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Enjoyed this book for the most part Interesting characters, great sexual tension and chemistry between them She has a really nice writing style too, I like her way with words. There is an immediate attraction between the hero and heroine in this story, and the chemistry is amazing Sophy is annoyed by Lorenzo s laid back approach to work, especially because she is Ms Efficient, filling in as a favor to her family Sophy has always felt like the black sheep in a family of successful lawyers and she makes up for it by being their errand girl As she works with Lorenzo, Sophy realizes he is a complex man with a tragic past He feels a strong connection to Sophy, but he does not do relationships and he doesn t think he is good enough for her These two have a lot of baggage to work through, and they are very well developed characters There are many memorable scenes in the book, but I don t want to ruin them If you aren t reading Natalie Anderson s books, you should be #Book ⚦ Unbuttoned by Her Maverick Boss ⚣ Can Opposites Attract Rugged Tycoon Lorenzo Hall Comes From The Wrong Side Of The Tracks, And This Wild Rebel Has A New Cause He S Aching To Discover If His New Assistant, Sophy Braithwaite, Is As Prim And Proper As She Looks Of Course, For Sophy, Her Smoldering Boss Should Be Off Limits But It S Easy To See How Lorenzo S Criminally Hot Body And The Dangerous Twinkle In His Eyes Could Tempt Her To Break All The Rules P Of Cover Sophy is her family s yes woman She flunked out of law school and has tried desperately to earn their approval all her life So when her sister asks her to take on some time as a secretary at a local charity, she of course, agrees Here she meets Lorenzo Hall, a businessman who started out on the wrong side of the tracks and loves nothing than to rile Sophy and her prim perfectionism He loves manipulating their attraction, but he knows it can t go anywhere since he doesn t do commitment or feeling Sophy s thinking she ll take the fling he s offering, since it s time to spice things up in her life So she does Only neither is able to let the other go But Lorenzo s past and his fears will definitely challenge any relationship between them So this was like watching a soap opera It was melodrama rather than drama, as Sophy huddles into a ball crying and Lorenzo sneers hurtful comments to push her away It was entertaining, no doubt about it But there was some aspect of it that really was like a soap opera as though their feelings and emotions weren t quite genuine Lorenzo s issues for example heroes across romancelandia have been abused and left in foster care and have come out a lot less tortured and I had a bit of trouble believing that one woman could send him to such a tizzy He s got that typical HP cool ruthlessness, but there s also some desperation and panic when it comes to those feelings creeping up on him In retrospect, it s rather refreshing to see a hero showing that much emotion and I really liked that it wasn t just the heroine dealing with her feelings We got equal depth exploring the hero s Overall it was an enjoyable read with an appreciable emotional punch. I ve been gloming this author and notice a pattern all her heroes are insanely hot and aware of it and all the heroines are pseudo reluctant In this case, our heroine decides she actually doe want a fling The rest of the story, as usual, wanders through nice emotional paths I just wish that for once, a heroine who said no actually meant it and stuck to it. Ho letto questo libro subito dopo aver letto Per Un Bacio Di Fuoco della stessa Anderson E non trovo le parole per far capire quanto questo libro sia bello E davvero superlativo a cominciare dai personaggi lui spiritoso , un po birichino , e segretamente tormentato lei decisa e dolce , determinata ad aiutarlo a credere in s stesso Davvero stupendo Consigliatissimo I love Natalie Anderson s books and this story had all the ingredients to make it just perfect for a romance reader Natalie s hero s are alpha with tenderness and sensitivity lurking ANd her heroine s are fiesty and know how to fight for what they want Interesting premise A wounded hero stud muffin who you really find yourself rooting for I liked the hero than I liked the heroine s character There wasn t anything WRONG with her, per se, she was actually quite strong I don t know She was just a little annoying is all Such a doormat. I wanted to like this book so bad But the novel, much like the hero s demons and tendency to stop everything when upset to workout ASAP, came across artificial and forced. Okay, I went in with incredibly low expectations I was legitimately surprised and impressed by how good the book was compared to first expectations.I liked the characters, the scenes were pretty spicy though there were a few fade to blacks, the chemistry was there, and the plot was enjoyable I m rating this a solid 3 1 2 The characters are well written but I found the world a little two dimensional They felt like props than anything else That said, I know they continue to be featured in the series and I do think that is something to look forward to I do think the first act is stronger than the second It all comes together in the end all at once and than a little rushed The reason for the hero running away is than a little idiotic but not a deal breaker because I still found it all enjoyable I definitely liked the characters and how they interacted in the first act A good read if you re looking for something quick, simple, and enjoyable