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FREE Ä Everlasting · Sailing Aboard Her Father S Ship Is All Seventeen Year Old Camille Rowen Has Ever Wanted But As A Lady In San Francisco, Her Future Is Set Marry A Man She Doesn T Love In Order To Preseve Her Social Standing On Her Last Voyage Before The Wedding, Camille Learns The Mother She Has Always Believed Dead Is In Fact Alive And In Australia When Their Sydney Bound Ship Goes Down In A Gale, And Her Father Dies, Camille Sets Out To Find Her Mother And A Map In Her Possession A Map Believed To Lead To A Stone That Once Belonged To A Legendary Civilization Mix one part heart wrenching love story and one part breathtaking adventure, add a dash of magic and top with lush imagery and powerful prose, and you get Angie Frazier s incredible Everlasting Camille is a bold, brilliant heroine a seventeen year old Indiana Jones in skirts I want to be her when I grow up I really don t need to read this book againconsidering I have it practically memorized at this point Just wanted to celebrate it s appearance on Goodreads BOOK OPENING Camille clicked the latches down on her trunk and glanced out her bedroom window White haze choked the small seaport, and the fog bells sounding across the bay echoed in her chest Fitting weather to mark the death of her freedom NOTABLE SCENE Oscar flinched and stared at her What did you say Camille set the glass down Uman No He held his finger up to his mouth to shush her Don t say it Why not she asked Have you heard of it The wind picked up, and tree branches outside the windows thrashed against the side of the house, knocking a few clapboards into one another Oscar covered his mouth with his hand and paced the rug What s wrong What is this Umandu place Page 92Set amid the danger of the high seas and the lure of the untamed Australian outback, Everlasting is a novel that has it all It s a romantic story of love and loss centering on Camille, a young woman ensnared in a quest for a mythical stone a stone so powerful it could change her life forever.Relationships were so important in this book the way they challenged the characters to question their choices and to find the courage to follow their dreams Trying to make her way in a world when women had little say in their future, Camille fascinated me I loved her strength of will and sense of adventure Throughout the events that transpired in Everlasting, Camille showed true bravery and whole lot of spunk I enjoyed watching her character grow and evolve.My favorite aspect of Everlasting involved the dynamics between Camille and Oscar, the poor sailor who stole her heart No matter how many fancy dresses or expensive emerald rings Camille s fiance Randall could buy for her, it was so obvious that no one could compare to Oscar The chemistry between these two absolutely sizzled I found myself desperately wanting Camille to come to her senses and realize just how perfect Oscar was for her, no matter what the social and financial ramifications would be Here s an example of Camille interacting with Oscar you can practically cut the tension with a knife She watched as his eyes traveled over her own features, touching on the wound by her temple and settling on the heart shaped fullness of her lips Oscar held his piercing stare We probably won t arrive home in time for your wedding She pictured the wedding gown hanging in her closet The veil The shoes Even the strands of pearls, all laid out awaiting her return Return The heavy word weighed on her as Ira continued to snore and Oscar continued to study her in a way that made her feel captivating and beautiful Page 188With a little bit Raiders of the Lost Ark, Pirates of the Caribbean and a dash of Titanic, this book kept my attention from start to finish The twists and turns constantly surprised me and kept me turning the pages with delight Supporting characters like Ira the gambler and Daphne, the Madame with the heart of gold added even spark to an already exciting novel.Everlasting will always hold a special place with me It s one of those books that lives on in your imagination and your heart I hope to read of Angie Frazier s novels and perhaps revisit Oscar and Camille again. A hidden gem Adventure and romance combine for an historical fiction thrill ride This is a hidden gem of a book Why haven t we heard about this one It combines adventure, romance, and a touch of mysticism into a meticulously researched historical fiction thrill ride I LOVED IT.I picked up this book on a whim at the library I was so intrigued by the jacket flap that I found myself glancing through the pages at the red light by the library s parking lot and every red light thereafter I couldn t put it down Yes, I know totally not safe I couldn t wait to get home and immerse myself in this book This was another I read it in one night because it was THAT good book IEverlasting felt unique and refreshing I wish it had a different title to reflect just how special this tale was The title Everlasting makes it seem so generic too much like every other teen book published this year with all of these ever and never and forever type titles I can t keep them straight This book was anything but generic it had a riveting plot, steal your breath romance, and exceptional characterization.Angie Frazier s writing and research shine throughout this brilliant novel Her cast of characters is delightful, from the dashing Oscar with his charm and loyalty to the loveable con man Ira with his wit and humor Her settings are lush and enthralling, from the high seas to the Australian Outback Unlike so many other novels with their I loved you for no reason the moment I saw you, Angie creates a simmering romance between Camille and Oscar that gradually intensifies throughout the novel I was enthralled as I watched the romance unfold the tender moments and little touches and longing looks had me hooked I love that Angie let the love simmer it creates so much delicious romantic tension as a companion for all of the adventure With equal parts adventure and romance, Everlasting is sensational This novel is bursting with plot and adventure with just the right amount of romance to spice things up I felt like I was reading Romancing the Stone and Pirates of the Caribbean mashed into one enrapturing historical fiction gem.