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This book was really well written and entertaining This book was also informative about the War in Belgium I liked this book because it was about war but it was also about survival and love My favorite character is Jack because he s very helpful and he can do almost anything you ask him to do My favorite part was when Emma wakes up and finds Jack outside while he is about to get killed and she runs to him and then they get released with an offer of two small deep red rubies Even when they do escape, they still get shot at but most of the bullets miss them. Water Song by Suzanne Weyn is a retelling of the fairy taleThe Frog Princeby Grimm Brothers and is the last one written in this series by this author and I think is the best one of her retellings if you ask me.The story is set in the First World War were Emma a young lady leaves Britain with her mother in Belgium at the demands of her father in order to protect them But they soon found out that even in Belgium the clutches of the war had arrived Left alone with 2 servants that do not know her language after her mother dies she finds in the well of her property a young solder that she saves Both of them are caught and taken prisoners by German soldiers in Emma s own house Trying to save both, Emma lies the soldiers that the young soldier is her American husband.She and Jack start on the wrong food by having prejudice of the other but along the development of the plot both of them fell in love deeply I loved that they started as two people from different backgrounds that have so many differences that by the end they see the others flaws as a strength for themselves I loved also that after they escape both of them go in helping in the war on different paths and in the end they reunite and their love was even stronger. @READ EBOOK à Water Song: A Retelling of "The Frog Prince" (Once Upon a Time) ï Young, Beautiful, And Wealthy, Emma Pennington Is Accustomed To A Very Comfortable Life Although War Rages Abroad, She Hardly Feels Its Effect She And Her Mother Travel From Their Home In Britain To The Family Estate In Belgium, Never Imagining That The War Could Reach Them There But It Does Soon Emma Finds Herself Stranded In A War Torn Country, Utterly Alone Enemy Troops Fight To Take Over Her Estate, Leaving Her With No Way To Reach Her Family, And No Way Out With All Of Her Attention Focused On Survival And Escape, Emma Hardly Expects To Find Love But The War Will Teach Her That Life Is Unpredictable, People Aren T Always What They Seem, And Magic Is Lurking Everywhere I m not very familiar with The Frog Prince story, so I had fun reading this retellingas it was almost like a new story for me I liked the characters and the setting it took place during WWI and I haven t read many books set around that time. Emma, trapped on the continent at her family estate after her mother dies, rescues an American soldier and calls him her husband to keep him from harm But when her estate is taken over by German soldiers, the ruse is difficult to keep up especially since she despies Jack, the American in question But Jack has secrets of his own secrets of water and of magic I was a bit perplexed by this retelling of The Frog Prince It almost works, but falls a bit short of the mark The princess is a wealthy English girl, her golden ball is a locket, and the frog a wounded soldier Clever, but the novel itself is ultimately unfulfilling The characters are flat and too much is made of the frog s transformation learning to see himself as Emma sees him and become the prince his mother always knew he was I found myself skipping paragraphs of mental blather so I could get to a place where something happens again The periodic lack of action wasn t the issue, it was the lack of meaningful substance during the spaces that lacked action All that being said, it wasn t a terrible book, and would perhaps be enjoyed by tweens and younger teens who are interested in exploring fairy tale retellings. Another superb book from the Once Upon A Time series This book is set in WWI I read another book called All Quiet On The Western Front It s a very different book from this one and it was depressing so when Weyn mentioned the Western Front I got all depressed Don t get the wrong idea, the book was not depressing It was remembering the other book that got me depressed Well anyways, Watersong I liked the whole set up of the story Emma and Jack being trapped together because they are under false identities of being husband and wife Emma is smart, quick witted, and courageous She is also quick to judge Jack I can understand her to an extent Emma gets offended easily and doesn t look at Jack too kindly for his remarks but after a while I just wanted to tell her, Oh come on, just give the guy a break Jack on the other hand is forgiving of Emma You get his point of view as well He is from the South USA and has an accent He right off the bat is taken by Emma He is empathetic, strong, smart but not exactly like Emma , and courageous too He is prideful where Emma is prejudice Neither of them seemed to get along very well, but they are drawn to each other I like that in this book you get to see the male character, then just the female protagonist In most of the books I don t think you see enough of them but I ve only read about a handful so far so it may not be that way with all of them. This was a short and very quick read but I liked it a lot.It s a re telling of the Frog Prince story, set in Belgium during WWI Emma has travelled with her mother to check on the family estate from England but the two are trapped due to the Germans Emma s mother is killed during an attack and Emma, trapped and alone, spends her time at the estate, just waiting.Enter Jack an American who has joined up with the British and Canadians, as the US has not yet joined the war Fighting in the trenches just below Emma s estate, Jack is caught in the middle of a gas attack and stumbles his way towards water, ending up in Emma s well.The story is a romance and an adventure tale, with the idea being that Emma and Jack will fall in love and end up together, which I am completely fine with.However, I do wish that the author had chosen to work with their relationship a bit There is the clich d love at first sight business on Jack s end that felt forced Emma is set up as a girl from a wealthy family who isn t like all the other wealthy girls and yet, when it counts, that s how she behaves There seems to be a bit of disconnect between what the author wants Emma to be and what she NEEDS Emma to be for the story to work the way she wants it to.I did like Emma Don t get me wrong she was strong when she had to be but had her moments of realness that kept me with her for the whole story And I really, really loved Jack.The end happened a bit too quick and I wished there had been of them after the war this is a story that I could have read hundreds pages of I guess the point of the story was the falling in love part, not the staying in love part, so I understand why it ended where it did but I wanted The action was really well written Some of the language was a bit anachronistic and there were some references that didn t make a whole lot of sense given the context The Germans felt almost Nazi esque and there was no real talk about the politics about the war The author made a point to explain certain things for the YA audience that she s writing for and all of those moments, while recognizable as exposition still flow in the story and move things along I expected a bit about the why s and how s of WWI beyond just the offhanded comment Emma makes about the Archduke being assassinated.But I did like this book It was a sweet story with fun and interesting characters The use of the fairy tale element was sweet and well done not at all off putting or lame. SUMMARY Young, beautiful, and wealthy, Emma Pennington is accustomed to a very comfortable life Although war rages abroad, she hardly feels its effect She and her mother travel from their home in Britain to the family estate in Belgium, never imagining that the war could reach them there But it does.Soon Emma finds herself stranded in a war torn country, utterly alone Enemy troops fight to take over her estate, leaving her with no way to reach her family, and no way out.With all of her attention focused on survival and escape, Emma hardly expects to find love But the war will teach her that life is unpredictable, people aren t always what they seem, and magic is lurking everywhere.REVIEW This is probably the best one of the Once Upon a Fairy Tale series that I have read so far This book is loosely based on the fairy tale, The Frog Prince Set in Belgium during the start of World War I, it reads like a historical novel than a fairy tale, yet I could find the elements from the fairy tale in the story line As a WWI historical novel, it was not action packed but still had enough to keep my interest I loved the hero, Jack Spratt not his real name of course , and his southern boy charm Emma was the perfect proper lady foil for Jack I liked the fact that both main characters had strong values and stood by their convictions They were both very compassionate as well Overall an entertaining read and one of the strongest in this series. A beautiful reselling of the Frog Prince set in WWI Germany Retelling of The Frog Prince SPOILERS John and Emma are kept imprisoned in Emma s family s estate in Germany Emma s mother had died in a bombing John fell into Emma s well trying to escape mustard gas Emma also throw her gold bauble locket in the well earlier in a fit of anger Emma finds out he s in the well when she tries to find her locket again and so rescues him But when they get out of the well, German soldiers have taken over the estate.I have to say, I got so incredibly disgusted and repulsed by John s repeated requests for a kiss as a token of friendship What the fuck NO You do not get to ask for kisses And further , Emma, after a while, starts to think that oh, maybe she was too harsh refusing to give John that kiss, blah blah blah Seriously, those constant requests and her thinking left such a bad taste in my mouth I have to say I m glad when they finally kissed for the first time, it was sincere and they were about to die Though I think Weyn seriously overdid it with all the revelations and strength Emma s kiss put into John and showed him how strong he was, what a good character he was, yada yada I meanseriouslyAlso, the way sug was dropped in to remind the reader that John was from New Orleans seemed a bit fake to me And the constant times Weyn tells us about why how John is frog like We get the point Heh, what s somewhat believable about this book is how Weyn shows the misconceptions and flaws in the characters John gets kind of snarky and selfish about Emma s locket and finds out he judged her motives for getting it back wrong, and Emma finds out John is a rather helpful and caring guy instead of slow reading peasant I m glad that, beyond his requests for kisses, he didn t push her further for anything else, despite being stuck in the same room with her I also did like that this story featured an inter racial romance Though I feel romance is glossing it too much I think the ending could have used work I wanted to find out how Emma s reunion with her father went, assuming they did reunite and she was able to tell him that his wife, her mother had died in a bombing But alas, nothing there I m glad I borrowed this from the library, so I didn t have to pay for it I also wouldn t recommend this specific book from the series, which I overall like.