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Loved the focus on building a business together that this had The initial miscommunication was whatever, but it got resolved relatively quickly and I appreciated that.The title is terrible. Allegra Beauchamps returned to the Provence vineyard to claim her half of her inheritance much to the dismay of Xavier Lefevre, her ex boyfriend from ten years ago Unknown to Allegra, Xav is the owner of the other half of the vineyard Neither is none to pleased to discover that they will be working together because the passion between them is as strong as it was ten years ago Determined to prove herself, Allegra sets out to redesign the wine bottle labels, update the websites, create a blog, etc., all over Xav s opposition As she succeeds, can they keep their hands off each other and overcome the mistakes of the past I love Provence A story set there always draws my attention Throw in two lovers and a vineyard and I m perfectly content. When I picked this book, I mentioned that the idea of a romantic French vineyard was just the thing for a cold January and I was right It s a lovely book full of sensual delights and with a lot of Kate in it If you ve read Kate s blog, you ll know she s very much into music and food and this story was chock a block full Beautiful piano selections, wines I would love to taste, and al fresco lunches of bread and cheese that seemed perfect Add in a hot hero, a determined heroine, TWO romantic settings the countryside and Paris she really couldn t miss She hit me in all the right spots It was a refreshing delight and I was sorry I had to wait to read the next it won t languish on my tbr for long Vein ja seksikas eks ei k i kokku.Kuid siin k ib Reading this book took me to wine making France I enjoyed the ride tremendously It was a incredible and beautiful love story But for the hero and heroine s HEA we come back to London, as Xav chase after Allie, because without her he would be lost because she not only loved him, she believed in him. 2.5 stars I don t know what it was about this oneit was just kind of boring you know I mean, I tend to enjoy Ms Hardy s books, so it was just this one The characters didn t have enough flavourI tend not to enjoy the angst, but these ones just didn t have much going for themeverything was kind of sweet and nice with a few misunderstandings Even the ending seemed just plodded through The magic was missing And I m not a huge fan of wine, so I couldn t even enjoy all those little bits sprinkled throughout .Free ♵ Red Wine and Her Sexy Ex ☹ Yes, Xavier Lef Vre Is Still The Most Gorgeous Guy Allegra Has Ever Met If It Were Possible, He S Got Even Tastier With Age But Everything Has Changed Since That Long, Hot Summer Affair Years Ago This Time It S Strictly Business Like It Or Not They Both Own The Vineyard, And She Isn T Going To Sell Xavier Her Piece Of The Label Now She Has Two Months To Prove To Him She Ll Make A Great Partner, And To Persuade Herself She Doesn T Need Him In Her Bed Yet Who Is She Kidding Even The Thought Is Far Too Tempting, Far Too Delicious Dumb romance novel Not even that steamy But it was about wine, so pour yourself a glass