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Before I hand the reviewing reigns over to Eleanor, I wanted to say a couple things I took out of this book. (Hopefully she doesn't get too impatient.)

There's a lot in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books written for adults as well as kids. The theme of selfreliance comes through loud and clear. The difference in childrearing... wow. Hold on:

Me: Eleanor, what does it mean to "speak when spoken to?"


Me: Do you think we should make that a rule in our house?

E: What if I need dessert?

Me: Well, you couldn't ask for it. So, should it be a rule?

E: ...I don't know...

Me: What do you think?

E: Well... if we have a question, we speak. So I don't know about that rule, dad.

Me: You mean you don't like it?

E: No...

That's exactly what I thought. Although, I'd like to add she's been sitting here very patiently waiting to review the book. She hasn't complained or said a word, and it's late. (She was kind of grumpy earlier...)

Me: Weren't you Eleanor.

E: Yeah.

Anyway (me again), like I said, there was a lot in there for grownups that is applicable to today.

They were at the fair, and father saw some Belgian horses:

"Father said they were Belgians. They came from a country called Belgium, in Europe. ...Father admired them very much.
'Look at that muscle! They'd pull a barn, if hitched to it.'
Almanzo asked him: 'What's the good of a horse that can pull a barn? We don't want to pull a barn. A Morgan has muscle enough to pull a wagon, and he's fast enough to pull a buggy, too!'
'You're right, son!' Father said. He looked regretfully at the big horses, and shook his head. 'It would be a waste to feed all that muscle, and we've got no use for it. You're right.'"

How apropos for today. For myself. For my country. How often have I looked at something I don't need? Something that has no practical purpose? Even Almanzo's fatherthe faultless, the diligenthe's even tempted at times.

Eleanor's doing such a good job of waiting for her turn. I'm not sure how to reward her. I've got one more story to tell about her before I let her write her part of the review.

Here's what I wrote down when it happened:

It is shocking, SHOCKING how much Eleanor remembers. We've been reading this book for months and months. I don't sit down and read her a chapter a night, it happens much more sporadically than that. She ALWAYS remembers what chapter we're on. Here's how it went down:

E: What's chapter 22 called?

Me: The Fall of the Year.

E: But I thought chapter 10 was called "The Turn of the Year."

Me: (I'm shocked that she remembered this, as it had been months since we read it.) What was chapter 10 about?

E: Almanzo not going to school.

So, I went back to check, and sure enough she was right. I got up, and told my wife what happened, and she was surprised too. She asked how many chapters Eleanor remembered, and I said, "I don't know." So I asked her. She went chapter 13 and at 4 she stopped.

E: I don't want to tell anymore.

(She was getting bored, exasperated, or just plain wanted to stop. Maybe she didn't know any more.)

Me: You don't remember?

E: I do. I just don't want to tell.

Me: (teasing) No, you don't.

E: I do.

Me: ...We'll play the WOO! WOO! WOO! game if you tell. (The WOO! WOO! WOO! game includes me throwing her into the air. ...We don't play that one as much anymore.)

E: OK! Chapter 4 Surprise. Chapter 5Birthday. Chapter 6Filling the Ice House. Chapter 7 Saturday Night...

She did all the way up to chapter 22which was the chapter we were on at the time. We'd never gone back to practice. It seems crazy to me. Seriously crazy.

Of course, there are times I send her upstairs to tell her mother something and she'll come back down and ask, "What was I supposed to tell?"

Anyway. Sorry for the long story. I know it's a review. I just had to get that story down somewhere.


Me: You already told me 5 stars, so why don't you tell me what the book was about. Or tell me your favorite part.

E: I liked when Almanzo was going to get Starlight.

Me: Who is Starlight?

E: A baby colt. And when he's four, Almanzo's gonna start to "gentle" him.

Me: What's "gentle him" mean?

E: I think it means "make him gentle." How do we "gentle" a colt?

Me: I don't know. What other parts did you like?

E: I also liked that he went to the county fair and (view spoiler)