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Faily Tale Fail is my third book for Mina Esguerra, and so far, in all fairness to her, she never fails to amuse me with her stories Just like the two other books by Mina Esguerra that I ve read, this novella s plot is cute, easy to read and has the kilig moments that I can easily relate to.Generally, the story is not something that is so unique and different for me because I ve read some stories with similar plot What I like most about this book are the characters and the setting I always love reading novels with stories that remind me of some feelings and situations I had before or with characters that I can relate to myself or remind me of someone I know Apparently, Don and Lucas reminds me of two guys I used to like before so I really cant help but smile the whole time I was reading this book hahaha Reading is my past time so I read books for pleasure and entertainment purposes, and a good book for me, is usually something that would make me smile and think happy thoughts all through out the time that Im reading it and of course, as I ve mentioned earlier, the story should be something that I can easily relate to in one way or another Like Ellie, I am free spirited, loves travelling and admittedly a hopeless romantic If I would have a Prince Charming of my own, I would like to him to be Mr Perfect, with stable job, hardworking,gentleman, no vices and all that, just like Don I would like to meet him as an aloof and arrogant guy who gets over himself and reveals his other side sensitive, caring and responsible but I would like him also to be someone who shares the same principles and interest with me and supportive of my passion Sometimes, Mr Perfect is not necessarily Mr Right and if you insist that the fairy tale that you ve designed is something that involves Mr Perfect and Mr Right as the same person,then things would definitely turn out differently from happily ever after This is the reason why Ellie s first relationship did not end up well She keeps on insisting that Mr Perfect is the right man for her and she holds on to her fantasy that their break up is part of the test so she can t move on and be happy Having not able to experience the break up that Ellie had, I know I dont have the right to talk about getting over and moving on but my feminist side always makes me want to hit people like Ellie in the head for holding on to undeserving guys like Don And in a fairy tale, there is always this knight in shining armour so here comes Lucas, the cool and fun to be with and definitely the better guy, but she could not accept because he is not the good guy she thought she want So when she finally realize that Don is not the right one for her I kind of felt so relieved and happy that she ended up with the right guy. Fairy Tale Fail really is a cute book, one that has the right amount of fluff and life lessons for the everyday working girl It s very easy to relate to Ellie, the protagonist, with her fairy tale whims and romanticism While I never had a Prince Charming like her, I knew the feeling of wanting to have a fairy tale romance, one where I have a set guide for who Prince Charming should be I know about obsessing about a guy, and I sort of know how it feels to restoring yourself when experiencing a loss.I have to admit that like Ellie, I think I d also prefer to have a guy like Don, but I would find someone like Lucas intriguing Out of my league, but very intriguing Lucas and Ellie s development was done gradually, and it was nice to see that it wasn t a rushed romance nothing is disappointing than a rushed romance in a chick lit novel, I swear Lucas seemed sexy, yet he had a good heart, even if he seemed a bit hard to see I kind of wish I got to know of him through the story, but since the story was told in Ellie s point of view, we only know as much as she does.Here s my favorite part a spoiler, so if you re reading planning to read this, skip this You think you re funny, I said ruefully I have no idea what my life is going to be like now You told me that your life wasn t all about work That you had a lot of things you looked forward to when you got out of the office Then that s exactly what your life is going to be You ve still got your family, your hobbies, your friends, and none of that will change And I m probably going to, you know, start calling Driving you home Taking you to movies you hate And then you ll probably want to introduce me to your mom Your nephew Dylan will love me because kids like me, and I ll tell him about my brother s job and our pirate story, and he ll just be so attached to me And then you ll want me to go to church again, and we ll probably discuss that at length But I probably will go to church with you at least once, and it will be in your college church, to erase the memory of what that douche did there Ah Lucas Where can I find someone like you Fairy Tale Fail is a fresh and cute story that s sure to make you sigh and be kilig. FREE PDF ♠ Fairy Tale Fail (Chic Manila, #2) ☳ Of All The Twenty Something Women Who Are Hopeless Romantics, Ellie Manuel Is Hopeless Than Romantic Even After Her Prince Charming Broke Up With Her, She Just Won T Give Up Because Fairy Tale Heroines Don T Live Happily Ever After Right Away, Silly, They Re Tested First Determined To Pass The Test, She Spends The Next Year Restoring Herself To The Girl Prince Charming Had Fallen In Love With In The First PlaceUntil She Discovers That Life Without Him Might Not Be So Bad After All Her Career Is Taking Off, Her Confidence Is Back, And The Cute Guy At Work Is No Longer A StrangerSo When Is It Okay To Quit On A Fairy Tale September 2017 reread Fairy Tale Fail was the first ever Mina V Esguerra book that I read way back in 2010 It s part of her Chic Manila series, which has several standalone titles that are loosely tied together only in the sense that the books are set in Manila and the main characters from each book know each other in some way A new edition of this book has been released with a cover featuring theater actors Gio Gahol and Gab Pangilinan, and a short epilogue I couldn t help but reread it when I got my hands on thew edition I have fond memories of this book and have been recommending it to all my friends, along with the rest of Mina s books As I mentioned in my Litsy review I remember when I read this for the first time in 2010, I felt like the story was a slice out of MY real life Philippine setting complete with typhoons, bulalo and siomai , Manila corporate work environment And I was the same age as the characters at that time Reread it in one sitting today, and it felt like catching up with old friends The kilig swoon factor is still there and the new epilogue was a nice bonus I did notice that the heat level for Fairy Tale Fail was very low It s the same for all of Mina s earlier books I guess it was just the expectation and trend at that time for Filipino romance in English to have fade to black love scenes I m very happy to report that this isn t the case nowadays I had fun revisiting Ellie and Lucas, so because I don t get to reread old favorites as much as I would want to Now that the rainy season is here, I want to have bulalo a Filipino type of broth that has meat and marrow because it was mentioned in one of the pivotal scenes in the book I think every Filipino romance should mention at least one Filipino dish that would make readers crave for it.If you re ever in mood for Filipino romance, Mina V Esguerra s books are always a good place to start November 2010 review I always say that in order for me to like a book, I have to be able to relate to it somehow No worries on that department when it comes to this one because I could TOTALLY relate to Ellie Twenty something Filipina working in a corporate job but really doesn t know what her career path is That could be me Ellie s thing is traveling and making plans for hypothetical trips abroad While I do love to travel, I don t get to do it that often so I guess it would be better to say that my thing is reading and blogging about books I ve never experienced an office romance like Ellie did but the breaking up with a boyfriend who was a friend before you became a couple Been there, done that Ellie also has several circles of friends, from her high school barkada to her office mates and I m like that as well Each set of friends has a different personality and I like to think that each group brings out a different side of me Ellie is really believable as a character she s a representation of me, my friends and every young Pinay out there looking for her own fairy tale.I keep my reviews spoiler free so I don t want to mention any names but I want a guy like the male protagonist Seriously I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Ellie and her attempts to get her life back in order after the breakup Fairy Tale Fail is a light and fun contemporary romance that gives a glimpse of middle class life in the Philippines If only the paperback was as cheap as the e book edition, I d buy lots of copies and give them as Christmas gifts to my girlfriends Unfortunately, the paperback is expensive at P350 The good news is the e book is available both in Smashwords and so for all international readers out there, you could order this anytime you want If you want a peek at what our lives are usually like and by us I mean young professionals in the Philippines , then go and read this book At 0.99, it s cheaper than your average Starbucks coffee It s really short too, like a novella than a novel I m interested to see how readers outside the Philippines will react to this one One minor quibble though, I wish Mina included footnotes to define some of the Filipino words used in the book like kuya, barkada and bulalo so that foreigners will be able to understand them That said, I d like to thank Mina for coming up with a well written Filipino chick lit novel I look forward to reading her other book, My Imaginary Ex and I hope she comes up with a thicker novel next time. Wow, that was a quick read It felt like I just sat down to read it, and already I m done with it I picked up this book just for variety I realized I hadn t been reading any chicklit lately, and with some reviews lavishing praises upon this novel, I thought I d give it a try The verdict in two words just okay Nothing exceptional, nothing bad, either And for someone who is writing in a second language I am just presuming that it is, the author being Filipina , I think that her writing was clear and fluid The plot isn t exceptional either, nor are the characters exactly unforgettable Plot wise, well, it was predictable of course she s going to end up with that guy, like you didn t know So the book was really just okay One comment, however She made use of Tagalog words likekuyaandbarkadaamong others without the proper translations A foreigner reading the book would ve found the translations helpful, and would appreciate the non necessity for an English Tagalog dictionary Okay for a light reading Three stars should do. 3.5 stars really Liked this one A quick little gem Review originally posted on my book blog hereThe Premise Ellie Manuel is a young twenty something working girl and free spirit She enjoys her job in Marketing, but work is not the end all and be all of her life Travel is her real passion, and can spend hours constructing her next vacation From what to eat to where to stay, the options are limitless Ellie is a dreamer for sure, and she is convinced that life is like a fairytale There are only seven types of stories, but in Ellie s life, she is the Hero, and eventually, she will get her happily ever after That is why, when her boyfriend Don dumps her because they aren t in sync , Ellie is sure it s all just a part of her Hero s Journey Don will come back if she stays true Then months pass, and Ellie isn t so sure She gets promoted, makes friends with the cute guy of the office, and begins to feel happy, without Don Wasn t Don her True Love Or was she mistaken My Thoughts It was very interesting to read about life in the corporate world that s so different from mine Not only do I know nothing about Marketing or Client Services, but the corporate culture in Ellie s life sounds so different Just the fact that there were a lot of young people in Ellie s office blew me away there is a serious dearth of people my age where I work , but that there is a social life among them I m jealous I loved the concept of the barkadas circles of friends and how they tied into the story How social the work culture seems I also enjoyed the glimpses of life in Manila like the food and the torrential rain that are a part of life there Peppered throughout the story are Filipino words that I usually could guess the meanings of within the context I wish there was a glossary, but I didn t need it.Ellie and Don belonged to the same barkada at work before they started dating When Don breaks up with Ellie, it s very painful for her, and it s made so because Don is still within her circle of friends, and he was there first With Ellie s feelings on her sleeve, things are very awkward with Don, Ellie, and their work barkada I really felt for Ellie during the breakup and it s aftermath I think most people have experience with a bad break up The fallout amongst friends and the little dramas that play out afterwards felt very realistic the dialogue felt particularly spot on as well Ellie s situation conjures up those feelings of denial, depression, and bargaining that are part of the grief process, although I wondered and worried about Ellie She just wouldn t get angry at Don nor would she accept her relationship with him was completely over, but this is obviously the crux of the story.Ellie has to get herself out of her post breakup rut and regain control So she makes some changes like moving to a job in Client Services She takes some trips alone, and makes friends with Lucas, the cute guy with Rock Star hair Lucas at first doesn t seem like Ellie s type He s tattooed, a smoker, and agnostic, and office gossip has him dating one pretty girl after another and fathering a lovechild For a nice Catholic girl, he hits everything on Ellie s no no list, but the she gets to know Lucas, the she realizes that her first impressions were wrong They have a charming relationship with the sort of easy conversations you only have with your very best friends A year later and Ellie is like her original self Ellie the Free Spirit was the girl Don fell in love with, the kind of person he kept comparing Ellie the Girlfriend to, and apparently by being away from him I was restoring myself to that state It isn t exactly a surprise where the story goes from here, but it is nice and satisfying the way it does.Overall This was a short and sweet chick lit that charmed me with it s whimsical main character, easy dialogue, and feel good romance As a bonus, the Manila setting gave me a glimpse of another culture, and I m always hungry to learn about places I haven t been. Restless Ellie is always looking for excitement and her own fairy tale Not surprising then that her hobby is researching and planning travel trips abroad.I enjoyed this novella It s not a girly romance but it is an easy read While there were times I would ve liked to have shaken Ellie, her blinkered outlook added to the characterisation Set in Manila, the story also gives a glimpse into another culture I learned a few Filipino terms like barkada and kuya that I hadn t come across before.Recommended for anyone looking for a quick, entertaining read. This is my first Mina V Esguerra book and I m so happy that I started with this one I had so much fun reading this I can totally see myself in the MC which is Ellie an overthinker and a hopeless romantic The struggles that she had in finding the perfect guy Mr Right were very relatable Especially the certain qualities that should be met by the person she dates religion, same values, mom s seal of approval.Aside from the romance aspect, I also loved how the dynamics of her job was discussed I can totally relate to the certain comments about Ellie s attitude about her job career and I was inspired by her journey to self improvement that includes being passionate about her job Now let s talk about the guys Don is perceived as the nice guy but in reality he s not He is a total jerk I ve met quite a few Dons so be careful with the nice guy act Ha Then there s Lucas, the mysterious, seemingly bad boy but is actually a cinnamon roll This is a short but sweet read and I highly recommend this Looking forward to read Mina V Esguerra s other books That point in a relationship when you realize that instead of happily ever after, you re apparently just a few paragraphs below once upon a time It sucks Yeah, well, if people want to give their heart and soul to their job, then good for them My work doesn t define me It was like I could, for once, let my life actually happen and not obsess over every detail Because he made me feel like it was always the right time Never too soon or too late Regrets had their place in the past, those things that made us interesting and hopefully smarter, that helped explain why we moved with caution about everything else Soundtrack Terrified by Katharine McPhee I only have one Chic Manila book left and I may have to put it my in an emergency, break glass folder This series is a joy This one is a lovely dissection of the Terrible Good Boyfriend Ellie starts in a relationship with Don, who is such a great guy that even when he breaks up with her via a reasoned explanation of her many faults and inadequacies, she still thinks for most of the book that they ll work it out because, after all, Don is a good guy And totally reasonable Thank God for Lucas, acting as catalyst rather than cause of Ellie getting back on her feet, finding what she really wants, and making her own judgement of herself The final scene when Don tries to get Ellie back is the absolute pinnacle of wish fulfilment for anyone who s ever been subjected to the reasonable, sensible, measured criticism of a good boyfriend Except she doesn t douse him in petrol and light a match But otherwise Hugely enjoyable. Fairy Tale Fail is a very short tale, but it completely validates female emotions While every girl, of course, wishes for a Prince Charming every girl also wishes for someone to appreciate them for everything they are Most of the time, the charming ones are not charmed with the gift My daughter said that a boyfriend material doesn t have to be perfect he just needs to listen and know when to turn the pressure off Where did she get that LOL, I think I have a good idea where This book made me look back into the not so distant past, back at a time when my hubby and I were just dating We didn t really get to dance the Tango He had his own moves, and I had my own, but we found each other s moves interesting and that worked for us The truth is, if I had a boyfriend like Don, I would have squirmed More than that, this book is about building self confidence Recovering from break ups does not mean forgetting about your ex, it means reacquainting with yourself again rebuilding yourself from the inside for your own Lucky Ellie, she had Lucas to remind her that.As I ve said, this is a short charming tale everyone Prince Charming included may enjoy I wish all the readers to find their own Lucas out there, as I have Really, people should leave us brokenhearted folk alone and stop trying to fix us We healed on our own time Same thoughts written here.