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Someone who loves you will cause your death In five days, you will die Strange things are happening to Sabine again, and this time it s not her predictions that are coming true In the last book Sabine was given the Witch Ball, and in this one you find out it is haunted by vengeful spirit And the three predictions before Sabine has happened, now it s time for Sabine to save herself from her death I think this one was great Slowly but surely Sabine is becoming open with her seer ability, and I like that she is becoming confident The main high school problem for Sabine in this one, is the threat of Evan telling Josh about her past, and I was hoping he would, and that Josh would be horrified and then Sabine would realize her love for Dominic But, alas, it did not happen so But it was close enough Dominic told Sabine how he felt about her when she was pretty much, almost, dead Causing Sabine to realize her love for Dominic Which made me super happy D But then there s Josh, who, just so happens to not believe Evan in his stories of Sabine s past, believing it to be lies Idiot Anyways, the series is slowly getting better and interesting, as the story progresses and Sabine slowly realizes her powers are not bad And as Nona gets worse, the stakes are higher and Dominic and Sabine are desperate to find the cure Now the ending Oh my flipping gosh view spoiler I absolutely can not believe that her mom wants her to move back to San Jose, after all her anti seer stuff anti daughter actions hide spoiler Omgoodness, I can t even right now This book was good But really they didn t need to put that cliffhanger Ok so I enjoyed this book, Don t get me wrong, but it just seemed a little different then the last three. Don t get me wrong, I really enjoyed reading the first book of this serie although I didn t rated it 5 stars , but I feel like I enjoy this serie and as I go through it Tome 3 was definitely better than tome 2, and tome 2 better than tome 1 In the tome 1, the characters are really clich s, but as the time pass, they kind of fall of it and they are less shallow, if I could say I m in my late 20s so I am obviously not the target audience for this serie, but I can honestly say that if I were 15 today, I would ve rated that 5 stars That s the kind of books I enjoyed reading as a teen Spot on I apologies in advance for my eventual mistakes as english is not my mother tongue It s book 3 of the series and it was quite interesting We get to see thins progress even further with Sabine and Dominic and her relationship with Josh Personally, I loved how things progressed but the only thing that I kept rooting for is not happening Sabine dumping Josh Like seriously, if the guy can t accept you as you are, freaky powers and all, then you shouldn t be with him But other than that, it was interesting to see that all the predictions came true, including Sabine dying It was just the right way for Dominic to confess if only he had but oh well. In this third novel of the Seer series, 16 year old Sabine Rose, still intent on keeping her psychic abilities a secret, is fitting in with the popular clique at her new school, right down to the requisite cute and sensitive boyfriend When she discovers a haunted glass ball mysteriously hanging in her grandmother s kitchen window, she puts in it in a box for safekeeping The ball keeps escaping from it s hiding spot, and when it shows up at a school carnival and makes a boy playing fortune teller issue some disturbingly accurate predictions, Sabine turns to the handy man Dominic and her spirit guide Opal for assistance.Part mystery, part fantasy, and part romance, Witch Ball also incorporates subplots of implementing the school carnival, struggling with Nona s increasing dementia and being torn between two boys the puppydog like sweet crush and the brooding older man round out the story and set the supernatural elements in a complete and believable setting Sabine is a sympathetic and likeable character everygirl with one little twistNewbies to the series will get wrapped up in the drama, while fans will enjoy continued character development and culminating storylines The author provides just enough information to bring readers unfamiliar with the storyline up to speed The writing is average, and the ending predictable, Singleton shines in creating eerie and suspensful scenes The voice of Sabine is dead on, but for a 14 year old This allows the author publisher to keep the story clean enough for middle school audiences The Seer books are a perfect readalike for fans of Meg Cabot s Mediator series Witch Ball is sure to be a popular choice in public and school libraries serving teens. RESUME, MAY HAVE SPOILERS When Sabine visited Pine City read The Seer 2 , her relative gave her an enchanted witch ball Turns out that ball is possessed by an evil ghost that refuses to let go When the school organizes a fair with a divination stand, the ball ends up replacing a fake one and Manny Sabine s friend gave real predictions to three people and Sabine Manny said that Sabine was going to die in less than a week She then tries to find the three people to know their predictions to see if they come true They all came true When comes the day of her death , everyone around Sabine traps her in the house so nothing happens to her When Sabine gets an email that her little sister ran away from their house to join her, she decides to go out while Nona isn t watching Dominic joins her Sabine finds her sister Amy and she goes back home, but on their way back to Nona s, Dominic and Sabine get into an accident and Sabine dies Opal, her spiritual guide, tells her that it s not the right time for her death so she comes back to life END OF THE RESUME This is a really good book series for people who love fiction and easy reading Plus, there is never a boring moment while reading this book The action never stops You always want to know what s going to happen next Each book of the series has between 300 and 500 small pages with small chapters so you read through them super fast I find that the first book is a good introduction to all the characters of the series Also, everything is really well described and super easy to read I ve first read this series at 14 years old Now I m 18 and I loved it even than I did back then I definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves a good story with non stop action. Nona s disease is progressing and her short term memory is worsening, so Sabine and Dominic are working hard to find the remaining two silver charms to lead them to the remedy book After finding the first missing charm at the end of the last book, Sabine also receives a crystal ball a witch ball She discovers, unfortunately, that the witch ball is possessed by an angry spirit, who causes quite a bit of chaos Manny, Sabine s school newspaper editor and one of the few who knows she s a psychic, uses the ball at the fortune telling booth at the school fair and makes predictions which begin to come true The main problem is that one of his predictions is that Sabine would die by he end of the week In the course of tracking down the others for whom Manny made predictions, she learns new information about friends and classmates, some of whom are not who they seem to be at first She s still hiding her psychic abilities from best friend Penny Love and perfect boyfriend Josh, but she s also getting to know better and really trust her Goth friend Thorn, Manny, and Dominic, with whom she feels a strange, powerful, and confusing connection Her twin sisters, back home with her parents, are also having issues as they grow older and into their different personalities, and Sabine struggles with her mother, who does not appreciate her gifts and who she feels kicked her out of the house because of them Will Sabine really die at the end of the week Will she and Dominic find the remedy book in time to help Nona Can she help the spirit in the witch ball move on Will she reconcile with her family The Witch BallLinda Joy SingletonFiction 247 pages The Witch Ball is the third book in the series The Seer This series is about a high school girl named Sabine who has physic abilities In this book Sabine finds a witch ball and her grandma Nona told her to get rid of it because it was evil and Sabine refused to, she just hid it But the school was having a carnival and they were going to set up a fortune teller booth and Sabine bought a plastic crystal ball But when the carnival comes she grabs the wrong ball, the witch ball Sabine doesn t notice until after she had her prediction and her fortune was that she was going to die in 5 days by a person who loves her Then Sabine noticed it wasn t the crystal ball, it was the witch ball There were 3 other fortunes told before her so she was determined to find out what they were But if they came true that means Sabine s fortune would come true also Now she only had 5 days to find out the other fortunes I think this book was a really good book to continue on to the series I finished this book in a day so it was really good I really like reading books with mysteries in them My favorite character is Sabine She is a really busy girl but has time for everyone She has time for her boyfriend, her popular friends, her unpopular friends and even her grandma Nona Which I really like because she is about to pass unless Sabine and Dominic find the remedy book which is Nona s medicine to heal her Unfortunately, the remedy book is lost in the past but they are really close to finding it Hopefully they will find it before Nona passes Original review at Izy s dream Seer seriesI liked how Sabine is slowly moving away from her shallow or normal as she calls it life and moving towards real relationships.It is not that ditching friends is a good things, but ditching people who are not really your friends because you can t be yourself around them is than okay You gotta learn to know your value and respect yourself if you want others to do so Be true is my best advice, to Sabine, but also to all girls and women out there.I liked how Manny, Thorn and Dominic were present through all the book I also really liked Amy s part in this book Oh and I particularly enjoyed the part when Manny drives Sabine home hahaha you ll understand when you read it I didn t really like the whole witch ball idea, it was all weird to me, but that s a personal opinion I think it was a bit far fetched, but I get that it was necessary to help Sabine know her gift better.I loved Opal s role and presence in this installment, but I hate Sabine s lack of respect towards her I get that she s her guide but she could speak to her without the attitude or without sending her away every time Opal doesn t answer her questions or doesn t give her direct answers The whole point of guiding is letting your student learn by themselves, not feeding them all the answers like a spoiled child.Finally, it was a really good book but I thought it was too short, I don t really like Sabine s attitude and the witch ball idea didn t appeal to me These are the reasons why it s not 5 stars, but it is still well written and it was enjoyableBeware, it ends on a cliffhanger Personally, I don t mind but those of you who do, consider yourselves warned ^FREE PDF ☛ Witch Ball (The Seer, #3) ☠ Sabine Is Finally Starting To Feel Accepted At Her New High School She S Friends With The Popular Girls And Even Has A Cute Boyfriend But Sabine Also Has A Dark Secret She S Psychic, And Was Forced To Leave Her Old School After She Accurately Predicted The Death Of A Football Player Volunteering With Her Friends To Help Run The Psychic Booth At Their School S Fundraising Carnival, Sabine Discovers Too Late That The Fake Crystal Ball She Meant To Bring Has Been Mysteriously Switched In Its Place Is The Strange Witch Ball She Locked Away After Her Grandmother Refused To Have It In The House Now The Haunted Witch Ball S Predictions Are Coming True, And Sabine Must Solve The Mystery Before Its Final Prediction Her Own Death Becomes A Deadly Reality Finalist For The Coalition Of Visionary Resources Award For Best Visionary Fiction Book