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If you have not read book 1 3, there are possible spoilers You have been warnedThis book was good How good If you took all the paranormal elements out of this book, it would still be a great book Without any paranormal elements Girl breaks up with boy because boyfriend lied to her and abused her body to further his addiction to drugs Girl and boy still love each other but major trust issues Along comes ex girlfriend who sees an opportunity to grab boy back and cause major problems Jealousy, envy, and distrust reign supreme throughout the book.Now if you add in the paranormal elements, the book is even better But hold on This book would be an easy 5 star except THE STUPID ENDING Ok, that is all I m going to say. I ship it so hard, oh my god what is my life You know who I m talking to, people who have read this highly underrated series. From the description Trying to work things out with Nash her maybe boyfriend is hard enough for Kaylee Cavanaugh. coughs Excuse meYour maybe boyfriend THE DUDE LET YOU BE POSSESSED BY A DEMON, YOU IDIOT Let s set this straight All of the things Nash has done to make you break up with him or at least SHOULD 1 He lied to you for a month about being high on Demon s Breath2 He let you be possessed by a demon3 He had sex with the possessed version of you, claiming that he didn t know it wasn t you, but he really should and probably did know have 4 Acted like a dick the entire month while being high on Demon s Breath, trying to get you to have sex with him, since that s all the bastard wants grabs Kaylee by the shoulders GET WITH TOD HE LOVES YOU, AND YOU LOVE HIM, WE RE ALL A HAPPY DAMN FAMILY.Actual Review.I m just realizing these Soul Screamers books are all following the same plot pattern The very beginning of the book consists of Kaylee obsessing over Nash and nothing else matters Then a problem comes into the picture in this case, Sabine, Nash s ex girlfriend shows up and wants Nash back Kaylee soon finds out Sabine is actually a Maru, literally a Nightmare, a Netherworld creature that feeds off the fear of people in the form of nightmares When people start dying in their sleep, Kaylee thinks Sabine s behind it Kaylee tries to solve the problem on her own, she realizes Avari is behind the whole thing big surprise there and when she fails to solve it on her own, she tells her dad, who s no help whatsoever add some obsessing over Nash, lots of eating food, and fighting Sabine They somehow find themselves in the Netherworld, deceive Avari in some way, then they escape and happy ending until the next book sigh Okay, two things I like about the book 1 Tod Tod is Tod, and I love him for that 2 Sabine Even though she was supposed to be one of the bad characters, I really liked her She was really cool, and adored getting on Kaylee s nerves, which I loved her even for She has a cool bad girl vibe about her, and also a slutty vibe, but that s not entirely who she is I don t get why Kaylee can t just give up Nash You re obviously unsure about it, so why not let Sabine have him I get it, your pride will be wrecked, and your wittle hawrt won t want to be bwoken Swallow your damn pride girl, and let Nash go Tod gave you so many hints that he liked you in this book, and you can t stop fussing over stupid Nash Also, why is Kaylee always drinking Coke Why can t she just drink water Whenever someone asks her if she wants something to drink, she says Just Coke Or whenever she drinks ANYTHING, it s always fricking Coke Doesn t she know drinking soda every day increases your risk of getting cancer And it makes you fat Oh, and in the end, when Kaylee gets back together with NashI just what the I can t p.s I hate Rachel s Vincent s writing style Hate it Despise it I actually have If I Die from the library in my room right now, but I can t stomach another Rachel Vincent book right after reading one So, I m going to read Shade instead. Kaylee and Nash are in limbo after she breaks up with him Things shake up when Nash s NIGHTMARE of an ex, Sabine shows up Except,and there s zero catiness as I type thisSabine really is a NIGHTMARE.I ve finally figured out what made me not like the first two they read sounded young, granted the books are YA, I just couldn t connect their youngish tone Basically, The premise was solid, but the writing was not on the mark BUT Come the third book and now the fourth one, the characters had matured and so had the writing What really surprised me was the constant weight on my chest present as I read To Steal It s definitely edgier and much relatable Sabine She kicked this series up a couple of notches in my regard too Now right there is a bitch who knows she s one Absolutely no pretense on her part A little cold blooded but she spiced up the series for me She is totally different from the villains of old Aunt Val, The Hellion and Avari, because she seemed human Cool, no Nash If something seems too good to be true, it probably isn t And in the first book, he was definitely too good, to be true I had my doubts about him then, but here, his I me myself mentality really got to me And yes, I know there s no Nash Kaylee Todd triangle, but if there was my choice is clear Kaylee She has finally grown a pair And I loved it She s paranoid and really bitchy, but at least she admitted it In a word Relatable She s no longer the goody goody bean sidhe doormat trying to save the world, but a girl trying to settle things with her boyfriend It seems all it takes for me to change my stance from just reading to loving this series is a relatable main character I really enjoyed My Soul To Steal So, for being edgier, darker for having a much relatable MC, To Steal has redeemed this series in my eyes I officially love the series. I LOVED this latest installment I should start off this review by admitting I m completely addicted to this series I checked the first one out of the library on a whim and by the end of chapter one I was hooked I ve since gone out and purchased my own copy I swear the pages of the book are laced with frost or some other Netherworld addictive chemical If that last sentence didn t make sense it can only be because you haven t read the books, and you should fix that immediately.At the end of the third book, My Soul to Keep, we were left in an emotional limbo with Kaylee having learned some devastating news about things a person close to her let be done to her So I knew going in this book was going to be full of emotional angst and boy was I right.My Soul to Steal starts off a few weeks after the end of book three Kaylee and Nash s relationship is still in limbo and Kaylee is unsure where things between them are going In this book Kaylee is stronger and at the same time vulnerable than ever Within the past year, not only did she learn who she is and about her heritage, but she has had to deal with some level of betrayal by almost everyone in her life This could have made her jaded or cynical but instead it made her cautious, made her think before she leaps and helped her learn to rely on herself But she isn t too proud to ask for help She listens to others input, allows for the fact she could be wrong and then forms her own conclusions, even if no one else agrees with her She has really grown since we met her in book one and I was proud of her.The Nash we see in this book isn t the one we met in book one or the one we last saw at the end of book three Yay for that The Nash we see here is a little broken He s doing his best to find his footing and reclaim his life after the fall out of book three My heart went out to him, but I was still hesitant to totally trust him Despite my hesitancy, the whole time I was crossing my fingers that he and Kaylee would be able to find their way back to each other Above all I was hoping praying rooting that he d prove himself worthy of her.I really loved Tod in this book He s always been one of my favorite characters and this book was no different If anything I loved him even.We also get to learn about Alec He was an interesting character and his back story was intriguing In this book we are introduced to Sabine, Nash s ex girlfriend who makes no secret of the fact she wants Nash back Sabine is Kaylee s worst nightmare literally When I read the blurb about this book and learned of Sabine s existence I was worried immediately, as I should have been She is a perfect foil for Kaylee Sabine was a really complex character and kudos to Rachel Vincent for bringing her to life I could go from being annoyed by Sabine, to hating her, to feeling a pang of sadness for her within a few sentences It was amazing.There is plenty of emotional drama in this book but there is even fast paced well written plot I had high expectations for this book and Rachel Vincent didn t disappoint My Soul to Steal comes out this January It is a must read for anyone who enjoys this series And if you haven t read this series, you really should start I loved this book and can t wait for book number five. This series just keeps getting better and better and My Soul to Steal is definitely my favorite thus far The book starts with Nash and Kaylee s relationship in limbo as a result of Nash s addiction to frost Kaylee can t come to terms yet after everything that has happened Enter Sabine, Nash s ex girlfriend who is literally Kaylee s worst nightmare Sabine s a mara , someone who feeds off of other people s fears by way of their bad dreams and Kaylee seems to be 1 on her hit list I loved how the story played out Kaylee s thoughts and emotions were very real The way she was torn about getting back together with Nash was believable and I liked how resolute she was in making sure of her feelings before even attempting to dive back into a relationship with him Nash has yet to redeem himself in my eyes although he was working hard to regain Kaylee s trust The new character, Sabine was straightforward and honest to a fault She s the type who knows what she wants and will do everything to get it And Tod I absolutely loved Tod Some think that the shift in his attitude came out of nowhere but I sort of I saw it coming in My Soul to Keep given how furious he was at Nash when he found out about Avari possessing Kaylee and Nash letting it happen I thought the author did an awesome job with clueing the readers about Tod s feelings without hammering us on the head with it Rachel Vincent definitely knows how to build anticipation and I m excited to read about what happens next.The book was not all teenage angst and drama either Of course, there s a mystery involving the Netherworld This part of the story felt a little weird I don t want to give out details but I don t think a small place would have so much death and chaos and yet people went their merry way Limbs were being crushed and authorities felt something was awry and yet they chucked it up to teen hormones What, not even a moment of silence for those who passed away It was simply unbelievable That being said, I still think My Soul to Steal is a very good read I can t wait to get my hands on the next book. MY FAVORITE BOOK IN THE SERIES WONDERFUL STORY Bittersweet, heartfelt and very painful I LOVE IT I really like this book compared to the other 3 This one has a lot of emotions that continue to play in and out of my head It actually bothers me a lot because of how Kaylee keeps on getting hurt I really really pity her in this book I mean c mon She feels like she s not wanted by the people around her Feeling unwanted sounds really painful and every time her fears are being described in the book I can t help myself to feel sorry for her Another one, Nash Nash is also hurting I know, he did some unforgivable things but that doesn t mean he s not sorry He s saying he loves Kaylee, but how come he gave up his memories of her in the third book and other matters that I am not going to mention because it may contain spoilers However, I can t help myself to shout at Nash, WHO S it gonna be Nash Kaylee or Sabine Tod, is a different matter all together From the first book, I was actually in love with him gosh I love you Tod Marry me i want you reaper i need you LOLanyway, he said some things here that really hurt Kaylee, not him hurting her literally, but some of his perspectives regarding Nash, Kaylee and Sabine I don t know if he s saying that for the sake of his brother, for the sake of Kaylee s emotions or for HIM yes, i think it may be his intentions as welli m still suspecting here but i really WISH my suspicions are true Another matter about Tod, well, I THINK he s having feelings for Kaylee as in not just a friend but in a different level see here SPOILERS Tod and Kaylee moments I LOVE THIS His fingers wrapped around mine loosely, then squeezed, and I thought I saw the slightest swirling of colors in his eyes.My pulse leapt and I blinked, breaking eye contact, then blinked again, confused by what I d almost seen.Tod stared at me for just a second longer, then shook his head, and his ironic grin was back. does this mean anything i REALLY think it does Kaylee Wouldn t you be mad if I told you to give up on someone you love Just hand her over to someone who doesn t even deserve her Tod gave me a strange, sad look I couldn t interpret, and the blues in his irises shifted subtlety before he got control on them Yes I guess I wouldmy favorite part Then strong, warm arms wrapped around me from behind I ve got you, Tod whispered in my ear, as Avari charged us I don t know if these meant anything at all or they are just simple gestures BUT c mon i LOVE THEM TOGETHER This book hurt me to much I don t care if Nash ended up with Sabine soooo I m sticking with TOD but how can someone have a happy ending with a reaper hmmmmm. This series has sucked me in I m sleep deprived but can t seem to get enough How to write a review for Book 4 in the series without spoilers Not really possible If you ve read this series and made it through book 3 then you ll likely love this addition to the series For some reason I m just pulled into these books They are NOT clean reads The first book wasn t too bad but the heat just keeps increasing with each book In this one Sabine oozes sex, she s sex personified and there is nothing subtle about her actions Despite the content which I wish was toned down a little, I haven t felt such emotion while reading a series in years My emotions were in turmoil while reading this book Sabine is so awful I abhor her and yet somehow came to love her to is such a thing possible Nash to love him or hate him I keep flip flopping back and forth and it s making me crazy Add in an evil Netherworld element and it s one wild ride of a story.Rating 5 Stars I Loved ItContent Once again this book was another step up from the last one More language, sex talk, innuendo.Source Audible.com download 4 or 4.5 stars, I can t decide.Okay I m going to give you some friendly advice, Kaylee, because I like you I really, really do But I also want to slap you Hard.Yes, your ex boyfriend did something horrible Yes, he treated you badly Yes, he lied, he kept secrets and tried his Influence on you I get that you are pissed.But when his hot ex girlfriend comes into town, and tries every possible way to get into your ex boyfriend s pants, who you still love like crazy, you just don t sit there and complain about it Would it hurt to at least try and make things right To try to forgive him and see what a great guy you have there, just waiting for you Cause that s exactly what he s doing You left him to rot for 2 weeks straight, while he was trying to fight his addiction FOR YOU He was trying to get better FOR YOU He was working so damn hard to keep himself together FOR YOU And what did you do Right, ignore the shit out of him.Then the ex pops up, openly declaring a war And what do you do You try to hurt Nash as much as possible, you throw back everything in his face AND assume he ll just go back to Sabine You almost want him to fuck up I cannot understand why you are trying to push him away when all he s trying to do it get close to you, EVEN WITH SABINE BREATHING DOWN BOTH YOUR NECKS It s not like he hasn t have girls lining up to be with him The fact that he s sticking around, even while he can get some someplace else, SHOULD BE ENOUGH TO PROVE HIS LOYALTY GOD GET A CLUE.It s your turn now, Sabine You are beyond pathetic Yes, you didn t have an amazing life Boohoo I understand that Nash is the only good thing you ve ever had in your life at least that s so in your delusional mind , but for god s sake, it was just sex Lots and lots of it, apparently, but still Your insecurities and your attempts at trying to scare Kaylee away are just hilarious I reached for the popcorn several times while watching you in action.And now you, Tod WTF Are you that desperate for Kaylee s attention or do you secretly hate your brother that much GOD I don t even understand what your deal is You try to make Kaylee see the nature of the relationship between Nash and Sabine, and then a few chapters later you are telling Kaylee to let Nash go if she really cares about him I m really not in the mood to deal with you right now.And last but not least Nash I love you Never stop being awesome The ending was weird, with the puppy ish things etc I can t wait to find out their names for some reason XD ^Free Epub ☞ My Soul to Steal ☚ Trying To Work Things Out With Nash Her Maybe Boyfriend Is Hard Enough For Kaylee Cavanaugh She Can T Just Pretend Nothing Happened But Complicated Doesn T Even Begin To Describe Their Relationship When His Ex Girlfriend Transfers To Their School, Determined To Take Nash BackSee, Sabine Isn T Just An Ordinary Girl She S A Mara, The Living Personification Of A Nightmare She Can Read People S Fears And Craft Them Into Nightmares While Her Victims Sleep Feeding From Human Fear Is How She SurvivesAnd Sabine Isn T Above Scaring Kaylee And The Entire School To Death To Get Whatever And Whoever She Wants