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( Read E-pub ) î Shopaholic Abroad ï The Irresistible Heroine Of Confessions Of A Shopaholic And Shopaholic Ties The Knot Is Back And This Time Becky Bloomwood And Her Credit Cards Are Headed Across The Atlantic With Her Shopping Excesses Somewhat In Check And Her Career As A TV Financial Guru Thriving, Becky S Biggest Problem Seems To Be Tearing Her Entrepreneur Boyfriend, Luke, Away From Work For A Romantic Country Weekend And Worse, Figuring Out How To Pack Light But Packing Takes On A Whole New Meaning When Luke Announces He S Moving To New York For Business And He Asks Becky To Go With Him Before You Can Say Prada Sample Sale, Becky Has Landed In The Big Apple, Home Of Park Avenue Penthouses And Luxury Boutiques Surely It S Only A Matter Of Time Until She Becomes An American TV Celebrity, And She And Luke Are The Toast Of Gotham Society Nothing Can Stand In Their Way, Especially With Becky S Bills Miles Away In London But Then An Unexpected Disaster Threatens Her Career Prospects, Her Relationship With Luke, And Her Available Credit Line Shopaholic Takes Manhattan But Will She Have To Return It I am slowly working my way through this series and re reading it before the movie premiers I laughed my way through the books the first time and really got a kick out of it And I am laughing again the second time round too however, I am starting to realize that Becky is to put it quite frankly DUMB Who does the things that she does And then gets by with it Pure dumb luck is the only thing that pulls her out of the strange and contradictory situations that this girl gets herself into But Luke Brandon I just adore Luke Even if he is an obsessed, over the top workaholic who is attracted to airheads Kinsella writes Luke so well that you really don t need to hop into his head to know what he is thinking And I just loved it when he gives Becky the special scarf that he secretly bought at her clothes auction It made my heart go pitter patter Only a man like Luke would overlook something as stupid as FedEx ing your clothes to a hotel and not packing a small bag just in case I have high hopes for the movie The script re write appears to be funnier and smarter than the books. I love shopping vicariously through Becky Love her or hate her, Rebecca Bloomwood is possibly one of the most memorable characters in current fiction She s so over the top and fabulous even though the poor thing really does have an addiction as bad as any other addiction she s a shopaholic I read the first Shopaholic book and absolutely loved how fun and fanciful the whole idea was, and Becky s romance with Luke was unexpected and sweet However, reading the sequel, I often felt like I was reading the exact same book over again, but with only half of the charm and a less endearing romance story I wanted Becky to have grown up a bit and have learned from her previous mistakes instead of making all of them over again in the second book Of course, the author had to find a way to give the reader of what they loved about the first book, but I just felt like Becky learned nothing the first time around In this installment, Becky has a great job as a financial advisor on a London morning talk show, which she is very good at Her romance with successful and gorgeous entepreneur Luke Brandon is going places Unfortunately, she still has a teeny tiny problem with overspending which could potentially ruin everything she has worked so hard to gain.There are truly some laugh out loud moments in this book, and not just the cliched chick lit awkward moments Becky s faux pas are unique, hilarious, and could only happen to her Sometimes I couldn t help but feel sorry for her, though, because she shows many signs of a person with a true shopping addiction She hides her purchases from family and friends, she doesn t remember anything she buys, and she definitely doesn t have the funds to support her habit I was starting to think it might be time for her to seek professional help Then other times, I was just so frustrated with her She has an amazing, fun job that she excels at, and a great boyfriend, supportive friends, awesome parents, and she places importance on designer clothing than any of that and even risks losing it all for the perfect pair of clementine heels.I thought the romance fell flat in this one, even though I loved Becky and Luke in the first book I know it s not as dynamic since the two were already a couple, and that can t be helped, but I just found myself forgetting why they ever fell for each other in the first place.Overall, this book was a fun, satisfying escape By the end I was ready to find my copy of Shopaholic Ties the Knot so I could see what happens to Becky and Luke But I really hope Becky tries to change for the better at least a little Reviewed for 4.5 5Book 10 100 for 2015 I loved this book Rebecca really grew as a character and I am in LOVE with her and Luke I really enjoyed the change in location from London to NYC as well I can t wait to get my hands on the next book