes me hungry. I recommend My Imaginary Ex Here s what happened when you play pretend Love sneaks up on you.What s the English word for torpe You know, that guy you re friends with who doesn t make a move on you because he s afraid to lose your friendship Yeah, that s Zack personified I m not a fan of torpe guys, but I can make an exception with him Besides, I always liked love stories between two people who started out as friends first I should know That s my love story right there.And I agree that Jasmine is dense But that doesn t mean I tolerate Zack s hot and cold treatment of her Their story was sweet and cute, though.The clincher for me here is that Zack was Kimmie s Zack from Love Your Frenemies I was like, Oh So this is the jerk fianc who left her for good after his Bachelor party. I was so psyched I got to know the story before Kimmie s supposed humiliation.Anyway, I also like Zack s philosophy in life See, he have different set of friends that he spends time with on separate occasions When Jasmine asked her why he s like that, I remembered he looked at her like she was crazy Then he said, So that there s not one person who knows everything about me Interesting, isn t it Based on the book blurb alone, I thought i will like My Imaginary Ex same thing that I didn t think much of Fairy Tale Fail, and I didn t like it , and I was right UPDATE While I patiently wait for a new copy, I borrowed Janus And yes, it was worth the trip to Ayala LOLA happy ending to an unrequited love Count me in well, i was duped i bought a copy for half the price and two chapters are missing chapters 11 12 are doubly printed oh, i hate you, bargain books could ve finish this tonight The sex scene here goes like this His mouth captured mine in a kiss It was not at all gentle it was forceful, hungry, the kind of kiss that had been waiting nine years to happen How we ended up on the bed is a matter of debate I remember grabbing handfuls of his shirt and pulling him down, falling back on the bed He remembers lunging at me, and that he had gotten the white tee over my head even as we landed on the center of the mattress He claims that I should have been kinder to his shirt instead of ripping it off I maintain that if I could have been kinder that night it would have been to his upper back, which I may have dug my fingers into a little too deeply His tongue and hands had their own agenda, exploring my collarbone, the hollow of my neck, my breasts, the curve of my waist His breath on my skin alone trumped anything we had made up in our canon this was real, and I felt stupid for having relied on a made up version for so long His scent was embarrassingly familiar I remembered all the times I met him fresh from a shower, every time I sat next to him in the car, every platonic embrace we shared How could I have ignored it then, and yet couldn t seem to get enough of now I hungrily pressed my lips to the skin on his shoulders His hands gently caressed my face, then I started to float back to reality when I realized that he was talking to me sex with Tim he was saying Don t stop, I managed to stammer I said did you ever have sex with him I don t think that we should be talking about I just need to know if you ve done this before Shit, you should have just asked Yes Does it matter I need to know how gentle I should be I snapped out of my stupor and rolled my eyes We ve been waiting for this for nine years, Zachary How gentle do you think you should be He laugh Finally, we re on the same page about something First of all, men don t laugh when they have an erection Especially when it s already inside don t stop Jasmine supposedly said They can t even think of joking during that moment The scene is supposed to be intense, the first time Zack and Jasmine were doing it The initial kiss, in fact, was forceful and hungry and there was a ripping of his shirt.Secondly, when a guy is about to devour, or is already devouring, a delectable joy quivering naked before him, he does not commit the mistake of interrogating her about her past sexual experiences or her former lovers That would suure be like water dousing a raging fire Maybe an inexperienced, insecure one would, but not Zack here who has had several girlfriends before already, the last of which was a certified sex fiend.Thirdly, the reason why Zack asked Jasmine about her former boyfriend Tim in the middle of their lovemaking was supposedly for Zack to know whether he should go gentle with Jasmine virgin or not not any This is hogwash An experienced guy like him would know, even before entering the portals of heaven In any case, he can always go gentle at first and then proceed at the desired pace depending on what he ll be able to confirm.Lastly, the sequence is topsy turvy A guy wouldn t go from the collarbone, neck, breasts and waist to his hands gently caress ing her face If ever a guy would gently caress a girl s face, it would either be at the start of the foreplay, before or in between kisses, or after the lovemaking, during the cuddling which girls like When he had gone from the neck, breasts and waist downwards, the last thing he ll think of next is to gently caress her face.The verdict, therefore, is this the author hasn t done it before, at least not when she had written this novel Maybe she s even still a virgin up to now and if any of you guys, my loyal goodreads fans, is entertaining any romantic thoughts about the author, here are what the novel reveals about her, which can be of use during your courtship 1.she has a hair fetish She notices everybody s hair 2 a car is a must Tim and Zack both have cars She likes to be driven around 3 you must be athletic She won t go for chubby guys 4 she has an extra sharp sense of smell so you better smell good always 5 she has a crush on Zac Ephron Her character Zack has the same hair style although not blond as Zac Ephron and6 she s intelligent but although she may pretend to like intelligent guys also, Zack is actually the dumbest male character I ve seen in modern literature Read the novel and you ll agree with me.This book is worth buying Php150.00 only , reading and mulling over It is practically everything romance, suspense, intrigue and a chic lit chicanery literature to boot Mina V Esguerra has all the necessary tools to become a great writer only that she s still young and needs experience. This is my third Mina Esguerra book and she is just the absolute BEST I can always expect to be swept off my feet by her swoony romance novels Her characters are always enjoyable and easy to relate to I just love, love, LOVE every single one of her stories 3 I am a very girly person and I love fun, cute love stories Love stories that are written well never fail to make me absolutely giddy I am not afraid to admit the my girly self squees a lot when I encounter a cute story One day I was struck with the want of a cute love story and so I picked up My Imaginary Ex Do you know what happened when I read it I squeeed Is squeeed even a word My Imaginary Ex is a fun, amusing friend to couple tale that is very different from the norm When Jasmine was in college a boy named Zack asked her to pretend to be his ex girlfriend because the girl he liked only dated boys who had dated before After the lie was created it just kept growing and growing Years later, people still think that Jasmine and Zack used to date each other One day Jasmine finds out that Zack is getting married to a Kimmy, a woman she has never met After this happens things quickly turn complicated when two of Zack s past ex girlfriends meet up with Jasmine and tell her that she must stop the marriage Jasmine must figure out how she feels about Zack before time runs out.I admit that My Imaginary Ex had a story structure that took some time to get used to for me The story has many flashbacks that show how Jasmine and Zack s relationship was in the past and how it got to it is in present time When I did get used to it I found that it worked really well I was able to find about Jasmine and Zack which would only make me root for them as a couple even.The characters in My Imaginary Ex were fun to read about Jasmine is a bit dense but she is a nice character to read about overall I could tell that Lena and Marjorie really cared about Zack even though they were driven to break up with him in the past It is not everyday one gets to read a love story where the ex girlfriends do the matchmaking Zack is the kind a of guy who is afraid to confess to the one he loves in fear of ruining the friendship between them He doesn t let people know much about himself but he is still sweet He did have a interesting way of getting his crush Lena to date him in college PI love stories where friends turn into a couple so Jasmine and Zack s relationship worked well for me I know this sounds really cheesy but I do want the love of my life to be friends with me first before we start dating so I guess that was probably why I liked this story so much.My Imaginary Ex was a fun, short book to romp through and I would definitely recommend it for someone who is in search for a cute story This book fulfilled my girly want for a love story At first, I was afraid to read this book because I knew that I would compare it to Fairy Tale Fail which was by the same author Thankfully, this book was still good Fairy Tale Fail is still better, though Now if you need me I will be browsing through the store in search of Love Your Frenemies which tells Kimmy s side of the story The first Chic Manila book is as enjoyable as the rest, and yes I am reading in totally random order This is the one that features Kimmy from Love Your Frenemies as villain, so it was fun to see things from the other side It s a very charming friends become lovers romance, given a twist because they pretended to have dated in high school, since when all of their partners have believed them to be still hung up on their respective first loves The growing confusion in the heroine s mind as to which memories are real and which are a decade long elaborate lie is hilarious. ^Free E-pub ↟ My Imaginary Ex ↞ Here S What Happens When You Play PretendWhen Zack Asks Jasmine To Pretend To Be His Ex Girlfriend, She Gamely Agrees, Thinking It Would Be Fun A Few Years Later, She Still Has To Keep Convincing People That They Were Never Together Then One Day, She Finds Out He S Getting Married To Someone She D Just Met Once All Of A Sudden, Things Aren T So Clear Cut Any Can Jasmine Sort Out Her Feelings Sometimes, She Can T Even Tell Real From Pretend When It Comes To Her And Zack Before It S Too Late