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( Read Ebook ) ¿ The Hundred Secret Senses ñ The Hundred Secret Senses Is An Exultant Novel About China And America, Love And Loyalty, The Identities We Invent And The True Selves We Discover Along The Way Olivia Laguni Is Half Chinese, But Typically American In Her Uneasiness With Her Patchwork Family And No One In Olivia S Family Is Embarrassing To Her Than Her Half Sister, Kwan Li For Kwan Speaks Mangled English, Is Cheerfully Deaf To Olivia S Sarcasm, And Sees The Dead With Her Yin Eyes Even As Olivia Details The Particulars Of Her Decades Long Grudge Against Her Sister Who, Among Other Things, Is A Source Of Infuriatingly Good Advice , Kwan Li Is Telling Her Own Story, One That Sweeps Us Into The Splendor, Squalor, And Violence Of Manchu China And Out Of The Friction Between Her Narrators, Amy Tan Creates A Work That Illuminates Both The Present And The Past Sweetly, Sadly, Hilariously, With Searing And Vivid Prose So I like this book What I like about it is how sweet Kwan is, but in just about All the Books there is a straight as in serious character who refuses to believe in ghosty things.Which is a bit irritating when you have proof such things exist.Best thing about this book is the concept that these people cared for each other so much they kept being born again just to be with these folks it s a nice way to look at death, really Friendly You loved this guy in this life so he s going to be reborn just to be with you all over again It was nice how Olivia learned to be open minded It was frustrating having the story be in mostly her perspective because I wanted to shake her and tell her to stop being so insecure, dang it And that love isn t perfect or without problems Just because you re not happy all the time with the person you love, doesn t mean it s not love Also, reading this book again made me get a bit teary in places It really is a sweet book. Me ha encantado Y lo he devorado NO pod a parar de leer La historia sigue a Olivia y Kwan, dos medio hermanas Olivia, nacida en Norteamerica pero de padre Chino conoce a Kwan cuando tiene 6 a os y su hermana 18 sta ejerce en cierta manera de madre y ni era, Kwan le habla de todos los fantasmas que ve gracias a sus ojos Yin, y le cuenta sus historias, as Olivia acaba aprendiendo chino y Kwan ingl s, y al mismo tiempo establecen una relaci n extra a y compleja que las acompa ar toda su vida.El estilo de Amy Tan me fascina, esa amalgama entre realidad y ficci n, ese tono de realismo m gico cargado de leyendas y costumbres Chinas, la mezcla cultural Oriente Occidente En fin, este libro ya lo hab a le do pero hace tanto que no recordaba absolutamente nada, y lo he disfrutado enormemente.Kwan es un personaje que creo que no voy a olvidar, se ha colado en mi coraz n, me ha hecho re r y sonre r demasiadas veces, es tan entra able, dulce y maravillosa FAN.Cierto es que Olivia a veces me sacaba de quicio, pero es comprensible por la situaci n que estaba pasandoLectura super recomendable que aunque me ha dejado muy melanc lica, he disfrutado infinitamente. The Hundred Secret Senses is now one of my favorite Amy Tan novels, rivaled only by The Bonesetter s Daughter Yes, I love The Joy Luck Club, The Kitchen God s Wife and Saving Fish From Drowning I love any Tan story I come across but The Hundred Secret Senses along with TBD really stand out Olivia, the narrator, is the American born daughter of a Chinese man and an American woman When her father is on his deathbed, he reveals to his wife that he left behind a daughter in China, and asks her to retrieve the daughter Enter Kwan, Olivia s older half sister who believes that she has yin eyes and can see and speak to ghosts.Olivia struggles her whole life to ignore and dismiss Kwan s superstitions until her marriage is crumbling and she, her estranged husband and her sister find themselves on a trip to China together The ending is extremely poignant without being cheesy or unrealistic Tan plumbs the depths of issues like life and death, reincarnation, history, soul ties, relationships and culture in this story, and I ate it up. Let me start off by saying that I LOVE Kwan Her voice and self assurance makes her cool, Oh Libby ah I tell you secret Promise not tell And then later in the book she becomes even cooler A fifty year old lady crawling through caves I can picture her saying, We hakka strong Don t worry me Libby ah I be right back I think a movie would be great It has suspense, mystery, romance, death, ghosts Not to mention the amazing visuals detailed in the story.My only criticism is that Olivia s character annoyed me several times Especially when she is in China They don t have electricity They don t have a bathroom inside the house I have to eat that They don t have something normal prepared for me I can eat That kind of thing It s like she s saying, This stuff might be good enough for you Chinese people, but you guys are crazy I understand that she learns from her China trip, and she grows out of her shell, but I feel like she should have known anyway After all, she s been hearing Kwan s stories of China almost all her life You think she would have learned by now that they don t have much to American standards Also, her way of thinking is always about her, her, her I don t think she stops once to think outside herself, what it must have been like for Kwan when she lived there, or what it must be like for her family that still lived there.But getting over that fact, the story really is quite marvelous.