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I read these books in Jr High, one day I was thinking about them and decided to get the first book I could not for the life of me, remember the authors name After a quick Google search I came across it and ordered the first book online, dirt cheap if I might add I thought these books were so great in middle school, only the first four I remember the last two are hazy at best I didn t enjoy reading these as much as I used to This one is definitely the worst one in the series I m sure the publisher wanted her to do six books This one felt forced My opinion is you can pretend this one isn t part of the series, it s not needed. As one of the lucky few to recieve an ARC of Magician s Muse I have to say I am very pleased with the way Linda wrapped up the story it is a must read if you enjoy the Seer series I will not post any spoilers since it doesn t come out until October I will say that the book is awesome I love Sabine and all of the other characters in the books So go out and buy this book when it comes out in October I highly recommend it [Download Ebook] ☨ Magicians Muse (The Seer, #6) ☪ The Final Book In Linda Joy Singleton S Popular Paranormal Series, The SeerA Whisper, Too Soft To Swirl Wispy Candle Smoke, Carried Across Time, Beyond Life And Death And Was Heard Our Bargain Is Sealed My Secrets Will Be Yours When The Girl Dies In The Thrilling Climax To The Seer Series, Sabine S Psychic Abilities, Sleuthing Skills, And Courage Are Pushed To A Dangerous Edge As She Deals With The Mysterious Disappearance Of Her Ex Boyfriend Josh, A New Threat Against Her Boyfriend Dominic, Evil Magicians Both Living And Dead And A Coldblooded Murder In this final book in The Seer series, psychic Sabine is confronted with multifaceted mysterious and dangerous situations her ex boyfriend, Josh, has disappeared, her current boyfriend Dominic must face his dark past when a private investigator comes looking for him When Sabine s half sister, the annoying Jade, also disappears, most probably with a guy who has an evil aura, Sabine needs to go find her into a situation that almost ends Sabine s life Off in the wings is another major problem when Sabine s two best friends, cheerleader Penny Love, and goth girl Thorn team up in an unlikely alliance when they stumble across a murder victim The characters are vibrantly alive the author has an eye for detail and description that makes the reader feel part of the story All mysteries are neatly tied up by book s end and this book is a fitting end to the series, although I think and wish that it could go on and on Bravo Linda Joy Singleton Love Linda s writing She s the queen of series writing I love,love how effortlessly she weaves in backstory from her other books without overwhelming the reader That takes a real talent Im so sad and disappointed that this the final book to the Seer series I really loved these books,although it s awesome that Singleton is writing a series on Thorn Thumbs up for Thorn Loves for the Seer I just.I m just..so many feelings For this book and this series Definitely on my top ten series of all time Gah, I love it so much What a fantastic way to finish a wonderful story This series remains one of my favorite Thank you Linda Magician s Muse, THE SEER 6, comes out Oct 1st 3 years after book 5 Book cover posted on LJS s Facebook and MySpace blog.Can t wait to readers to enjoy this book it has some amazing mysteries and romantic adventures. Magician s Muse was the perfect ending to a wonderful young adult series Linda Joy Singleton has perfected the art of suspense, mystery and intrigue without the vulgarness of profanity and unnecessary sexual content It is nice to read a series that I do not feel I have to censor for young adults when I make my recommendations to them The best part is that the storyline is incredible without all of the unnecessary trappings other publishers deem essential In this edition, Sabine has to take a leap of faith on so many things It seems her half sister, Jade has betrayed her, her ex boyfriend is missing, one of her friends has stumbled on a murder and her current boyfriend is being sought out by a PI While Sabine struggles to juggle all of these troubles her grandmother is off on a quest of her own Grandma is considering merging her love connection business with a sexy competitor The story line is clever and chocked full of magician history It was the perfect ending