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3.5 My Soul to Keep, the third book in the Soul Screamers series, was an improvement over book two However, I was still frustrated with both the main character and the general plot until the halfway point.Vincent showed shades of Richelle Mead by liberally bashing me over the head with clue by fours By the second chapter, I d already developed strong suspicions about who might be involved in the Netherworld drug scheme yes, all of those suspicions came true Constantly foreshadowing plot twists through the repetition of significant words, Vincent prevented me from experiencing the shock and dismay I was no doubt meant to feel In addition, I wanted to smack Kaylee and force her to see what was right in front of her I briefly considered the book s YA status as a reason for such blatant hints, but dismissed the idea since that wouldn t be giving teen readers much credit Lessons in subtlety would not go amiss for this writer That s not to say all the surprises were ruined There were some involving Tod in particular which added intrigue and offered a great deal of insight into the true character of my darling young bad boy And yes, he is indeed darling From the very beginning, I ve had a soft spot for Tod His snark and his mischievous tendencies make him a wonderful foil for the habitually serious Kaylee and Nash Though Tod prefers to do things his own way, he is not the selfish or unthinking person Nash claims him to be Instead, Tod is there for those who need him He s dependable and in this book he shone Nash on the other hand From his first appearance, there was something about Nash that rubbed me the wrong way He continued to irk me in this book, to the point where I wanted Kaylee to give him hell I suppose many teens are reluctant to express displeasure in their first real relationship, but having never been that way, I found it hard to relate As in the previous books, the kids save the day without the aid of their parents However, in a moment I found rather hard to believe, this time there was an adult who knew what they were planning and made no move to stop them Completely out of character for any responsible parental figure There was also a lot of the Blame Game being played Not only were adults and children alike blaming themselves for things they had no power over, several also blamed their own personal failures and worries on someone else It happened often enough to be noticeable and lessened my opinion of certain characters.The second half of the book was far exciting More action, information flowing, emotion on display Unlike in the previous books, Kaylee the newbie did not magically have all the answers She had to piece things together as she went along and rely on the knowledge of the boys to fill in any gaps Little Miss Know it all was banished, thank goodness A trip to the Netherworld uncovered potential dangers, different species of fae, and a new character whom I hope we ll learn about in future installments his backstory and potential wealth of knowledge could be fascinating if handled properly Kaylee became take charge and sensible as she finally listened to her intuition She stood her ground in an incredibly trying situation, impressing me with her maturity and strong sense of self The potential for the Soul Screamers series is evident Vincent is obviously imaginative, she has a good handle on the teen perspective, and she s capable of conveying believable emotional turmoil My wish is that she picks up the pace earlier next time around I also hope Kaylee, Nash and Emma break even further away from the Typical Teen mold they often come a little too close to embodying the everyteen in their reactions Most of all, I want Tod to have page time since he s easily the most dynamic, entertaining character on the Soul Screamers roster I will definitely continue with the series, but as of now Vincent needs to step up her game to keep me engaged for the duration. Ok so after reading this book I am completely in love with Tod his character becomes much human in it I cried through the last chapter but it did leave me a bit confused I will not post spoilers for the people who haven t read it yet All I can say is WOW and I can t wait for the next book [Read Epub] ☳ My Soul to Keep ☧ Kaylee Has One Addiction Her Very Hot, Very Popular Boyfriend, Nash A Banshee Like Kaylee, Nash Understands Her Like No One Else Nothing Can Come Between ThemUntil Something Does Demon Breath No, Not The Toothpaste Challenged Kind The Netherworld Kind The Kind That Really Can Kill You Somehow The Super Addictive Substance Has Made Its Way To The Human World But How Kaylee And Nash Have To Cut Off The Source And Protect Their Friends One Of Whom Is Already HookedAnd So Is Someone Else Wow did this book bring out the emotions in me Seriously I was fuming mad when I got to the end of this book This is what I wrote as I finished the book Dear Nash,You are lower than pond scum Seriously you suck Some things should be unforgivable I m sure Kaylee will ultimately forgive you but I m not sure how you can possibly redeem yourself in my eyes Make sure you have book 4 on hand so you can begin it as soon as you finish this one It was midnight when I finished but there was no way I was going to be able to sleep because I was so worked up by what was revealed at the end of this book I had to get 1 3 of the way into the next book before I finally fell asleep I think that is one of the things I like most about Rachel s writing the emotions her books ellicit in me, I m connected to the characters, I care about the characters, they seem so real to me.My Soul to Keep took on some dark heavy subject matter Addiction and everything that comes with it is not a warm and fuzzy topic However My Soul to Keep was original, fast paced and very well written I loved this addition to the Soul Screamer Series.Rating 5 Stars I Loved It simply for the amount of emotion I felt while reading it.Content everything was a step up from the last book language, wandering hands, innuendo, etc.Source Audible.com Download First Impressions When I finished My Soul to Keep, the third installment in the Soul Screamers series, I realized that I had hardly moved for the last half of the book I also realized that Rachel not only created a brilliant piece of dark fiction but she also touched on many real issues that teens adult s face in today s world My Reflections Kaylee has been through than her fair share of horror Born a Bean Sidhe, motherless and with an absentee father she s had to survive being institutionalized, taking trips into the Netherworld and fighting off evil relatives bartering for her soul among other things But, she has Nash, her gorgeous boyfriend to even things out He understands he s a Bean Sidhe, too, and he s always been there for her.My Soul to Keep starts with Kaylee and Nash at a party where a classmate is using Demon s Breath It s deadly and from the Netherworld and Kaylee is going to find out just how this dangerous substance ended up in the hands of kids at her school What Kaylee finds out is shocking and puts her life and those she loves in grave danger I felt every emotion that Kaylee felt throughout the book Betrayal, shock, hurt, fear All those emotions are so cleverly written into the story The ending was fierce although I expected nothing less from Kaylee she s a strong independent young woman and has really grown into her character Touching on issues such as drug abuse and all that goes with it could really hit home for a lot of readers Rachel Vincent cleverly puts all the signs of abuse in the text and although this is fiction, it sends a strong positive message out.The next in the series, My Soul to Steal is guaranteed to be another page turner. May contain spoilers When the first two books of this series originally came out I read them right away, though for some weird reason, I never got around to reading this book until a few days ago, but I had read many reviews of it and basically knew the majority of the plot line I think that had I not known what was going to occur in this book before reading it, I wouldn t have picked up on all of the un Nash like behaviour to the extent that I did and had I not known what was going to occur beforehand, I don t think I would have put together all of the subtle clues guessed how this book was going to turn out I think that knowing what was going to happen allowed me to accept, Yes, this is going to happen and it is something that I just have to get used to , whereas had I now known, it would have come as such a surprise to me and I think that I would have had a very difficult time accepting how it unfoldedThat being said, this is hands down the best book in this seriesAs I have said, I am not a Nash fan and it may sound kind of heartless, but I did like seeing him being knocked down a few notches in this book I felt like seeing a vulnerable side of him made him seem human Er human Right, he isn t human Ummm More nice bean sidhe who I can relate to and actually tolerate And surprise, surprise I actually found myself experiencing other emotions besides hate and loathing towards him, I found myself sympathizing and feeling bad for him in certain instances, for instance in the case that he wasn t the route cause of the addiction In My Soul to Save he was totally against helping Addy and Tod and only went along with the crazy plan because of Kaylee, and for that, the initial addiction was not his fault What was his fault was how he dealt with the knowledge that he was addicted afterwards and I don t feel any sympathy for him in that regard whatsoever those darn hating and loathing feelings emerge once again He was the one who went to the Netherworld in order to get a fix, he was the one who gave up his memories of Kaylee, knowing that it would break her heart, and he was the one who allowed those he cared about to be possessed, all the while knowing that his mom is the master of Netherworld cures who could helped him overcome his addiction right from the start.Though Tod was so at fault for the death of Doug and the downfall of Scott, than any other character besides Avari, I didn t find myself feeling any animosity towards him In Nash s actions he was only thinking about himself, in Tod s actions he was thinking about Addy, and how he could lessen her pain and suffering in the Netherworld and that was something that I can respect and accept I thought that it was also really nice to see Emma grow as a character in this book I now find her to be much than the blond friend who she was in the beginning of the series, the friend who was pretty oblivious to everything that was happening around her, only being concerned with what clothes she could steal from her older sisters Also, I found myself feeling extreme sympathy pity for Sophie even though she would probably hate my pity and bitch me out for it That poor girl has just had a hard time, she really needs a break First she loses a member of her dance team, then she dies, but comes back because her mom dies, she knows that her dad, uncle and cousin are keeping something from her, her boyfriend becomes an addict, is a huge jerk, and eventually ends up in a mental ward So yeah, she deserves a shopping spree or something along those lines in the next book to make her feel betterAs for Kaylee Well props to her for not just accepting the fact that her boyfriend is a complete user both in using drugs and in using her and their memories together to further his own ends, and props to her for not forgiving him right away like some girls may have just for the fact that he is Nash Hudson and he is such a catch UGH I think that this experience even though it was quite horrific, will only strengthen Kaylee, making her an even kick ass female character. 3.5 starsReading this book was like watching some paranormal telenovela. I m disliking Nash and , yet my fondness with Tod is growing o 2,3 5 starsI got swirling eyes and the capacity to shatter windows with my bare voice Tod got teleportation and invisibility The supernatural world is so far from fairWell, this series is just and disappointing I really wanted to loved this after the promising first book, and it s not all gloom and doom, but I can t overlook the angsty teen drama, the horrible love interest I m seriously starting to hate the name Nash now tbh and it just seems all flat to me I quite like some of the characters Tod, Kaylee, Emma but I m not loving any of them, I m not invested in the story as I should ve been after reading three books alreadyYou want me to go Tod asked me, his back to his brother.Nash implored me silently to say yes Tod waited patiently No, I said, looking right at Nash He scowled, and his shoulders sagged Good Tod stood and kicked the rolling chair out of his way I just checked on your friend in the straitjacket But first The reaper swung before either of us realized what he intended to do.Tod s very solid fist slammed into Nash s jaw Nash s head snapped back He stumbled into the wallTod, the Savior of this whole mess of a book Nash totally deserved that.One of the few things I like about these books are the mysteries They are always captivating and keep me reading till the end The plot is interesting enough and takes some unexpected twists and turns But not in this book, mind you I guessed that thing from the start, while Kaylee was entirely oblivious to it, stumbling in the dark I may take back my statement of her cleverness from my previous review On the other hand my biggest problem with the books are the characters And great, well developed characters are one of the most if not most important things in a book for me If I m not able to love and connect to at least some of the characters, it s pretty much done deal for meBecause you don t seem to understand that the world isn t yours to save This isn t a game, Kaylee You re not an undercover cop You re just a little girl who s in way over her head, and I m not going to let you get yourself killed over some stupid hero complex I said stop He frowned What s the problem I m not using any Influence I know Just slow down He sat up and frowned while I tugged my shirt back into place If we go any slower, we ll be moving back in time You ve been teasing me for months, Kaylee Anyone else would already have walked awayNash, the Douchebag and crappy boyfriend Let s take Nash I neither liked him nor hated him in the two previous books I thought that Tod would be a better choice, that Nash is a bit spoiled and self centered, but now he definitely managed to make me hate him with the burning passion of a thousand suns He acted horribly and suspiciously the whole book, especially toward Kaylee I never really liked their relationship, but he never ever acted badly toward her Well, until this book He acted like a controlling douchebag and insulted her He manipulated her He lied to her Kaylee was too much forgiving toward him In her place I would be all but nice to him Mentally kicking NashNothing I didn t want to do She crossed her arms beneath her breasts What You think Nash is perfect My pulse spiked and I thought about him Influencing his way up my shirt that morning But Em didn t know about that What s that supposed to mean Nothing Emma sighed and leaned with both elbows on the counter, watching through the glass as Doug unlocked his car I m just saying guys only come in a couple of models, and Nash didn t exactly break the mold So lay off my boyfriend until you re ready to take a closer look at yoursEmma, the Voice of Reason I will still read the following books, but I have given up any hopes that the series will improve or that Kaylee will leave Nash for good and be with Tod Or at least that Nash Selfish Manipulative Asshole will suffer an unfortunate demise SorryNotRegret couldn t fix what he s broken Apologies couldn t bring back what he s lost What we d lostOverall Bloody frustrating mess Recommended for a reader who doesn t mind tons of teen drama. BR with little Amy DThe best installment of The Soul Screamers so far Darker, sexier, scarier More Netherworld, Avari, demon breath I just wish there was a little Tod I like Kaylee, she s an ok heroine Not annoying, not stupid, just the right amount of naive If I thought Nash couldn t possibly piss me off , I was wrong His lies and betrayal will be difficult to forgive, I hope.Tod swoon My right foot snagged in the hem of Sophie s dress and one hand went automatically to my ear to protect my hearing, while the other flew out in front of me to keep my face from hitting the asphalt But before my palm could hit the ground, someone hauled me to my feet, tearing the dress with a dul thread popping sound Tod pulled me back, pressing me into his own chest as the creature on our right drew himself up to a terrifying height I m so sorry I cried as Tod backed us swiftly away from the beast whose grayish cheekbones were literally sharp enough to slice the flesh from his face This excerpt made my heart beat just a little bit faster I really really really hope Tod and Kaylee end up together They re so right for each other And what s the deal with Alec What is he Let s hope I find out soon.Yes I will be reading the rest of the books As long as the writing continues to be great and the characters grow and stay true to themselves, I will be a fan of this series.5 stars