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Nice I like a little desperation in a guy It builds characterGiving this four stars simply because both Will and Alona are SUPER stubborn in this one.Everything else is great as always.There s a bit of action,there s a bit of romance and there are a lot of unexpected events so basically it never gets boring or clich y.Also,there s a lot of sarcasm and humor just what I like.Love the character development and I really hope that in the last book Will will see what I did therestand up for himself and that Alona,or should I say Ally, will sort out her priorities.Favourite quote Thank you for saving her, I said And for saving you. This one was frustrating both Alona and Will , but I m curious to see how the plot will pan out in the last book after seeing the developments in this one.Alona is still selfish and it can get too much at times, but I love how her emotions and thoughts are so raw and real She can be unlikable, but she is just so human that you can t help but like her too I sympathize with her especially because she is dead and feels alone than ever now that she realizes who are left to care about her in this world Her selfishness and meanness mixed in with her vulnerability and loneliness make her into one striking character to read about I continue to root for her character and hope to see great character developments.3 starsThings that you might want to know WARNING Spoilers below Happy satisfying ending view spoiler Cliffhanger, not the last book hide spoiler oh second book was so much better than the first it actually improved what happened with alona was such a pleasant twist. Good bye Reading Slump, hello SalvationGod it has been so long since I ve picked this book up I remember reading the first bookI think it was a year ago It was absolutely fabulous of course And then lucky me, I won this book read a few pages put it down and forgot about it.Shameful I knowWell I ve been working on getting back into reading since its summer so I m having a massive reading marathon And this is one of the few books to help me get back into YA Oh YA how I ve missed you so I absolutely loved this book It wasn t the same as the Ghost the Goth but it was definitely a fantastic sequel At least parts of it were There s a big chunk of the book where everything seemed to drag with info and I honestly considered not finishing it But then something happened BOOM the plot picked up I didn t love Will as much in this book but I did feel bad for the way he was struggling with his past Surprise surprise, I was interested in Alona and her so called journey I don t like giving spoilers but the plot got so intense that I could not put this book down Overall, I really loved this book To my utter surprise, the third book has come out without me even realizing Guess a lot happens when you fall out of the reading world There are a lot of books that I ve missed lately from some of my favorite series that I ve completely missed so when I come back from my vacation, I m going to go on a book spree Body Soul is definitely on my list Rating 5 out of 5 Stars I read this series for entertainment value, and only that So of course I had to go and ruin it all by reading the synopsis of the third book before I d even started the first one Which in turn thoroughly spoiled this installment, as I already knew what was going to happen during the climax of the story Sometimes I wish I could tighten my screws sighEven so, I liked it While there are moments when it feel banal, and Will s narration and his revelations seem a bit forced, overall, it s a fun and short book to be read when everything else is in overload I almost gave it two stars for my personal lack of shock and thus, enjoyment, the last few pages and the beginning still made me smile, giggle and clap. You know how nearly every second book in a trilogy suffers from insane boredom, lack of character development, humor, and plot summary Well, I m happy to say thatQueen of the Deadonlypartiallyfell into this rut The second book of Kade sThe Ghost and the Gothseries disappointed me by severely lacking the humor I d grown to love and surprised me by taking a rather serious and utterly unique turn The last thing Will expects is to find another person like him someone who can see and talk to ghosts Yet, what he discovers is not only one person, but an entire society of people whose goal is to bag and tag disruptive ghosts, ending hauntings The last thing Alona expects is to find her mother throwing away all her things and her father replacing her with another baby girl Well, that and she doesn t expect Will to suddenly disregard her wishes and parade around with people who only take into account the wishes of the living, not the dead So, with tensions between these two rising higher than ever, leave it to Alona to go find herself in a deeper hole of trouble one that neither she nor Will may be able to get her out of After readingThe Ghost and the Goth,I came to respect Stacey Kade for creating a light, fun, and enjoyable novel with classic cliches that could still have depth to it Now, after reading her sequel, I am utterly enad with her skill Kade takes the original story of popular cheerleader falls in love with the goth and ghost falls in love with human who can see ghosts, combines them, and then proceeds to create something totally original in her sequel Although I felt as if the idea of a Ghost Council and bagging and tagging ghosts sounded suspiciously like it came fromUnholy Magic,what made it unique was Will s reaction to it I always felt as if we didn t get nearly enough growth with Will s character as we did with Alona s in the predecessor, but Kade gave Will am immense amount of depth in this story Not only does Will grow as a character exploring venues his father might have taken and struggling between the emotions of fitting in and doing what s right he also grows as a person and a romantic interest The arguments between Alona and Will are unique to their situations, but I felt as if they were handled in a manner very realistic to their personalities Alona, a we all may or may not know, is vain, stuck up, conceited, and rather selfish I loved how although Alona grew in the previous novel, Kade kept it realistic by showing us that Alona still had a lot to grow She never glosses over the egregious flaws of Alona s personalities or the feelings they inspire in others, so I really enjoyed seeing how much Alona changed and learned from her experiences in this book Unique plot twist which I can t talk about for fear of spoilers and three dimensional characters aside, I found myself to be a tad bit disappointed with this sequel For one, I felt as if it lacked the humor I d come to associate with Kade and her characters Further, I missed seeing the interactions between Will and his mother which I felt were important in the previous novel and would have liked to see continue In addition, the story lagged a bit in the middle I found myself skimming through paragraphs to get to the dialogue at times which is never a good sign Lastly, I hated the new characters that appeared, although I appreciated their role in the plot It felt to me as if Kade was trying to make them too important by giving them a line or two of family issues and passing that off as depth, but it really wasn t I failed to feel anything for those character as I did for Alona and Will Grievances aside, I still enjoyed reading this book I m very curious to see the direction Will and Alona s relationship will take and I m amazed at the originality of the plot I never expected to be so invested in this light series when I first started, but I m really loving it If you liked the previous novel, you ll love this one and hopefully the sequel will only get better I really like Alona Dare, and love her and Will together This book further cemented that fact for me, but I m still not sure how I feel about the ending I ll wait a few days to write a review No matter what though, I know I ll be sticking with this series until the end, and I ll be checking out anything that Ms Kade publishes. Got to read it while doing Sunday Laundry and I got to say I love theses two characters and their chemistry can t believe I finally found a ghost book that I think is actually really great I can t wait for the next book that I bought already on Such a great story. (READ E-PUB) ¼ Queen of the Dead ï The GhostOkay, I Admit It I M Not Perfect, No Matter What You Ve Heard First Off, I M Dead Second, I Got Sent Back From The Great Beyond I Mean, Seriously, Who Is Running Things Up There Now I Have To Spend The Summer After My Senior Year Working And On Behalf Of A Bunch Of Whiny Spirits, No Less But A Girl S Got To What A Girl S Got To DoIt S A Good Thing Will Killian Is Still Around Even Though He Drives Me Crazy, And He Could Seriously Do With A Tan Hello It S Summer I M Glad He S Here To Help Me Now He S All Distracted By This Frizzy Aired Girl Who Can Big Deal Communicate With The Dead, Too Whatever I Don T Need Will But There Are Some Things Like Saving My Parents From A Couple Of Horrible Mistakes That Would Be Easier With His Assistance Still, I Will Get What I Want With Or Without HimThe GothI M Still Totally Amazed That Alona Dare Is My Spirit Guide And That It Works Yes, I Ve Had A Crush On Her Since Sixth Grade, But I Also Kind Of Hated Her And Sure, She Had To Die Before She D Talk To Me But I Don T Know, I Kind Of Like Having Her AroundThings Get Confusing When I Meet Mina, Who S The First Ghost Talker I Ve Ever Encountered Other Than My Dad I Always Thought Alona And I Were Doing The Right Thing Helping Those Other Ghosts, But Mina Has Me Thinking Otherwise Plus, She Might Know Stuff About My Dad That Even My Mum Doesn T But If There S One Thing I Should Have Learned By Now, It S Not To Ignore Alona That S Never A Good Idea Ah I love these books Really enjoyed this book Really funny as well Think the next book is going to be really good, can t wait for the next now D