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~Book ☫ My Sweet Audrina ☺ VC Andrews, Author Of The Phenomenally Successful Dollanganger Series, Has Created A Fascinating New Cast Of Characters In This Haunting Story Of Love And Deceit, Innocence And Betrayal, And The Suffocating Power Of Parental Love Audrina Adare Wanted So To Be As Good As Her Sister She Knew Her Father Could Not Love Her As He Loved Her Sister Her Sister Was So Special, So Perfect And Dead Now She Will Come Face To Face With The Dangerous, Terrifying Secret That Everyone Knows Everyone Except My Sweet Audrina This was so much better than I remembered Spooky, strange and problematic A perfect pick for the first read in my book club My full review with spoilers will be up on my booktube channel By the time Audrina sexed her husband on the grave of her dead sister after beating him for two whole pages, a tear in my eye began to form as I realized just how brilliant V.C Andrews was.Mind control, dead babies, three deaths from falls on the same friggin staircase, suicide, a retarded girl obsessed with prisms, gang rape, some seriously disturbing pseudo incestuous father daughter loving, a former ice skater with no legs who happens to be a dead ringer for Liz Taylor, insider trading, a girl forced to clean up the miscarriage she just had on a beautiful Oriental rug, attempted murder, two sisters who hold teatime with a picture of their other cannibalized sister perched high atop a grand piano as they mimic her voice, a random coma thrown in for good measure, and multiple uses of the word golly with an exclamation point to emphasize just how gosh darn golly all of this bizarre shit is.The heroine, Audrina Adare, may be the dumbest creature ever conceived for a piece of fiction When she s not confused by her inability to tell time, she s running away from colored light beaming into her mansion through stained glass because, hey, colors are scary She rocks in a fucking rocking chair for two thirds of the book, too, and gets engaged at the AARP eligible age of 13 On her wedding night, she gets freaked out by the penis on her loving husband, but he just plows her regardless She doesn t like it much, but whatever, he is her One True Love But not really because then he starts up with her sister and Audrina realizes it s her fault he s banging her sister because she just never gave him the sexual encouragement that a lothario like himself needed to survive.Golly gee, do we have a winner or what The passages describing the movements of the retarded girl alone will have you giggling for hours And check this out AUDRINA ISN T THE RETARDED GIRL I REFER TO Shocking, eh The only V.C Andrews book that doesn t follow the five book series rule Poor beautiful girl book, poor beautiful girl is rich book, rich beautiful lady book, beautiful offspring book, and evil dead grandmother prequel is My Sweet Audrina Which is probably a good idea she didn t follow that rule, as I m not sure how any book could beinsane than this one It s the tale of a hauntingly beautiful girl really, is there any other kind who has a dead sister who had her name and died on her birthday years before she was born , a skanky mom per usual , and this time, it is the AUNT who is evil, not the grandmother But there is, indeed, the usual evil sibling half sibling half cousin , and the slightly insane dad But Audrina is actually the First Audrina, as Audrina was raped on her 9th birthday by a gang of hooligans and her crazy parents decided that instead of therapy, they d drug her for a few months, never let her out of the house, make all clocks different times, and never get a newspaper so she doesn t know what day it is I mean, I d do the same thing, wouldn t you This book is a work of comedic genius, which is probably exactly the way ol V.C intended What book would be complete without sex on a dead sister s grave, many hilarious pratfalls down stairs resulting in multiple deaths on the same staircase, and a retarded sister obsessed with prisms Oh, and a former ice skater who looks exactly like Elizabeth Taylor if Elizabeth Taylor had her legs amputated Man, that V.C Andrews She was a freakin genius. LOL I can hardly hold my head up from the shame of giving this one 4 stars, but everyone is entitled to a guilty pleasure, and when I was in high school, V.C Andrews was mine I love this one because it s so different from her other works, and I m fairly certain it was one of the last novels she actually wrote herself the latest series are written by a posthumous ghost writer It s a great lying on the beach, trashy summer read. Oh My Goodness A friend told me there is a TV movie for this book My Goodness Today I discovered onecreepy fact related to My Sweet Audrina If you don t know what I m saying you can look it up here Top 5 Strangest Missing Person Cases Everhttps www.youtube.com watch v kVyQnMy Sweet Audrina Parody after reading Hey guys, if you liked Gothic romance melodramas good writing creepiness as much as I do, then V C Andrews is your woman and My Sweet Audrina is the type of book for you.Let it be noted that I m someone who always hovers over Youtube watching videos about murder mysteries, unsolved cases, disappearance cases and other paranormal creepy stuff I guess this is the main reason why Ms Andrews books work like a charm with me.This time in MSA, we have a tasty cocktail of Gothic melodramatic creepiness A beautiful young girl who is named after her dead older sister, said girl also has memory disorder a mean spirited cousin, an abusive father, a beautiful but entrapped mother, a gloomy grand house with creepy dysfunctional clocks, locked rooms and antiques, a legless woman and her son, tea parties with a dead aunt every week, woman on woman hating, family secrets blah blah blah Whatcan I ask for The opening part is great Just thisnaming your second daughter after her dead older sisterpart alone is creepy as hell Poor Audrina, her parents mostly her father had clearly done a great deal of things which are mentally and physically abusive if not just down right crazy And it really keeps you guessing why the adults in the house are doing all these crazy things.The romance between Audrina and this boy is okay ish I m never a fan of Ms Andrews romances , and later in the book this relationship also gets a full on creepy treatment That makes me a bit happier, yeah What I have problems with is that in MSA, the characters are all so epic melodramatic they become kind of pathetic and predicable at times Plus the mysteries surrounding Audrina also become very obvious and predicable by the end of the story view spoiler so there is no dead older sister in the first place, only Audrina losing her memory after being gang raped at 9 years old and is led to believe the attack happened to her dead older sister, not her hide spoiler My Sweet Audrina by V.C Andrews is a 2016 Pocket Books publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher as an XOXpert, the official street team of XOXO After Dark Many rabid fans of V.C Andrews describe these books as a guilty pleasure, gobbling them up at the speed of light and sound Recently, with all the renewed interest in these books, I became curious about what is was that made these books so popular and what was the secret to their longevity As a teen I read Flowers in the Attic , as did nearly every girl in my school But, while the book should have had my Gothic loving heart going pitter patter, I hated it, and vowed to never read another book by V.C Andrews But, even after the death of V.C Andrews, a ghost writer was commissioned to carry on her legacy, and carry on they did, to the tune of over twenty series trilogies and several stand alone novels Nearly all these books and series are well received with high ratings The popularity of these books has led to big screen productions, and most recently to made for TV adaptations, prompting me to give this author and these books another look So, when asked to review this book, and the recently released, and much anticipated sequel, Whitefern , I found myself feeling kind of excited It seems this book is also the subject of a Lifetime movie, so I was immensely curious and ready to dive into a Gothic Horror classic, which could, if I was ready to approach it with an open mind, turn me into a rabid fan, or it could remind me of why I refused to read this author for years on end So, which side did I come down on Strangely enough, this novel, which was originally published in 1982, is exactly what a modern Gothic horror novel should be I was sucked into the story from the very beginning, and ended up reading its over five hundred pages in one night Looking at it through distance and time, I have to say the pacing and mood is quite creepy, with a heavy atmosphere of foreboding hanging in the air, which works quite effectively, and kept me morbidly fascinated all the way through Audrina was her father s favorite, but she died, leaving him bereft But, he was blessed with another daughter, also named Audrina, who lived in the shadow of her deceased sister, forced to channel her sister s spirit in order to help her father maintain the wealth and lifestyle that meansto him than all else Also living under the same roof with Audrina and her parents, is her aunt and cousin, Vera The dynamic between the family is very odd, lurid, and extremely unhealthy for all concerned, but Audrina sufferspsychological abuse than any other family member, as she is treated as a fragile, sensitive girl unable to cope with the world at large, all while the accident prone Vera, taunts and teases her cruelly, as Audrina struggles to understand why her memory is full of holes and what secrets her family is keeping from her and why Rounding out the cast is a neighbor boy named Arden, who becomes Audrina s best friend and sole link to the outside world.As the story progresses the reader is left to wonder about Audrina s memory gaps, about Vera s paternity, what really happened to the first Audrina, and the family s financial situation Who do we trust Who is telling the truth, who is lying Will Audrina ever discover the mystery about herself and the first Audrina death Overall, this book is muchthan I expected, and certainly does appeal to my Gothic fascination While I had no trouble deciphering the great mystery, for the most part, I had no idea how it would all play out or come together in the end I read furiously and frantically, racing to find out if Audrina would ever discover the truth and how she would deal with it The story is lurid, strange, dark, and oppressive, like many Gothic horror novels are, but the suspense comesfrom a psychological approach, as the reader is drawn helplessly toward a truth we want to know, need to know, but dread the knowledge, all the same At the end of the day, I see why so many people consume these books so voraciously and I am really looking forward to read the long awaited sequel 4 stars Audrina feels like she is always going to live in the shadow of her sister that died before she was born Audrina was even named after her departed sibling that she never knew Her family doesn t hesitate to tell her every day just how special the first Audrina was, how beautiful and full of life Living in her family s mansion cut off from society with her parents, aunt and a cousin that torments her at every turn Audrina begins to question her own sanity even at a young age But with all the secrets and lies at every turn will Audrina ever learn the truth of what happened to the first Audrina and escape her shadow My Sweet Audrina is actually a reread for me as I read this one years and years ago The story is typical VC Andrews in which this young girl is trapped in a family with secrets and different horrors awaiting her with each turn of the page Since I have the sequel that is being released after twenty five or so years of waiting for the story to be continued I needed a quick refresher on the book before diving into the next I have to say even after all these years I still enjoyed rereading this tale as it s one of my favorites from the VC Andrews catalog Full of psychologically twisted turns all throughout it s hard not to get involved in reading and wanting the answers to what had really happened to this little girl we meet in this story Overall, still a great read after so many years Just a warning though with this one that rape is involved for those that wouldn t like that as part of a story Forreviews please visit Now this is a fucking story And sooooo elegantly written V.C Andrews and this is the real V.C Andrews, not some second rate ghost writer, writing riding her coattails had enormous talent Holy crap can she weave a tangled web This is the story of Audrina Adare a young girl with memories like swiss cheese A young girl haunted by the ever present spectre of her deceased older sister, also named Audrina This is pure soap opera melodrama and this is Andrews niche, her expertise She excels and enchants, and this story has everything you could want A legless woman You got it A creepy house with locked doors and musty rooms full of forgotten secrets Done A spinster aunt with a broken heart and a hidden past Here too Electro Shock Therapy You betcha Forbidden love Gang rape Suicide A woman in a coma A sexy, trashy cousin with brittle bones and a chip on her shoulder Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes That would be Vera Oh Vera, dear dear Vera You are the embodiment of the girl we love to hate A girl so prevalent in literature and movies and television and you dear, dear Vera are the archetype I wish Vera had her own novel She is soooo muchinteresting than boring, vanilla, milquetoast Audrina Sure she has her weird memory thing And those disturbing recurring rape nightmares of hers are peculiar And ya, every night her father rocks her, against her will, in her dead sister s old rocking chair, but VERA Vera drove a man to suicide, Vera can be any age 12 20 She can pull it off She is a master manipulator She dresses provocatively and says whatever comes to mind She s fearless and brutal and yet so so vulnerable You see, she has this brittle bone disease, she s so delicate and fragile that if you bump her or shove her, she will fall and break her leg or her rib, or an arm She breaks her leg, like 4 times in this book She s so nasty and desperate and dirty and shameful and AMAZING Vera ran away to the big city and became a nurse Vera plotted and planned her revenge on the Adare s from day one Vera is a force of nature Vera saved this book Vera, I love you. This is one crazy, screwed up, twisted, and just insane family I think right now, they take the cake for crazy literary families I ve read about I finished My Sweet Audrina while I was in bed last night, and after I finished, I couldn t think of how I should rate this story And now, as I write this review, I still have no idea how I should rate it Maybe as I write I ll come to a conclusion As I said in the beginning, the Adare family is just, all kinds of screwed up Between the lies, deception, half truths, and the webs they weaved between all of that, and the purpose behind that web of lies, was just DISGUSTING This is one of those stories where, as you read, you keep saying to yourself, What the hell is going on V.C Andrews had me guessing the entire time, and made me feel one way, then another, and then another, and back to one feeling, and then a new feeling I like it when an author can do that One thing I really love about V.C Andrews is her writing From the very first page, we are flooded with her talent, and it sucked me right in to just readof what she had to say I ve only read her original novels if you don t know, she passed away several years ago, and a man has been writing under her name , and I wish she could have writtenjust so I could read her writing Here is an exampleThere was something strange about the house where I grew up There were shadows in the corners and whispers on the stairs and time was as irrelevant as honesty Though how I knew I couldn t say There was a war going on in our house, a silent war that sounded no guns, and the bodies that fell were only wishes that died and the bullets were only words and the blood that spilled was always called prideFor me, Andrews writing is captivating, mysterious, and she had me from the first page I think every family has their secrets, but how deep do they go, and to what extent In the Adare family, there are two main secrets, but one of those has consequences far worse than the other We re talking about basically changing a child s life because of that secret and twisting it to fit some twisted fantasy to pretend their lives are almost perfect, and because their name has already been part of enough scorn from the town So much happens in just four hundred pages, it is almost mind boggling I instantly loved Audrina TheI learned about her circumstances, and thelies were revealed whether outright or hinted , I felt for her Towards the end, I just wanted her to get away and start a new life without this sick, twisted family In the beginning, I thought it was her mother who was the problem, and it turns out, I was quite wrong Her entire family made me so angry at times for creating this life of lies around Audrina, and truly making her believe this life And this is not a spoiler in any way Throughout the entire book, I wish I could have thrown Vera down the stairs because she was PURE EVIL I loved Arden and how sweet he was to Audrina, and how much he loved her It s amazing how people or families can corrupt others, thoughI couldn t believe he would do some of the things he did when he said he loved Audrina so much I don t think they were entirely his fault, but there came a point for me, where they were his fault or at least partially I think he really, truly loved Audrina, but corruption can do the worst things to the best people And don t get me started on Damian Adare, Audrina s father.There were times I was pissed off at him for things, then I found myself liking him, and then I found myself hating him, back to compassion for him, etcHe was just a roller coaster ride of feelings for me It s one of those situations where you feel like you understand what he did and why he did it, but to the extent he went to, my goodnessIt made me so angry He is one character who does NOT deserve what he has In fact, none of Audrina s family does If I am being evasive on the happenings in this story, it s for a reason There is so much which goes on in these pages, it s worse than a soap opera or a drama movie What I still don t understand is, Why at the ending I do NOT understand Audrina s choice I mean.I know what she says, but, if that was me, I would hope and pray, I would be doing what she had planned to do Let s just say, I didn t expect the ending I think this is one of those stories you just have to read it, to believe it I think it deserves four stars.