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EDITED took me a while, I guess RATING 0.5 OGRE FARTSSeventeen year old Teagan McNeel falls for captivating Garreth Adams and soon discovers that her crush has an eight point star etched into the palm of his right hand the mark of an angel.But where there is light, dark follows, and she and Garreth suddenly find themselves vulnerable to a dark angel s malicious plan that could threaten not only her life, but the lives of everyone she knows.Divinely woven together, Angel Star takes readers on a reflective journey when one angel s sacrifice collides with another angel s vicious ambition in a way that is sure to have readers searching for their own willpower Angel Staris nothing but a rectangular object filled with bullpoop I read a lot of reviews and not many were raving about how super awesome this book is, so I didn t have high expectations for it But as I read the first five chapters, I already wanted to kill Teagan, crucify Garreth, push the author off a bridge, and light the book on fire the chapters are short, btw And when I finished the book, I wished I had the power to grow twenty feet tall so I could easily climb the Empire State Building and let out a Tarzan King Kong kind of jungle roar that would ve hopefully fully expressed my frustration and annoyance with the YA book world And maybe I would ve snatched a few authors just to make my point clear The problem withAngel Starisn t just one thing it sEVERYTHINGNot only is the protagonist all Bella, Bella, but the love interest is a pansy, the plot is fast, confusing, hazy and incoherent most of the time, and I don t see the need for a love triangle There were some ideas that I really liked When I came across some sort of originality, I perked up a little I thought, Hey, things are looking up The sun is peaking behind the clouds World peace is about to settle No famines and droughts and poverty and homelessness in the world but then Teagan would say or think something stupid like, OH, GOSH GARRETH S EYES ARE SOOOOO PRETTY AND SOOOOO BLUE AND SOOOOO LIGHT THEY ARE ALMOST THE COLOR OF WATER I know I was like, WT HUH Since when does water have acoloror Garreth would say something stupid like, Oh beautiful Teagan, I stalked you ever since you were born, but it s not stalking really cause I m your awesome, hot, swoon worthy guardian angel And I m inLUUUUUUUUUUUURVEwith yew or something ridiculously stupid and cheesy like that or the author wrote something stupid like,EVERYTHINGthat I just gave up hoping the story would turn out even remotely good or time worthy The sad thing is, I woke up one morning with my heart pounding with anticipation to continue with the story apparently, I d forgotten all the stupid, stupid STUPIDITY a euphemism for a VERY, VERY STUPID, TWILIGHT CLICHED plot , but when my eyes settled on the words, my heart sank with the painful realization that it was NOT a good book and my head started aching I wanted this book to be over faster than the words, I love Garreth the pansy I ve been rambling on and on about how crappy this book is, so why don t I point them out 1 The Author s Writing I ll just describe the horror called Jennifer Murgia s Writing in simple words horrific, ridiculous, offensive, anti feminist, appalling, enraging, immature, Kindergarten ish, grammar less, blasphemous, contradictory, nondescript, redundant, superfluous I can go on forever 2 The Characters There is honestlynothingremarkable about Teagan She is just that sad, pathetic puppet the author uses to express how awesome the author is Teagan isNOTthe example of the perfect heroine not even close She is the perfect example of why people like her should be locked up in a BAD HEROINE s jailhouse She is so stupid and so full of herself and so selfish and stupid that it s not even funny For example view spoiler when Claire, Teagan s bestie, apparently, for eight years, died, Teagan mourned her for2 FREAKING SECONDS,then went back to worrying about the limited time she had with stupid Garreth and still applied makeup to impress stupid Garreth and lusted over the stupid, but most likeable character of this worthless book, Hadrian, I ll get to him in a minute She should be in mourning, not be all when I think of Garreth, it s like thinking of rainbows and unicorns and butterflies and blah, blah, blah hide spoiler I really really wanted to like this book I kept seeing all these great reviews and I was excited to visit a new pn creature, a guardian angel I don t know if I need to start finding a new genre or what but this book fell flat The story is about a girl yes I have already forgotten her name and her finding out she has a guardian angel that has come down from above to help her and profess his undying eternal love Okay that sounds very hokey so I can t believe I was actually excited about this one Anyway there is a bad boy of course and I believe he is the brother of Lucifer This brother again sorry, but the name has slipped my mind wants total control over all guardians with this he would also gain control over humans And the love triangle begins of course I actually found myself rooting for the bad boy as at least he had a personality The guardian angel was so boring and all he wanted to do was keep his heart beating at the same pace as his one and only If you end up reading it that will make sense, but it is very sickenly sweet and way over the top Also I felt like the authors descriptions needed a lot of cleaning up I got lost do many times because the scene would suddenly switch to a dream sequence and then jump right back to reality I felt very disoriented and by the end I wasn t sure which way way up.I will definitely not be picking the sequel up I know this book will appeal to the YA fans, but it didn t work for me. June 2nd 2010 If i were to describe this book in a short sentence, I would say, I loved every single page i read And let me just say this, that there are certain points in your life that is defined by certain incidents which can make all the difference in our life.Let me briefly start with the long journey i took with this book If you do read this, you won t regret it The day i got this book was actually rather bad cos i was going though some really bad situations that week But the fact that it arrived was the only joyous moment that day for me I started reading the book instantly It started off really well and i must not lie that, during the first 2 pages it did remind me a bit of Hush, Hush That was where the similarities ended I was sucked in literally from that point onwards The words were simple and straightforward But the complexity of the plot was evident even from the beginning So i started reading and thats when I met Teagan. Teagan hmmm She is complex to say the least but at the same time she is simple in the sense of how a 17 year old girl is She has a sense of clarity in whatever she sees which nowadays most people lack which happens to be the clarity to see everything for what it is I found something in her that did take me a while to see even if it was right in front of me It was the fact that she is forgiving Its her weakness to an extent but her strength as well Even though she is imperfect, Its that imperfections that makes her perfect Her transition from the girl she was to the woman she is becoming is one that you should read the book to fully understand I should say that the author did an excellent job with her character development which is rare in most of the books that come out these days.Now, Claire is the next one i met She happens to be the comic relief in this book And to an extent was somewhat of the support for Teagan till the her Angel arrives I did predict a fallout between them cos of the love between Teagan and her boyfriend angel But never in a million years did i think that she d fall for a mistake that ended up taking her life But still, it was a choice she made and the choice did cost her, her life But certain things no matter how deep you think into it always ends up the same way in life Every single person i met till now has denied the existence of fate or the existence of a bigger plan underneath all that we do, even In the end, her loss, even if its cruel for me to say this was just a necessity as well as predestined for the bigger plan.Now onto Garreth, the angel of light, the man with the deepest character I ve ever seen Even though i didn t get to see much of his true nature in this book or his past, the base of his character does revolve around his love for Teagan and the lengths to which he will go for her Still I was ultimately in the end sure that this was one character that can be explored beyond the limits of what has already been written in the book To tell you the truth, you may think that you have him all figured out by the end of the story, but trust me, you ain t seen noting yet Maybe i am taking a blind swing at absolutely thin air, but lets wait and see what does transpire So where was i Oh yes, Garreth s character Well Garreth to me is the somewhat of a part of God himself with an unending reservoir of love Even though he is just a character in a book, we as humans can learn one thing from him Which is the courage to take risks and to step up for the ones you love and care about When i saw the love he had for Teagan and the way he protected her, I thought is it so hard for us to do the same Live for someone, and when needed even put your life on the line for the one you love or literally sacrifice every single thing that you hold dear for the ones we love Its a question i will leave for you to answer Hadrian His name does always brings a smile to my face for the simple fact that i do share a bit of his character in myself, which i am sure enough to say that i knew even before the book did get into my hands Hadrian, well The dark angel To say about him briefly, even though he may seem like an angel, his mask once removed reveals everything that defines a human Conceited, Overconfident and Evil but still holding deep inside the creature of light he once used to be I saw him as being conflicted between his wants and his purpose Ultimately, he epitomizes everything that a human is and has the same flaws as well This may not have been what he was, but its what he is now Let me just leave the rest of the finding for you to decide cos its better that way Hadrian is a character for each and everyone to understand and discover for themselves I did find Teagan s Mom to be sometimes just like most mothers but sometimes the little things she did for her daughter like leaving her alone when she needed and understanding her for what she is going through was just lovely I think mothers should follow her example Indeed in todays society, after we reach a certain age, we fail to remember how we ourselves were when we were young It s a flaw of sort that emanates within us as we get older But still, its better to try,isn t it Now the rest of the cast Ryan for me was the typical cute boy in college character but had made appearances at critical points in the storyline Brynn and her friends were the typical plastic, snobbish and Make Up factory made girls now widely seen in Colleges Maybe not all of them, but trust me I ve seen my fair share of them in all the Colleges i went to.Let me just say a word or two about the book in its entirety and why i am so into it.The book does have something that most books lack these days The book has life Simplicity of words, believability of the situations and the reality of an invisible war in a realm beyond our own Biblical in its origin , did breathe life into the story This is entirely my opinion on the book and i may or may not or wouldn t fancy anyone agreeing with me either.As i said before, i was going through a rough time while i got hold of this book But it made it all worthwhile Cos i found comfort in Teagan and Garreth and their life One thing that surprised me was the similarity in the way I and Garreth talked Trust me when i say this, that most of the conversations i had with my love are exactly the same to the last word minus the angel saving the world thing It did give me back memories which made me smile when i did think all was lost for me And in the end, this book, did fill me with hope Hope for life and the hope that even when every single thing to the last smallest detail does seem like the end, there is still a way and there is still hope Just holding on to the things that you hold dear makes all the difference and even though i did know that i should hold on this book made me stronger and to live not for myself but for others too.And finally, let me just say that opinions vary from person to person And all that i shared may not be what you see in the book But i do hope that you can see the life it holds and the message it gives out. January 5th 2010 I somehow feel that this book is gonna be just amazing Even though there might be a few Angel themed books out there right now, i somehow feel something different and unique about this book A recent, short but friendly chat with the author has also made it clear to me that this book is going to be unique in its genre I am really looking forward to reading this book. I finally found the angel book I ve been searching for Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia is a amazingly well written tale about a girl named Teagan, who s guardian angel temporally hangs up his wings and becomes human to warn her, of the evil lingering in the darkest corners of her life From page one this story just pulls you in and never let s go.The main character, Teagan, starts out as a shy girl Her best friend, Claire, is a character at the beginning of the book that helps shield her from life s disagreeable obstacles But when the situation changes and everything in Teagan s world turns upside down, she doesn t fall a part Unlike most YA characters she doesn t whine about her circumstances or hide from her problems Instead she chooses to rise above it all and with the help from her angel, Garreth, she confronts her fears head on And as for Garreth all I can say is move over Patch there s a new angel in town Garreth is a selfless character who s soul responsibility is to take care of Teagan He s got good looks, he s charming, and did I mention the hotness factor I have a feeling Garreth will leave countless readers swooning and wishing for angels of their own.This book will take you on a rapturous journey that will leave you praying for Jennifer Murgia went above and beyond all my high expectations This novel is a definite read Astonishing, Amazing, Awe inspiring ANGEL STAR is one of those books that I ve been dying to get my greedy little hands on With high expectations, Jennifer did not disappoint It was everything I look for in a good escape and so much Forbidden Romance A Destined Fate An Unforgettable Journey that will inspire the Ultimate Truth.Teagan McNeel is a shy, quiet seventeen year old girl who has a pure heart It s only been her and her mother since she s never meet her dad Not the most popular girl, being tormented daily from Little Miss pom pom is irritating to say the least But she has her best friend, Claire to help with the insanity of her life, but even she can t stop the feeling that something is building up, something that feels off, missing, and her nightmares aren t helping matters.One day a new boy comes to Caver High and as soon as they meet an instant connections flares between them Like somewhere in a dream, Teagan knows Garreth Adams, feel safe around him, like he s there to be with her and only her But why Soon she discovers that Garreth comes with an eight point star marked into his palm The mark of an AngelJennifer Murgia, weaves a mesmerizing and irresistible story with a concept that is not only refreshing but utterly brilliant She masterfully adds personal touches that we can relate too and sets vividness in the world she created.This plot is thick and rich, filled with intrigue, mystery, suspense romance and grace I loved how natural it felt to read about this particular take on Guardian Angels How we as humans are protected, that heaven is alive in us, with us, and all around us It s beautiful The purpose of what this book is truly about is gripping, ingenious and mind boggling and as we get closer to the reasoning you can t help be at the edge of your seats seeking answers with sweet anticipation.These characters are completely remarkable Teagan great name is one of those great characters who grows with in the story, making someone who is shy and unsure be strong and brave once this is said and done I love being proud of the characters I read, and Teagan is one of those characters.Garrath is wonderful He s kind and has an amazingly fierce passion of protectiveness that you can t help but cherish in a main character But he s also so new, unsure and it makes my heart go out to him that much There romance may seemed rushed, and I m one of those readers who don t like instant romance in books, but in this case it was different, necessary and worked like a charm It was breathtaking I m a sucker for a good romance, waiting to be swooned with the words and wonders Teagan and Garrath have a graceful chemistry, something that is precious and a boundless, an all consuming love that will make you ache in all the right places.Hadrian great name is a wicked mess of deliciousness I ve always had a big thing for bad boys in books, and Hadrian is just a well welcoming twisted treat His role in this triangle brings on a whole new meaning to temptation It s sinfully mischievous.But at last, my heart belongs to Garrathwell at this point anyways Angel Star is a wonderful must read gem for all fans who love complicated romance, a new and exciting approach to Angels and an experience that is like no other A glorious start to a series that I already absolutely adore It will leave youwanting Congrats Jennifer on a FANTASTIC debut Loved every moment, it was truly awesome hun There is no way I could possibly give this book anything less than 5 stars Jennifer Murgia is a rare talent, able to weave a beautifully sweet love story so eloquently the words flowed together effortlessly on the pages Her descriptions are so exquisite that I could close my eyes and see it clearly She takes us into a world where angels fall in love with their charges and ordinary girls have the power to save the world.The relationship between Teagan and Garreth is touching and sweet as they tentatively explore the exciting but frightening first stirrings of true love Enter Hadrian The dark angel Persuasive and seductive, he is determined to keep Teagan from fulfilling her destiny and he uses whatever means necessary , including seducing her over to the dark side What makes matters worse though she loves Garreth, Teagan can t help but be drawn to Hadrian.The story was fast paced and I found myself eagerly turning the pages to see what would happen next All I can say is that I can t wait for the much anticipated sequel, Lemniscate.I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a story of first love, seriously hot angels and angelology. Angel Star is in one word perfection Jennifer Murgia s book had me excited right from the beginning She drew me in and her world refused to let me go, not that I wanted to leave, lol I was so far from disappointed, in fact she surpassed what I had even hoped for And did I mention this is her debut YA novel I knowamazing Who doesn t love the idea of a guardian angel I know I do and I can only hope that mine is as dreamy as Garreth We meet our main character, Teagan in Angel Star and I just loved her She s kind, brave and has such a big heart, and did I mention brave Guardian angel or not, this girl has got guts And as I mentioned before, Garreth swoon is wonderful He s the definition of good, protective and all around perfection But where there is good, bad is always close behind Enter Hadrian All I can say is that he s got the tall, dark and dangerous vibe down to a tee.The truth is, no review can do this book justice It s just that good This is a book I will read again and again, it s already a favorite Some books and they are few and far between just stick with you, and that is Angel Star for me I can t express how excited I am for the sequel to come out and am only sad that it s not already on the shelves.This book has it all, light vs dark, good vs evil, discovering what really matters and fighting for what s right It s also about sacrifice and standing up for what you believe in It s deep and emotional and will have you going through a gamut of emotions.Murgia has a talent and is a natural story teller, so she s in the right business Like I saidperfection Angel Star is completely perfect and captivating I fell in love with it from the very beginning It swept me off my feet leaving me in a contented feeling of pure bliss The writing was beautiful, pulling me into the story The romance was wonderful I loved all the characters They had so much depth, and I felt their love and sorrow Teagen was a great character I loved her purity and innocence, but also that she wasn t perfect, and has a small portion of the dark side And I loved Garreth He was so perfect and swoon worthy He was kind and gentle and so in love with Teagen The meaning in this book was so deep and caught my attention Jennifer did a superb job at creating a truly wonderul gem of a story, one that will stay close to my heart. High School somewhere I ve Got One Friend Besides My Mom Some People Say I m Pretty But My Mirror Says I m Not Freak Girl is hit on stalked by Mysterious New Guy Who Makes Everybody Swoon But Has Only Eyes For Her On the second day of his school career he says I make up to you for missed lunch He had to see the counselor coordinator this afternoon, and sweeps her off to a near by playground after stopping at a Starbucks on the way to parade her proudly in front of her enemies Lookee HERE I elevate your former freak to school goddess by the power of my good looks She thinks for a quarter second of her mom, who is a bit peculiar about getting into cars with strangers But that doesn t count if the stranger makes you feel so saaaafe like being in a bubbbble, smells like your favorite brand of incense and has a rosary, which is a family heirloom, swinging on on his rearview mirror , she explains to herself and smiles contentedly The rosary means he surely is of good stock quote.After the gulping down of their lattes and the fingering the rosary, the date, which doesn t count as a date, proceeds on the playground s set of swings, where he speedily gets down to business He let s call him Gary, which means lightning twinkles at her with his Chlorox blue eyes, which complement her mouldy toilet water green ones As we are swinging now coincidentally do you ever think you could FLY She let s call her Coffeegan, which is Irish giggles with modest embarrassment Umh Yeah I thought so, when I was young Gary, who kicks the ground deftly with his Timberlakes to lift him higher, while never letting go of her hand, which he even held when he was paying and drinking her latte, grins Coffeeee, come on, come on, come ooon, admit you still think so today Coffeegan smiles she feels safe anyway, so there is no danger in admitting things Well, um, yes You got me there I still believe I can fly I am totally into wings I doodle them on my margins, too Gorgeous Gary whispers totally forgiving her that she missed the point , his latte breath tinkling her her while they swing in synchrony towards the setting sun Baby, come on, come on, come oooooon You think it ALL THE TIME So now First hint covered Next You have to be home soon Since we know each other than a day now and I have already saved you from a mysterious black cloud on the school s parking lot, which is pretty paranormal, I ask you DO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD DO YOU BELIEVE IN ANGELS Coffeegan rips her thoughts away from the nightmarish idea that he would have to let go of her hand when he dropped her at her house later, which would surely feel like losing your bladder or your heart, and breathes I DO Gary is proud of himself to have come so far Sooo You sometimes think I am too good to be real, am I right Can you guess what I am It s difficult, I know Cinderella complex, anyone If you didn t get, I ll quizz you again tomorrow before midnight I might even give you a few hints, he says with his lips mopping through the air around her neck, while swinging wildly to and fro Alright, she says, a bit unsure, but feeling quite safe, soooo safe personal space is really overrated these days , But you will visit me tonight in my dream, won t you You can do that, can t you She is a little afraid the answer might be negative That sexy black winged thing of her recent dreams gets a bit too boring from time to time Chlorox boy seems to be quite the opposite and should provide a good past time Okeydokey, he promises I can do EVERYTHING, when I am not real, which I might be So, I bring you home now Lesson One Check Haha Don t forget to call your friend Klaire see how observant I are I remembered her name to tell her how magnificient I am I don t need friends beside you, don t you worry But I sure want to earn a reputation in case my stunt at the Starbucks went by unnoticed Coffeegan feels like being in HEAVEN Klaire was right I REALLY needed a boyfriend , she muses happily Here we are at around page 50 or 55 The book continues to tell the wonderful story, but alas, I have other books to read, unfortunatey. `Free Book ☇ Angel Star ☝ Seventeen Year Old Teagan McNeel Falls For Captivating Garreth Adams And Soon Discovers That Her Crush Has An Eight Point Star Etched Into The Palm Of His Right Hand The Mark Of An Angel But Where There Is Light, Dark Follows, And She And Garreth Suddenly Find Themselves Vulnerable To A Dark Angel S Malicious Plan That Could Threaten Not Only Her Life, But The Lives Of Everyone She Knows Divinely Woven Together, Angel Star Takes Readers On A Reflective Journey When One Angel S Sacrifice Collides With Another Angel S Vicious Ambition In A Way That Is Sure To Have Readers Searching For Their Own Willpower