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2.5starsWhat to say, what to sayOkay, to be honest here, I do like this series, it has all the elements I look for in a good read swoon worthy characters, a complex plot and strong writing and I simply adore Logan But This book made me dizzy and it felt completely different from the first With Logan it s he s a shade, he s a ghost, he s alive With Aura, she s basically messed up throughout this book and flip flops between Logan, Zach and even had a moment with another character I sincerely believe this girl doesn t know what she truly wants She says one thing and does something completely different and why oh why does everything end up with sex with this girl I get that part with Logan since he was her childhood friend turned boyfriend love of her life, but what was the rush for Zach andthe other character I get she s not in a good place right now but it s very hard to sympathize with someone who is hooking up all over the place And then there is poor Zach who has been competing with a dead guy ever since he meet Aura, but he still wants her but can t really be with her under some new circumstances and they have to obstacle out of it and then he has his own conflicting moments It felt like there was just to much drama, to much angst, and as much as I want to love it, I just didn t buy it Lots of high and low emotions running the book and romantic confusion conflict that are all over the place and I didn t know what to feel from one chapter to the next.With that said, I still liked Shift, but I didn t love it The plot was crazy, sure, but it s also unique and entertaining and has a great creative twist I also really liked the way it ended and content enough to leave it here, but since there is a thrid book in the works I know my curiosity will get the better of me and I ll end up checking it out Plus, Logan owns me and I wanna see if his story is truly done and kinda hope that he finds a way to come backfor good It s not realistic I know, but what is in this book A sap s heart wants what it wants shrugs Bottom line, while this book did upset me, there were a lot of moments that melted me as well I just wish I could have loved it the way I wanted too Arc provided by Simon Schuster Galley Grab (((DOWNLOAD EPUB))) ↼ Shift ★ Aura S Life Is Anything But Easy Her Boyfriend, Logan, Died, And His Slides Between Ghost And Shade Have Left Her Reeling Aura Knows He Needs Her Now Than Ever She Loves Logan, But She Can T Deny Her Connection With The Totally Supportive, Totally Gorgeous Zachary And She S Not Sure That She Wants To Logan And Zachary Will Fight To Be The One By Her Side, But Aura Needs Them Both To Uncover The Mystery Of Her Past The Mystery Of The Shift As Aura S Search Uncovers New Truths, She Must Decide Whom To Trust With Her Secrets And Her Heart really really great book OK..Now before you think I m a hater and go ballistic on me I m going to explain WHY I gave this book a two star rating instead of three stars which was what I originally planned on giving it I will have some spoilers but I will block those out for those of you who have not read itFirst off let me start out by saying I loved the first book of this series Especially since it got review from PC Cast one of my fav authors, I was excited to get into this series I m definately pro logan of course, something about the guy that always gets shafted that I m drawn too or whatever the reason However, I was willing to give Zachary a chance and even liked him somewhat in book one NOW, in Shift we go deeper into why the actual shift happened, what happened at newgrange with Aura s mother, who her actual father is and all the romance drama just comes between I REALLY did enjoy finding out about newgrange and Eowyn the only character that really still has a mysterious vibe and doesn t annoy me at this point In the book, Aura finds out that view spoiler her father is a ghost hide spoiler Rating 2.5Shift was just an okay read for me The concept is unique and I love the paranormal element of the storyline The writing was fast paced and full of suspense However this time I felt that there was too much relationship drama and it annoyed me to the point I thought about giving it up Just when you thought things would settle down with Aura and her love life and new problem would appear and completely overwhelm the story Very disappointing Quick reviewCover Pretty Rating PG 13 for subject matter Thumbs Up 5 glowing starsOverall Love it Characters As great as before.Plot Talk about a roller coaster ride.Page Turner Yes, definitely Series Cont Yes, absolutely Recommend Yes.Book Boyfriend Still ZachSUMMARY 50 word or less This is up to be one of my favorite series ever What can I say but this book is full of drama My mouth was gaping opening for most of the book unable to accept all that I was reading hearing Jeri Smith Ready sure knows how to add shock value To see my full review, book boyfriend pic, check out my blog post REVIEWKhistine Hvam did a fab job with this story It s been a while since I listen to this one, but I do remember her great Scottish brogue for Zach I also remember really enjoying this story thanks to Jeri Smith Ready writing and Khristine Hvam in reading. A good sequel, I didn t love the romance in this book because it always felt like Aura wasnt considering both boys feelings and just really self centred which is a shame cause I love Aura and think she is a strong character. Since Logan turned shade it was almost as if time stopped for Aura Her life was on pause as she waited for him to come back to her Calling out for him, hoping that somehow he could hear her call That once again she would be enough to bring him back.Logan had been her entire life, her past and her future And even though she might have been ready to let him go, to let him move on so that she could finally learn how to live her life without him, she never wanted his existence to be in the dark, as a shade.But when he finally answers her plea, his return brings with it a complication that she never would have thought possible One that puts Aura in danger, raising questions that cannot safely be asked, and one that can change everything.And this time Logan s return will force Aura to choose between the boy she has always loved and one that could become her future Shift is the electrifying, gripping and absolutely heartrending second book in the Shade series The mystery, the action and the love story will keep readers hanging on to the author s every word and unable to break away until the story s conclusion.Shift picks up where Shade left off It is a few months later and Aura is still reeling from just how wrong things went for Logan She has put her life, and Zachary, on hold, until she can find Logan and figure out how she can save him.But when he does return, she realizes that she will need Zachary s help to figure out just what Logan s return means and to finally get answers to the questions about what significance, if any, her and Zachary s births had on the Shift.With time running out, Aura must decide who to give her heart to or risk losing both.Jeri Smith Ready has done an exceptional job of building on the story and characters she introduced in Shade, and further developing and bringing to the forefront a couple that had been previously in the background.The author takes readers further along on Aura s journey as she attempts to unlock the secrets of her and Zachary s existence while trying to break away from a past that doesn t want to let go.Shift is a story that will keep readers so immersed in the plot that only as the tears begin to fall will they get pulled away from this beautiful tale The ending offers a number of possibilities for the next book and will give readers some closure, but they will definitely be left wanting.The third book in the series, Shine, is slated for release in 2012.On a personal note Let me just start by saying that I am a die hard fan of this series and the author, so be warned that there may be a little gushing below.As much as I wanted to read this sequel, I didn t really think it was possible for it to top the first book I loved Shade, fell completely in love with Logan, and was a total sobbing, heartbroken mess after I read it.But oh I love this one so much I didn t think the author could possibly make me cry for Logan again and again I thought my heart broke just that one time, but she managed to break it again.I am one of those sappy romantics that like to believe in love eternal, and that even death will not break that bond So, of course, I m a total Logan fan and think that Zachary has always been in the way And yes, I do cheer every single time something gets between him and Aura.I know it s completely not realistic for Aura to be pining over a dead guy, but there is magic involved in this story and I will just keep the hope alive that things will work out with Logan for as long as I possibly can.Aura is much practical than I think I could ever be in that same situation But I am rooting for her to find happiness, even if it isn t in the end with Logan Did I actually say that Whatever direction the author takes with the characters I know will be the right one, even if it s not my perfect ending But until the final page of the final book, I will keep that torch burning for Logan.I read this book in one sitting I think it s taken me longer to write the review than to read the book, actually And I cannot even begin to do justice to how awesome and amazing and utterly devastating this story and series is.I can t believe there is another year until Shine is released I don t want to have to wait that long to see these characters again in my mind So I will be re reading this series.I always love it when I discover a new author and series I am so happy that I picked up Shade a year ago, even if I didn t think it was a sub genre I would like The story wasn t anything like I thought it would be It was so, so, SO much better And any time a story can make me sob like both these books have, they are my perfect reads.Favorite passage I looked at his face as his gaze flicked back to meet mine He held it, held it, held it, while my entire body turned to flame.A note from my inner Geek I love that this author added this tiny little detail that I think is cool, but may probably shoot me to the top of some Geek list somewhere Zachary was the last person born before the Shift His name starts with the letter Z Aura was the first one born after the Shift Her name starts with A I know I could have kept that one to myself. This review is also available over at my blog.WOO, I m on a roll I finished this book in like 4 hours or something Can t believe it xDI just had to read this book straight away after the ending that doesn t even deserve to be called an ending that happened in book one I simply just could not deal with waiting I would say this book is better than the first one, but at the same time, it s, well not better If that makes any sense Let me clarify.Hokay So The book starts off exactly where book one ends obviously, cause the ending for that was practically as if the author just decided to stop writing and we get this little moment at the beginning of the book where well, I can t say, but it s huge And kinda depressing Meanwhile, Aura s and Zach s relationship becomes confusing as hell and oh, who am I kidding, I didn t give a crap about those two being together TEAM LOGAN Anyways, yeah Most of this book is filled with Aura and Zachary and them fighting and making up and blah blah blah Aura could give two shits about Logan at this point But besides the romance and the angst and stuff, they make some pretty interesting discoveries about the Shift and even some bits about Aura s parents, including her father I do hope there will be info on them in the third book, though I want all my questions answered.The reason I couldn t give this book five stars was, again, the romance Oh, and don t even get me started on the major Second Book Syndrome that this book has UGH For those of you who don t know, that s basically when the love interest gets all kinky with another girl and the heroine has to go through with it and shit.Zachary asks Becca the school bitch of course to the prom, and soon we get a barrage of scenes where Aura gets whiny and jealous about them being together And during prom night, shit really hits the fan Zachary goes as far as almost having sex with Becca We even get a detailed scene of this well, just the sounds, since it was from a phone call that Becca set up But yeah, it was really annoying, and Aura forgave him way too quickly, cause before prom night, there were so many scenes where Aura and Zach were all over each other and even officially dating They break up for a stupid reason, yeah, but still GAH They re so annoying Do you see why I m Team Logan I feel like I m the only one immune to Zachary s sexy accent.Anygay, that s the only reason I couldn t give the book five stars That, and also the major insta love between Aura and Zach Oh, and ALSO, a very disturbing and unexpected scene that involves Dylan I was like what and I have no idea why the author even put the scene in For drama I guess I wish there was of Logan, but sigh what can you do about it He s dead I don t think he ll even be around at all in the third book Which will really piss me off because I don t ship Aura and Zach at all Not even a little bit And if most of that book is just them making out, I could just puke murder I WANT MORE LOGAN, DAMMIT.I teared up at the end That s all I m gonna say Anything else I say will spoil everything But I can say that it wasn t a cliffhanger, not really.I really really like this series A lot But I won t read the third book right away because, well because of how this one ended The ending is really really sad, and it confirmed the fact that something view spoiler or someone hide spoiler 4.25 stars Book 1 in the series, Shade, ended on a bloody cliffhanger Which meant I had to begin reading this one kind of right away And duuuude, the first 100 pages or so were AMAZING So good I could barely stop reading In this book, as we find out in Book 1 after Logan fails to pass on and has turned into a Shade, he comes back to Aura after three months, and somehow changes back into a ghost And then, BAM , he turns into a flesh and blood human for fifteen minutes, during which Aura and him almost love their virginity.The plot does move at a pretty crack a lackin space, although it does grow a bit slow in the middle But not for long, though, and it totally becomes addictive a while later I mean, I did read this book in one day, ya know, so obviously it was super exciting All the stuff about the Shift we got to find out in this book was riveting So, let s see Logan did sort of annoy me in the chapters post the almost love making, mostly because he made it awfully hard for Aura to try and move on with a guy she really has a chance with She still loves him, obviously, but can they actually have a relationship based on conversations only and no touching only desperate wanting All this when ZACHARY is right there Aura could ve easily come across as slutty especially considering how she s kind of getting it on with Dylan, too, Logan s younger brother, and the only one on his family who can see his ghost and thus feels very close to Aura because of this , but somehow Smith Ready manages to make the reader totally empathize with her situation for the most part, anyway It was a bit head scratching y sometimes The character development in this book was truly quite great, and I felt, in turn, both charmed with Zachary and Logan and alternately pissed off Seriously, guys, at one point in this book I went like ZACHARY YOU BASTARD YOU COULD YOU OMGGGG I HATE YOU SO MUCH I CAN T BELIEVE I ACTUALLY THOUGHT YOU WERE A DECENT GUY BUT NOW I REALIZE IT WAS ONLY YOUR YUMMY ACCENT WHICH I NOW ABHOR no kidding, I got verrry emotional And then some chapters later I was all oh wow was I really that cold hearted and judgmental You poor thing, I totes get you know Sniffle The secondary characters were kick butt, too, especially Aura s best friend Megan She was a delight I d so kill for a BFF like her.This book also features answers to some questions that the first book posed even if not completely , so I was glad about that I was also tremendously pleased with the ending, even if it did tug on my heartstrings.Only complaint I never actually felt like I got to know Aura that well We never really explore her personality without regard to the dudes she s with so that aspect could ve been fleshed out.