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I am so suprised this book appears to me to be unheard of in the UK It took some trouble and cost quite a lot finding a copy, but so glad we did A beautiful book describing daily life of a close Jewish immigrant family We loved the adventures of these sisters Having lived in Israel, the descriptions of Jewish festivals brought back happy memories of time spent with friends The descriptions of the festivals and their meaning for the family, illustrates how humans seem to benefit from rituals celebrating points throughout the year, and how beneficial they are whether made up or from religious reasons.We liked the day to day details of games played, food eaten etc We marvelled at how the fire engine was pulled by horses.We found it confusing how poverty was assessed Nobody they knew could afford to own a book, something we all take for granted these days But they owned a piano and it seems that several of the girls had lessons We have to run a stall selling vegetables to raise money for music lessons Perhaps they cost less in comparison a hundred years ago.We found it fascinating that although written over a century ago there is still much of the story that would be the same if it were written today.My daughter said it would be in her top 5 books of all time. What a wonderful, endearing, lovely read this was The adventures of five little girls Gertie, Charlotte, Sarah, Henny and Ella aged between four and twelve living with their mama who looks after the home, and papa who runs a junk shop in the East Side in New York City I shouldn t perhaps say adventures, for really this is the story of their daily lives, the daily happenings, chores, trips to the library, the little ups and down, the joys and sorrows that life brings every day but that in itself is an adventure and I loved every bit of it.The book opens with the girls heading off to the library on Friday, the day being library day for them That was enough to have me love it But I loved it for so muchFor one, that the girls and their parents find happiness and contentment in what little they had their means may have been modest but they lived life to the fullest within it and had their little pleasures with trips to the library, to the market, celebrating various festivals, even a day out at Coney Island This is something I feel one needs to remind oneself every so often, in a time when we are always wantingno matter how much we have and are never satisfied one doesn t need to have much to be happy, just to appreciate all one has and enjoy it to the fullest rather than spending all one s time brooding over all one hasn t This aspect was very reminiscent of the Family at One End Street, and something I loved about that book too The other thing about this book I really loved was how rich it was in terms of showcasing culture The beautiful detail in which Taylor describes Jewish festivals and observances makes one feel as if one is there with the family, watching the celebrations as they happen, listening to the sounds, and smelling the food almost tasting it, even And then of course the people themselves none of the girls are really naughty as such, mostly well behaved but they are all very real, very human and very likeable and I loved them all I was so thrilled to learn that this is a series of books and there are fourI haven t read Really looking forward to these.It wouldn t do to not mention the illustrations by Helen John which I also really liked very much.A delightful read if I could have rated itthan five stars, I would have I know I will keep coming back to this one often. First re read of this book in years uncountable This is the book from which I first learned about the Jewish faith As a little heathen child, I d been dragged to various Christian churches by friends and cousins, and I knew I thought all about that religion which was boring, boring, boring But thisnobody I knew ever built a little bitty house in their backyard Or got to eat parsley dipped in salt water I was fascinated Not only was I a little heathen, I was also a little singleton Reading this story of 5 close and loving sisters made me envious and amazed Mama was patient, she was kind, she was wise, she was gentle She was perfect Papa was all those things, too, plus he had crinkly eye corners when he smiled And the pushcarts The Library Lady Dusting for buttons Coney Is land I m sure I read this book at least 30 times before I turned 14 I don t think I ve read it since.I sank back into it with a sigh They were all still there in New York in 1912, waiting for me Only this time, I was different I watched Mama, and I marveled I know now that Taylor based this family on her own, and I wonderabout some of the stories Mama worked so hard, so long, and was so incredibly patient The family s poverty resonateswith me now, and I see what passes between Mama and Papa when they worry about money And when 4 of the girls are down with Scarlet Fever What must have gone through her mind that never showed What about all that sewing Five girls That s a lot of little girls to raise on a junkman s iffy income The picture painted with this book is full of depth and compassion and love Taylor s writing appears effortless The illustrations are lovely, too.It s a wonderful book It evokes an era that s gone forever, and it does it without undue sentimentality and nostalgia The hardship is right there for those with eyes to see, but so is the love This family is a whole, functioning, happy family, and it s a delight to join it for an hour In fact, I m about to go read the rest of the series, so I ll be joining it for a few days Lucky me You should be so lucky.Also The chick pea man I love the chick pea man Arbis Shaynicke, guttinke arbislach Keuf meine heise arbis I first read this book about 50 years ago yes, I am dating myself and the last time I read it was probably 49 years ago I remember loving the book at the time but I think read it just the years I was 9 and 10, and I think I always read library copies I am wondering if I even read it in third grade but I don t remember for sure, so I m sticking with my original read date, which was when I was in fourth grade.I did a reread, something I ve long wanted to do, mostly because the Children s Books group is reading it for one of their book clubs I feel so grateful to them now that I ve reread it I wish I d done so years ago, and probablythan just once I reread this book from March 16, 2013 through March 17th, 2013.I guessed about the couple in question, even before the plot gave me the background or any hints, but probably didn t as an 8 10 year old on first reading I did wantabout the two of them and their future, but I guess that s what sequels are for And this book did have a delightful ending.I love how close the sisters are, how thoughtful they are, how they play fair, and how each of their different personalities comes across I ve always been especially fond of Sarah, the middle daughter , and I appreciate the parenting they got too It s just a wonderful family I envied the closeness of the family but was and remain a bit surprised that the girls child friends didn t make any appearances it was only family and adult family friends that showed up in the story.I love how Jewish holidays and traditions are seamlessly incorporated right into the story Although I m Jewish, my nuclear family never celebrated Jewish holidays, not at all I went to a couple Passover seders at cousins and then when I was about 12 I learned and participated in two different friends Jewish family celebrations, but not on a completely regular basis.What s funny is when I was young I read tenement and how money was dear so I thought of this family as poor, and I guess they are in a sense, but there was enough money to give each girl 1 a day in spending money, which is 35 a week, and that money could buy a lot back then, and they had enough for a few other extras too, so now they don t seem particularly destitute or needy to me.I loved the library and the books portions of the story, and always have.There is some anachronistic material such as when describing men of different ethnic groups and the freaks at Coney Island, and the differences between girls and boys regarding interests, careers, and roles, but I accepted that This was historical fiction even 50 years ago.The ink drawings are lovely and really add to the story They help make it a perfect book for 7 or 8 though 10 year old chapter book reading kids but the story and characters can be enjoyed by everybody, which makes it an ideal book for read aloud, for one to one, for families for sure, and for teachers and students Adults will enjoy the reading experience as much as the children do I hated being an only child and always wanted a big family and at ages 9 and 10 it was sisters I wanted, so I know I got vicarious gratification from this and many other books about families.This is a perfect comfort read book and a lovely, fun, heartwarming, and old fashioned yet timeless family story.Thanks to Goodreads friend Melody I know to read only 2 of the 4 sequels, and I do want to read both of them. One of the best books ever I love all the little girls and Mama and Papa and their friends and relatives The setting is amazing, too I kinda want to go there, even though it was probably a pretty hard life. This is a series I reread every year No one else has ever captured the early 1900 s in the Jewish lower side of New York like this, and it s fascinating to read about the holidays and customs and everyday life that this little troop of girls experiences I still wish I could walk through those streets teeming with peddlers selling big dill pickles, candied orange slices, and spiced chick peas These books are great for those who love old fashioned stories about growing up, like the Little House, Ginnie and Geneva, Betsy Tacy, Moffats, or Beverly Cleary books These authors understood that everyday life at home and in school held wonderful adventures and mysteries all their own. I love to read good children s literature and this book of a bygone era 1912 was informative and charming I was hoping this might be the book I would choose to read with my grade school grandchildren this summer, but I am not sure if it would meet the diverse needs I loved the family solidarity and I particularly enjoyed the traditional religious observances If I do choose this for the summer, I would look for a book on Jewish traditions with pictures to share with the children I would like them to have a broader understanding of different cultures, places and even times Yesterday while tending two grandchildren ages almost four and six, I read them the first two chapters of this book They were very engaged with the first chapter and couldn t understand how children could not own their own books The little girl, six, loved the second chapter with bright buttons and dusting, but her brother left in the middle to find toys What a nice teaching tool it provided for us to talk about the value of a penny and that a family could be happy even if they were not affluent.Now it goes to a granddaughter age nine who will read it to her six year old sister It is definitely worth sharing, and I will be very interested in their response Will all of the religious observances and the different food be too much Who knows Thanks to Brina for suggesting it and to Beth for helping me to find a copy. All of a Kind Family is just so amazing Such a sweet story of a Jewish family living in the early 1900s So sweet and innocent I remember reading it when I was younger and loving it, and was beyond excited when I found out it was a series The five little girls are so adorable Their personalities are so unique and different, yet they get along so well A must must read for pretty much anyone Especially girls 6 out of 5 stars A heart warming, gently humorous and informative family story, and my one main regret is that I have only recently discovered Sydney Taylor s All of a Kind Family and its sequels Wonderful, delightful episodes show the joys, the struggles and the close family and neighbourhood ties of a Jewish American family in early 20th century New York City I love how the different Jewish holidays, how Jewish cultural and religious traditions are depicted and shown throughout the story, informatively, but with no hint of didacticism And I especially appreciate how the all of a kind family also shares their traditions with friends who are not Jewish, specifically Charlie and the Library Lady, who actually end up rekindling, rediscovering their romance, which had been thwarted by Charlie s bigoted and judgmental parents In today s world, where multiculturalism, where different cultures are again so often under attack and scrutiny, All of a Kind Family clerly and lovingly demonstrates that different cultures can not only exist and peacefully coexist in a country, in a city, in a neighbourhood, but that these different cultures can be and should be shared, that sharing one s cultural heritage leads to tolerance and increasing understanding and that even though we might have different cultural and religious traditions, we are basically all quite similar in many ways Recommended for anyone both children and adults who enjoys warm family tales, as well as anyone interested in learning about Jewish American culture and traditions. ^Read Book ✘ All-of-a-Kind Family ⇦ It S The Turn Of The Century In New York S Lower East Side And A Sense Of Adventure And Excitement Abounds For Five Young Sisters Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte And Gertie Follow Along As They Search For Hidden Buttons While Dusting Mama S Front Parlor, Or Explore The Basement Warehouse Of Papa S Peddler S Shop On Rainy Days The Five Girls Enjoy Doing Everything Together, Especially When It Involves Holidays And Surprises But No One Could Have Prepared Them For The Biggest Surprise Of All