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!Download Book ⚓ The Good Greek Wife? ⚖ He Was Declared Missing At Sea But Now Notorious Zarek Michaelis Is Back And Ready To Take Control First He Ll See To His Business, And Then To His Wayward Wife For Two Years Penny Has Struggled To Come To Terms With Zarek S Disappearance But Enough Is Enough It S Time To Move On Her Proud Greek Husband Is Still As Darkly Handsome As Ever, And The Attraction Between Them Is Just As Potent But Penny Can T Trust Zarek S Motives Does He Just Want Her Body And The Fortune He Left Behind Or To Try Again Adult romance novels are a guilty pleasure of mine I now that there are problems with some of them and that most contain love at first sight which I usually hate , but there s just something about these novels that is so addicting I have read many Harlequin Presents and some other adult romance novels and while I enjoy some, I also understand that there are many flaws with these and usually I don t mind them as much, but this book was unbearable, I wanted to dnf it many times, but since it s short and I wondered what was going to happen before the usually obvious ending, I decided to keep going.I enjoy romance novels where the girl is hard to get throughout at least half of the novel and it seems realistic instead of falling for the guy the minute you see him Does that even happen in real life, is that even possible Also, I ve noticed that the couples in many of these romance novels, can barely handle being in the same room without wanting to touch each other I ve never been in love or lust, but I don t think that s how love and attraction works It just seems stupid when people say or act like that they can t control themselves is a good excuse, it s not, it just seems stupid But then again, these are romance novels, so of course they are going to have this kind of stuff in them, it s just hard to tolerate them sometimes, especially when they keep repeating that stuff over and over and over.As you can tell by my rating, I did not enjoy this book and there are many reasons why, which I will explain after work, since I need to get to sleep.Apparently this is a modern retelling of Odysseus and Penelope from the Odyssey.The only reasons I gave this a one star rating are because for once in a romance novel when the girl said no, she didn t just give up because deep down she actually wanted it, but she fought him to listen to her And there is actually consent at the end of the book, Zerek asks, Will you let me make love to you as the women I love The love of my heart, my life My wife That surprised me since I rarely, if ever, see this in adult romance novels so I didn t expect it and it also made me happy It always annoys me when a girl says no in these stories, she actually wants it and the guy knows it That s sending a bad message to people, saying that when a girl says no, she means yes, which is not the case in real life.I m not sure if I will write of my thoughts on the book later or if I ll just leave it like this.Blog nazishreads.net TravelandBookBlogMy twitter account NazishTVDSwiftMy Instagram accounts nazishreads, nrcharmed01, nrdisney, and nazishcosplay I liked this version than the original. THE GOOD GREEK WIFE by author Kate Walker is a very tension filled yet sensitive reconcilation story.The story started with the heroine, Penny, a widow and her late husband s family after her to sell the business They want her to agree to a sellout as they said the business needed a man at the helm and not a woman With this tension and conflict facing Penny, you start rooting for her immediately And then when the whole family gathers for the board meeting in the morning to declare Zarek, Penny s husband legally dead, who should appear, but Zarek himself after the absence of two years The conflict and tension in this story by author Kate Walker is very profound One minute you re rooting for Penny and the next you re all the way with Zarek Despite being an alpha hero, Zarek is a very sensitive guy, and Penny is a fiesty heroine who stands out in her husband s Greek family and takes over the business, while believing him to be dead I ve read this before a couple of times a good while ago and enjoyed it again It s a reunion romance and the hero has been missing for two years after his experimental yacht was attacked by pirates and he was kidnapped For Penny, it s been a tough two years, burdened by grief and the memory of how her marriage was failing and the argument she had with Zadek before he left for the trip.She has also been putting up with her step monster in law and her two sons who have designs on the family shipping business.Now she has reached the end of her tether and is ready to give into family pressure to have her husband declared legally dead.Which is about the right time for hubby to make a dramatic appearance in the board room, just in time to seize control of his family business from the usurpers and confront his wife.From there it s pretty much all about Penny and Zadek spending time togetheraloooooone.I remember really enjoying this the first time and all the subtle little things that Penny did over the last two years that proved her love for her husband and reminiscent of her Greek mythology namesake.It s a thinly veiled modernisation of the story of Odysseus and Penelope Without Odysseus shagging the odd goddess and princess on his way back to her Which I found immensely satisfying. A modern romance based on the return of Odysseus following the Trojan War, this story had lots of promise but didn t really fulfil all my expectations The trouble with a story like this, missing husband returns home, is that I expected drama the potential for emotion and conflict to arise is great This story takes the approach of having most of the conflict occur not in the relationship as such, but in whether or not the heroine is going to give in and have sex with the hero Unfortunately, and somewhat disappointingly, she does remarkably quickly, and it just feels like the author has been so preoccupied with her characters being sexy that she s failed to portray them as real people.I just really mourn this Mills and Boon story as a lost cause which is a shame as I enjoyed a similar idea in an earlier story, Damiano s Return The two main characters are arrogant, dull and unsympathetic, the step family is evil in the way that Disney does best, and the attempts to link Penelope s unweaving of the tapestry in the Odessey with Penny s drawing of a yacht design is pathetic.My main sticking point though, and the reason why I only gave this novel 1 star despite sticking with it until the end, is that when the main character Penny decides that she doesn t want to have sex with her husband any, she is literally forced to fight him off her because he doesn t take no for an answer It s not sexy and it s not acceptable. This was based on the story of Penelope and Odysseus, at the end of Homer s Odyssey Penny, the heroine, has been dealing with being left behind to keep her husband s business and estate going after he was kidnapped by pirates three years before, and presumably murdered His step family wants to have him declared dead and take over the business, she s been resisting She s finally decided to let them begin the process, when he turns up again He thinks she s betrayed him, because she saw him hug one of his step brothers She s angry with him because they fought before he left, and won t go back to the way things were And yet, she did love him, and she s glad he s alive He s glad to be home Their emotions go back and forth a lot, and I thought the story felt a little rushed, but I still liked it. In the beginning he was disguised as fisherman to find out if family was involved in his ship wreck and what his wife was up to in his absence She had been running his company very well He was declared missing at sea but now notorious Zarek Michaelis is back and ready to take control First he ll see to his business, and then to his wayward wife.For two years Penny has struggled to come to terms with Zarek s disappearance But enough is enough It s time to move on.Her proud Greek husband is still as darkly handsome as ever, and the attraction between them is just as potent But Penny can t trust Zarek s motives does he just want her body and the fortune he left behindor to try agai The heroine Penny is feeling very sad after realising it s time that she accepts that her husband has gone It s been two years since her husband Zarek was kidnapped and supposedly killed by pirates but Penny has never truly been able to believe it When she is getting pressure from her husband s family to have him legally declared dead, in walks Zarek, alive and well and just as powerful as ever Zarek is back and just in time judging by what he has recently discovered He has suffered greatly over the two years he has been away, and now plans to take his rightful place back But first he and Penny have some issues to deal with Before he had been kidnapped, he and Penny had hit a rough patch in their marriage and those problems are still there Penny is pleased beyond belief that Zarek is back, but her pain over their marriage problems stop her from showing her true feelings to Zarek She has always been deeply in love with him, whereas Zarek only married her in order to have children And having been apart from each other for two lonely years it doesn t seem like there is a chance they have a future.I really enjoyed this one, it s very intense and intriguing This is a classic example of what Kate Walker does, and does best I love that Kate has managed to create such a maelstrom of emotion that her characters experience even though the story only takes place over a couple of days The questions the story raises over the importance of communication in marriage is also something that is done very well I love the hero Zarek is so perfectly crafted, he epitomises everything great about an alpha hero, but also has a wonderful sensitive and vulnerable side I found the heroine s almost hysterical switching of moods a little frustrating, but it suits her character This is an emotional book that had me hooked right from the start Recommended Originally posted at 3.5 stars I love reading Presents books, but I m not blind to the faults inherent within In this book, the misunderstandings were fairly reasonable, and involved a lot of lack of communicationso it wasn t too bad And in general the main characters were enjoyable and fairly redeemable Not a re read, but not a regret