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Wow Sarah MacLean knows now to write the kinds of women I wish I were like If I could choose to be any one historical romance heroine, I d be Callie from Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake , and then next I would want to be Isabel from this book,Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord Having to follow in the page steps of such a fabulous first book in the series can t be easy for any author, and I had very, very high expectations for this book, and for the most part, they were all met There were truly many things to love about this story, Nicholas being at the top of the list I don t know what it is about him, but I m hard pressed to name a single flaw And as I said, Isabel is the kind of woman I d choose to be if I could, so together they make a perfect match I really enjoyed the list of things a lady must and must not do, and how they applied to Isabel and Nicholas, and I just love it when a book warmed my heart and left me with a smile on my face Ten Ways to be Adored When Landing a Lord is a wonderful installment in the Love by Numbers series, and another addition to my Keepers and my Top Heroes bookshelves I can t wait to begin the next book 4.5 5 stars Same as alwaysI m a thoroughly unreliable reviewer xo My HR kick continuesI am so happy to find a strong female character in HR This girl, Isabel, even has a girl tribe, which I LOVE I hate when a female character sees all other women as competition It s hard enough to be a girl in this day and age I can t even imagine how hard it was back then when they were property who died in childbirth Ugh And, to think that I complain about how long the microwave takes to heat up the pre made meal that I bought They spent their whole freaking day making a loaf of bread so they could eat some crappy dinner of bread and meat that they had to kill, skin, and butcher in a dress Okay, so Isabelle has a big old house and uses it to provide safe harbor for the women in England who need to escape men We ve all been there Am I right Well, they need her for reasons better than annoyance like husbands who beat them, being in a family way , overbearing families, etc And, her latest girl in need happens to be the sister of an Earl who thinks she s been kidnapped He sends out his buddy, Nick, to find her.Nick is happy to leave London in search of the girl because he has just been named ye old bachelor of the month by some ladies magazine and he needs to get the hell out of Dodge because every chick in the U.K is making the goo goo eyes at him He runs off to find her with his faithful side kick, Rock Yes, Rock.Of course, escaping all female company doesn t quite work out how he planned when he ends up in a house full of women pretending to be men This guy is a chick magnet.Isabelle and Nick are playing the old I ve got secrets game, and it s funny as hell And, then they are in lurv, and it s adorable Also, Rock falls in love in case you were worried about that.The book was not only very funny and cute, but there is also a little boy that hits you in the feels He s damn cute and irresistible And, then when Nick is teaching the little boy to tie a cravat ye old tie your ovaries explode and it s over. 4 stars Historical Romance I m feeling lazy about writing a full review, so I ll keep this somewhat brief I absolutely adored Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake, and I ve been anxiously awaiting this second book by MacLean Did it wow me Yes and no In all fairness, this had a lot to live up to because Nine RulesRake was just so damn much fun and sexy, with lovable heroine Callie and yummy as all get out hero Gabriel.Ten WaysLord is fun and passionate with a great story I loved Minerva house and it s strong, quirky female inhabitants and the secondary romance between hero Nick s companion, the formidable yet kind Turk called Rock, and heroine Isabel s cousin, Lara But it took me a while to warm up to the romance between Nick and Isabel although it s plenty hot because I just didn t feel that strong of a connection between them at first.I really admired Isabel and respected her independence and fortitude, but she was also exasperating and there were times that I just wanted to smack or shake her Nick had much patience with Isabel than I would have, choosing to kiss and pleasure her witless instead of shaking her lucky girl But fortunately Isabel wises up, and the ending is extremely sweet and satisfying and left a big fat happy smile on my face.So although not quite as great as it s wonderful predecessor, Ten WaysLord is still an entertaining romance with intriguing characters, witty dialogue, and steamy love scenes I m really looking forward to Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke s Heart, which I m hoping is the pompous Duke of Leighton s story 4 stars This book was enjoyable, but it wasn t without its problems I still have high hopes for the third book, Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke s Heart, but this one didn t thrill me the way the first book did.Nick seemed different than he was first presented in Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake He seemed charming and fun there whereas in this book he felt a little flat I was told he was interesting and sexy, but for some reason I just didn t feel it That s not to say I disliked him, I enjoyed reading about him, but that s about where it left me.Isabel was both likable and not Her life to date has been a hard one She s basically been on her own since she was seventeen Yes, she s gathered a family of friends around her, but their survival rests on her No wonder she had such a problem leaning when Nick comes around What happens when you trust and that person fails you You re not the only one left to pick up the pieces when so many people depend on you So, Isabel s position was understandable, but it was also frustrating It was hard for the relationship to develop because Isabel was so hot and cold toward Nick He wasn t on the up and up at all times, but he was the one I eventually felt sorry for Isabel could be pretty thoughtless in her determination to protect herself.The women of the Minerva House were very intriguing I wish we would have gotten information on them They weren t completely flat characters, but there wasn t a lot of depth there It was still nice to have Isabel in charge of such a project It s also nice to think that places like that were out there.The Duke of Leighton was a character I was definitely intrigued by in the first book His interactions with Juliana caught my attention and made me eager to get their book I m sorry to say that his popularity with me has suffered a blow I m still curious to get into his head, but not quite as eager It s unfortunate, but he was an ass toward the end of this book It s much easier to accept his about face in affection with a stranger as was the case with Juliana than it was here I won t say than that, but I wasn t happy about it.I m still interested in the third book, but I m not really hanging on the edge of my seat any. I find that I m in love with Sarah MacLean s writing and I won t stop untill I read all her novels Like the first one in this series, this was just lovely, witty writing, great main characters Nick and Isabel were a great couple Loved them The story begins when a young lady escapes London to avoid a scandal, and she seeks refuge in a house in the country Isabel s She offers refuge to women who need it, they be married or not, ladies or not Nick is hired by the young lady s brother I think that guy is gonna be in the third book and the search leads him to Isabel She is in need of money and intends to sell her marble collection, which is a perfect eycuse for Nick to snoop around her estate Eventually things between them get heated heheh Isabel doesn t want to trust him, she s been alone all her life, she has to provide for her little brother and all the women in her protection If Nick were to find out about it, it would ruin her brother and possibly get her in jail.Nick wants nothing than to help Isabel, from the first moment he sees her, he s captivated by her and thinks her the most extraordinary women he s ever met It doesn t take long for him to fall in love with her, and that leaves him torn because he can t tell her why he s there, and that he will essentially betray her.Well, the story is a bit different fromwhat I ve read so far, I like it, not the usuall society miss here, nor is Nick the usual rake of the ton They re a lovely couple with a lovely story , 5 for them 3 FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 4.5 starsSo beautiful so passionate my very own Voluptas The words, breath than sound, sent an explosion of heat through her Show meIt s witty It s hilarious It s tempting It s charming. A woman s magazine called Pearls and Pelisses has named Lord Nicholas St John one of London s Lord to Land. Nicholas is very good at tracking missing people His friend, the Duke of Leighton, is missing his sister Isabel That s why he asks Nick to help him and he agrees Accepting this task has a nice side effect Nick is seriously getting annoyed and tired of women throwing themselves at him, and he is very glad to get out of London for a while After a very bad experience Nick has sworn off women who want to get married Moreover, he doesn t believe in love any, however, he can t resist a woman in need Having said that, our dear Nick is in for a surprise because when he will meet beautiful and intriguing Lady Isabel all bets are off Lady Isabel is the daughter of the Earl of Reddich Her father abandoned Isabel s family a long time ago he has left her alone to take care of their neglected estate And now that he s died, Isabel is in dire financial distress because her father didn t leave her any money On top of that, she is responsible to raise her ten year old brother James who will be the next Earl of Reddich Lady Isabel converted the estate into a shelter for women who were abused or neglected In order to save her shelter she needs quite a bit of money and decides to sell her marbles statues On a personal note I have never heard of this term marbles Anyway, I knew of what they were talking, I assume that s good enough after all Being an antiquarian comes in very handy when Nick tracks down Isabel and agrees to take a look at her marbles Nick discovers rather quickly that Isabel is keeping a lot of secrets What follows suit is a beautiful love story between a very determined and courageous heroine and a wonderful hero who never wanted to believe in love any There s so much to adore about this book The strong, independent, beautiful, and intelligent Isabel is incredibly lovable and I totally adored her smart mouth She needed a strong hero and I think Nick was her perfect match He is sinfully hot, charming, and very swoon worthy Even though the plot was rather predictable, I really enjoyed Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord. A lot I loved the interaction between Nick and Isabel Boy, the dialogue was very witty and entertaining, and I had a good laugh from time to time She peeked her head over the edge of the house once You would do well to remember that sound carries up, my lord Language, please My apologies He offered an exaggerated bow I am not used to conversing with ladies on roofs The rules of etiquette for the situation have escaped me She narrowed her gaze on him Even from three stories up, I can tell that you are being facetious Their chemistry Whew It was verrrry hawt and the sparks were flying The beautifully written love scenes are the cherries on top of another wonderful HR story One of my very favorite scenes is this very lush, sensual, and tempting moment when Nick touched Voluptas Mmmm I wanted to be this statue dreamy sigh What follows suit is an utterly sensual seduction of our lovely heroine Isabel has some serious issues to trust a man That said, this comes as no surprise at all since her father gambled her away on a regular basis It was very satisfying to see how these two lead characters came to terms with their problems The reward was awaiting them at the end of the road love What didn t quite work for meTowards the end of the plot I had to endure some cheesy moments Further, Isabel annoyed me a little bit when she hurt Nick s feelings it was absolutely needless Seriously, what was wrong with you, my dear Final verdictI totally dig the author s writing Yes, it s light but in a very good and adorable way Even though her stories are on the lighter side, they are never shallow or superficial If you re in need to put a smile on your face then I strongly recommend you to give this author a go EnjoyYou are strong and beautiful and brilliant, and so passionate it makes me ache to be near you He placed his forehead to hers as he continued, I don t know how it happened but I seem to have fallen quite impossibly in love with you I agree with Catherine, I was told all about how smexy and smart and blah blah blah Nicolas was, but I never actually believed it As for Isabel Can I get Slap That Bitch for 200, Alex She had a distinct whiff of Bella Swan about her for some reason Perhaps because she felt all the responsibility for the entire fucking world rested squarely on her shoulders Or perhaps it was her I m just a plain Jane, why should this god like creature ever be interested in me attitude Maybe it was just because she spent time disagreeing with people who kept telling her how amazing she was, then thinking to herself that they could be right, but she had to disagree with them just to eat up page time And what the fuck was with all the damn beats Everyone waited a beat before they d speak their next sentence Once or twice for dramatic effect Sure, I can get behind that When it happens multiple times within two or three pages Nuh uh Get a new gimmick.I m really not sure I want to bother with the third book That Duke dude was extremely off putting I already know he abandons his fiance to marry that Italian chick, so I m not finding any impetus to spend my time rolling through the train wreck of that relationship. I was so excited for this book So much so, that I searched 4 stores yesterday with my 3 year old to find it a day early I read it overnightgot hardly any sleep, which as any of you with small children know, is never fun, and it was all worth it This book was fabulous.At the beginning of each chapter is a small bit from the ladies magazine Pearls and Pelisses, which has decided that a series of articles is in order on How to Land a Lord Lord Nicholas St John is given the distinct honor of being that lord He was less than thrilled Becoming London s Most Eligible Bachelor really wasn t working for him, so when his friend, the Duke of Leighton, came to ask Nick s help in finding his younger sister who had run away, Nick jumped at the chance.Meanwhile, Lady Isabel is sending off yet another unwanted suitor Her father is a gambler, and has left Isabel with, well, nothingWe are betrothed And by weI take it that you mean You And I Are to be married Isabel shook her head I am sorry, you are Asperton Lionel Asperton And how is it we became betrothed, Mr Asperton I won youYour father wagered you Against One hundred pounds Well That s than usual Apparently her father had wagered her seven times before And every single time hurt I loved Isabel from the get go She was strong, valiant, and honest Humble enough to try to repair her own roof,and strong enough to ensure her ten year old brother grew up to be the earl their father should have been.Nick was in Isabel s town looking for a certain duke s sister, when he saw Isabel The first meeting between Nick and Isabel was adorable, and I cracked up that Nick saved her from a run away cart in the style of Matthew McCaughnehey, and Isabel was irritated with him for that Nick didn t know what to do with a woman who didn t fall all over herself trying to land him.Unfortunately Isabel had to sell her most prized possessions for reasons I won t say Highland Hussy zips her lips against spoilers today If we remember, Nick deals with antiquities, and Isabel needs to have a collection of marble statues appraised and then sold She asks for his help, and since he assumes Isabel might know about Leighton s sister, he agrees to see her marbles.And the two irritate each other to no end Isabel is so remarkable, and Nick is immediately infatuated with her and her strength Isabel is afraid to trust, and afraid to love All she believes in is what her own hands have helped build She has every reason to have no faith in men, and yet Nick persuades her to trust him, to let him shoulder some of her burdenand when she finally does, she finds out he had lied to her.I loved how Nick was willing to stay and fight for Isabel Too many times, the hero leaves, but not Nick he went to her in the middle of the night, and it was so wonderful.But Isabel was trying to convince both herself and her friend that she didn t love Nick and Nick overheard.I actually had to put the book down and take several deep breaths before I was able to pick it up again For her entire life, she had been afraid to take what she wanted for fear of failure She was afraid to leave Townsend Park and face the gossip her father caused she was afraid to send James to school for fear he might turn into her father.And she had been afraid to love Nick for fear of losing herself.Now, however without him she was lost anyway.The way she decided to get him back was beautiful I loved seeing Callie and Gabriel and Juliana again, and I love love LOVED the ball.This book is a must read Whatever you are reading right now, drop it and start this book It was fabulous I canNOT wait for Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke s HeartI have an interview with Sarah MacLean over at demonlover s so go check it out ^FREE EBOOK ↜ Ten Ways to Be Adored When Landing a Lord ☠ Lord Nicholas Is A Paragon Of Manhood And His Eyes, Dear Reader So Blue Pearls Pelisses, June Since Being Named On Of London S Lords To Land By A Popular Ladies Magazine, Nicholas St John Has Been Relentlessly Pursued By Every Matrimony Minded Female In The Ton So When An Opportunity To Escape Fashionable Society Presents Itself, He Eagerly Jumps Only To Land In The Path Of The Most Determined, Damnably Delicious Woman He S Ever Met The Daughter Of A Titled Wastrel, Lady Isabel Townsend Has Too Many Secrets And Too Little Money Though Used To Taking Care Of Herself Quite Handily, Her Father S Recent Passing Has Left Isabel At Sea And In Need Of Outside Help To Protect Her Young Brother S Birthright The Sinfully Handsome, Eminently Eligible Lord Nicholas Could Be The Very Salvation She SeeksBut The Lady Must Be Wary And Not Do Anything Reckless Like Falling Madly, Passionately In Love