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SynopsisBefore Marco had turned two months old, Lucy Mottram had left behind her marriage and her son Ricardo who had a shotgun marriage with Lucy could never forgive himself for marrying a gold digger He thinks she s back because of his wealth And so he decides to do a trade, money in exchange for relinquishing all her rights to her son He doesn t even want to listen as to why she had walked out seven months backReviewThis is only my second Harlequin by Kate Walker and the second book in the Dark Nights with a Billionaire Series the stories aren t related And a unique beginning too Our heroine, Lucy, is sneaking into Ricardo Emiliani s house in Italy Villa San Felice A house which was as much hers as his till about seven months back Though it never did feel like home to her The hero in this one has a huge luxury car business and the heroine came back only for her baby, her son, Marco.From the initial pages only, it is a heartwrenching tale And the title is so apt Thinking she would be driven away by the demands of a baby, Rico allows Lucia in his house again He isn t ready to believe that she was ill when she left them, left her baby behind While Lucy is aware of their forced marriage due to the pregnancy, and hence not easily able to confide in him the real reason for why she left.I don t know how to feel about this book The entire story is spent in Lucy finding the courage to tell Rico what had really happened to her due to which she had to leave A severe form of post natal depression There I said it There s nothing much happening here except that, and of course, the hero being as thick headed as he is.I would have to give it to Rico though, for his immense self control You see, except kisses, that too at Lucy s insistence she kinda jumped him , nothing much happens between these two.It was post natal depression that drove Lucy away from her son, but it was so much Which is finally revealed towards the end of the story She couldn t tell Rico anything since she believed it was a marriage of convenience and that he wouldn t understand.A perfect ending, with promises to be together forever A slow build up where the action is at the end.P.S I loved Kate Walker s Rafael s Love Child before this An equally wonderful read.Originally posted on 3.5 StarsI read this book a while ago but the story stayed with me so I decided to read it again I found it just as heartbreaking on the second read This is heartbreaking story about postpartum depression The h s story was wonderfully handled The H was understandably upset in thinking the worst about the h He had no idea what she was going through I appreciated that the h took herself away and sought treatment before something horrific happened Anything to keep her son safe That s what moms do. This was a different kind of book, that s for sure It dealt with postpartum depression and psychosis It covered a lot of basis that would actually be informative to any person However I found the book other than informative, a bit boring So unfortunately it didn t capture my attention or any emotions I could relate to. Lucy and Ricardo married after a brief fling because she was pregnant After a difficult time settling into millionaire Ricardo s lifestyle, when the baby was born, Lucy went a little haywire Spending money like it was water and avoiding spending time with the baby who d been handed over to a nanny from birth Desperate, Lucy ran away, telling Ricardo she wanted to be free and giving him the baby.Now, over six months later, cured of the particularly bad episode of post natal depression, Lucy wants to see her baby Ricardo, still angry at the way she walked away refuses, so she sneaks onto the island Confronted by his estranged wife, Ricardo is furious, but also still attracted But he s not going to be tricked again After some thought, he decides he will let her see the baby and he will judge for himself whether it is the baby or his money she wants.This was a little sad at times because it s easy to see how things could have been if both of them had time to get to know each other before the stresses and strains of a shotgun marriage and a baby pushed them apart.Lucy knows Ricardo only married her for the baby and this makes it impossible for her to confide in him when she thinks she s going a little crazy Ricardo is a slow study when it comes to his emotions and her irrational behaviour and spending come just as he was starting to think the relationship had a positive future.Much of the story involves them learning that their perceptions of each other were clouded by the way they were flung into the marriage and by Lucy s illness There is a lot to work out between them with faults on both sides but the ending is satisfying and very sweet. I enjoyed this book. The book is a superb entertainer as its like a puzzle with many contradictions One minute the h is sneaking into the villa to see her son and then next minute she complains that she is a prisoner there when she has a chance to see her son and be with him The H is no better He says he doesn t care about h at all and calls her a mistake and is disgusted how easily she gave up on her baby and went on a shopping manic spree before leaving the baby and H and then is kissing her H gives her a cheque with many many zeroes to stay away from him and his son or asking her to stay as his wife and be a mother Considering how rich he is wouldn t it be better sense for her to stay if she was interested in money every line in the chapter contradicts each other and has no plot or character development or anything resembling love or romance I have no idea why the characters were put in this world as they are idiotic in their thoughts, actions and words The H does something sitting in a remote island all by himself with just a nanny and chef and no other office staff or admins and still earns globs of money millions or billions not mentioned except its filthy and has body guards. She left baby and husband Post partum depression Sneaks back in on boat to reclaim them Staring at the granite handsome features of Italian billionaire Ricardo Emiliani, Lucy knows she s made a mistake coming back to their palatial Lake Garda home But she ll do anything for her baby son even return to the husband who never loved her.Ricardo branded his bride a gold digger However, tiny Marco needs his mother, so he will keep Lucy captive on his private island until she proves herself a worthy wife in every sense. I loved this book has years running down my face when you ve experienced post metal depression you feel the characters pain and understand the true depth of love for your child but scared kyoull just them Walker deals with this matter in such a sensitive way but doesn t trivialize depression I love love loved it {Book} ë Kept for Her Baby à Staring At The Granite Handsome Features Of Italian Billionaire Ricardo Emiliani, Lucy Knows She S Made A Mistake Coming Back To Their Palatial Lake Garda Home But She Ll Do Anything For Her Baby Son Even Return To The Husband Who Never Loved HerRicardo Branded His Bride A Gold Digger However, Tiny Marco Needs His Mother, So He Will Keep Lucy Captive On His Private Island Until She Proves Herself A Worthy Wife In Every Sense Interesting story that dealt a little with the heroine s postpartum depression postnatal depression.