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!EPUB ☩ The Eternal Sea ⚖ Romance And Adventure Are Just Around The CornerAfter The Thrilling Journey That Led Camille Through The Dangerous Discovery Of Love, Secrets, And A Magical Stone That Grants Immortality, Camille Has Everything She Wants She S Escaped The Men Who Wanted Her Dead, And Now She Is Ready To Build A New Life With Oscar, Her One True Love But Things Are Not To Be So Simple Oscar Is Acting Strangely, And Before They Can Even Board A Ship From Australia Back Home, To San Francisco, Camille Learns That The Journey Is Not Over If She Does Not Follow The Magic Of The Curse Of Umandu, Her Life And Ocar S Could Be In Grave Danger Review Overview Romance, fantasy, historical, and adventure all packed into one novel Starts off with a bang Delicious romance Fantastic sequel that will not disappoint fans of EverlastingNote I read an insanely early version of this novel.This is the last book that I got to read for the lovely editor I worked with at Scholastic before the end of my internship I also read Everlasting during this internship, which I absolutely adored so I jumped at the chance when my editor offered me to read it At the time, THE ETERNAL SEA was known to me and Angie as thebookwithoutaname because it was only known as Everlasting 2 while Angie and the editors tried to come up with a title.I love Everlasting and THE ETERNAL SEA because it combines so many different genres that I enjoy THE ETERNAL SEA definitely packs romance, fantasy, historical, and adventure all into one novel Everything was escalated in the sequel It had been a while since I read Everlasting, but THE ETERNAL SEA does a great job in catching up where the story left of It can be read by itself, if one truly wishes, but I think you ll miss out on the build up to the foundation of Camille and Oscar s relationship an important thing to understand when reading the sequel THE ETERNAL SEA started out with a bang and kept it going all the way through The novel is fast paced and I couldn t put it down The magic in this book, in my opinion, is elevated onto a whole new level It is a lot complex and we, as readers, learn about the story behind the stones.I think the best part of this book is the love triangle that emerges I am 100% Team Oscar, but the drama between Oscar, Randall, and Camille was just too delicious Camille definitely gets her share of attention in this book The frustration jumps right of the page to the point where I want to rip my hair out and scream, WHY I love the chemistry between Oscar and Camille It s definitely one of the top reasons why I love the book.To me, the book will always be known as Eventide It was one of the title suggestions that Angie gave her editor, which I absolutely loved THE ETERNAL SEA won out in the end which is still a pretty good name I give THE ETERNAL SEA a rating of four stars I truly enjoyed the book, but I hated how the ending left me hanging with a bittersweet feeling Can t say wouldn t want spoilers Review to be posted on blog 6 2 11 In a Sentence The Eternal Sea, filled with adventure, romance, and suspense is an excellent follow up to Frazier s debut YA novel My Thoughts Angie Frazier is quickly becoming one of my favorite YA authors In a literary world that has become somewhat over saturated with the same old recycled characters and plot lines, Frazier s Everlasting series offers something fresh and new I enjoyed The Eternal Sea just as much as I enjoyed her debut YA book, Everlasting The characters are fabulous, and I really enjoyed the mix of historical fiction and fantasy Since I m a character girl, I ll start there Frazier has the ability to create loveable, realistic characters, and she doesn t hold back in The Eternal Sea Camille is a strong heroine, but she s also human She s brave and caring, but she s not infallible She makes mistakes, but she s also able to recognize them and she tries hard to do better What I like most about Camille is her unwavering love for her friends and her family and her persistence in spite of all the hardships she s faced Further, the secondary characters are also well crafted Randall and Oscar play the respective parts of the dashing, well off gentleman and the passionate, dedicated sailor vying for Camille s affections Lastly and possibly my favorite character , is Ira, the young Australian con man with a heart of gold Because of certain circumstances that I won t reveal, we don t get to see as much of Ira as I d like to in The Eternal Sea, but I still adored his character He s sweet and loyal and a great friend to Camille, but he s not a love interest, which I find refreshing After all, it s okay for girls to have male friends who they don t wind up head over heels in love with I m pretty sure I mentioned this in my review of Everlasting, but I m going to say it again now Angie Frazier sure knows her stuff It s obvious that both Everlasting and The Eternal Sea were extremely well researched, and this adds in creating a rich and detailed backdrop for a wonderful story I also love that she combined fantasy with historical elements I feel like there aren t all that many YA authors who can pull this off successfully, but Frazier did an excellent job The Eternal Sea ends on a bit of a cliffhanger, so I m extremely excited for the next book in the series to come out If you haven t given this series a shot yet, I d highly recommend doing so in the near future Frazier has a lot of talent as a YA author, and I can t wait to see what else she comes up with SOME SPOILERS FOR THE BOOK Wow The books in this series just seem to keep blowing me away Everlasting became one of my TOP favorite books when I finished it just a week or so ago, and this sequel was definitely not a letdown I continued to enjoy the characters and plotlines that Angie Frazier has invented To be honest though, I did enjoy the first book a bit , but the main reason for that, I m sure, is because the love between Oscar and Camille was present than in The Eternal Sea Do not get me wrong, it was still there in this book, but a lot things were getting in the way this time One of those things being Randall Randall, Camille s somewhat fianc that she left behind in the first book, appears at the very beginning of Eternal Sea when he shows up in Australia to find Camille Relieved to find her unharmed and well, he wants to pick up right where they left off, having no idea that she has fallen in love with Oscar I mean, who wouldn t fall in love with Oscar after spending months and months with the man Have you MET Oscar Oscar on the other hand, after having been brought back to life by Camille and the stone, does not seem to be as enthusiastic about pursuing a relationship with Camille as he had been yes, I may be totally in love with Oscar s character, but UGH he can totally frustrate me Because of some understandable, yet heart wrenching reasons, he begins pushing her away and trying to convince her that he does not, after all, love her cough total lie cough Camille, hurt and confused by Oscar s rejection and Randall s unfailing devotion, spends the length of the book being torn between the two men though I really don t understand why Randall is nice and can be very sweet and all, but Oscar has all the hotness and angst going on and COME ON she sacrificed SO MUCH for him Other complications, complications that don t exactly have to do with the men, arise in Camille s life as she sets off after the second stone needed to restore Oscar s soul She soon finds herself unsure of whom she can trust, especially after Ira disappears into the unknown much to my dismay, because I absolutely adore Ira s character and really missed his presence for a good part of the book and her newly found brother repeatedly betrays her trust in favor of the young and convincing Captain Starbuck the Samuel Starbuck relationship really confused me, but yeah As they near the end of the journey, things begin to erupt as all of the characters seem to be at odds for many different reasons Things are only intensified when they reach the underworld to retrieve the second stone Untrusting and very cowardly at this point Captain Starbuck sends Camille, Oscar, and after much hesitation Samuel to bring back the stone, even if it means that they won t all return with their lives I don t know why Angie Frazier insists on putting my favorite character s life in question at the end of each book, but as long as it all works out, I ll be okay Unlike Everlasting, The Eternal Sea ends with much of a cliffhanger You re left wondering about who has survived and who has not and how the heck everything is going to work out But I guess we ll just have to wait the very long amount of time until the next book comes out I, for one, am SUPER excited This series is a very refreshing change from other series that I ve read in this genre It s new and inventive and I highly recommend it Rating 4 out of 5 Wow, what an unexpected sequel to Everlasting Here I thought things couldn t get any dangerous or confusing and I was wrong In The Eternal Sea the danger takes on a whole new level and so does the romance Now that Camille has Oscar back she thinks her destiny with the stones is over but that is not the case at all Oscar is not the same any and her adventure with the stones is far from over Not only that but Randall shows up to help and the reunion is unlike anything expected.The Eternal Sea was just as adventurous and dangerous as Everlasting, if not This book was also a bit dark and gloomy than book one There is never a dull moment There was times where I thought will this ever get better , not the book, but the story line I just felt the characters needed a break, some joy in their crazy lives.The characters are all just as great as in book one they re realistic in their emotions as they deal with this new adventure at hand I loved watching Camille struggle with guilt and growth she is so easy to relate to because she is not perfect My favorite character would have to be Randall though, watching him really come alive as a character in this book was great, there was so much depth and compassion with him then we got to see in Everlasting At times I was thinking of how much I hated Randall, and then other times I loved him I felt the same way about Oscar it was definitely a love hate relationship going on.The ending is surprising and full of suspense Again, just like in Everlasting, once I started reading The Eternal Sea I simply couldn t put it down, I had to see what adventure Camille was going on now I again highly recommend this book for those YA readers that love magic, adventure, and fantasy books I won this ARC copy from Goodreads First Reads and gave it my honest and personal opinion I would not recommend this book if I didn t believe it to be a great book 4.5 starsThe Eternal Sea is a fantastic sequel to Angie s debut Everlasting I was completely surprised with how quickly I was taken right back into the story There s danger, deceit and a well written love triangle that left me just as confused as Camille The Eternal Sea picks up right where Everlasting ends I liked that this story has of a edge to it and it s a little bit darker than Everlasting There s a darker side to the legend surrounding the stones that s revealed, and Camille begins to understand that her actions at the end of Everlasting have serious consequences Within the few pages Angie thrust me right back into Camille s world, as she struggles with her feelings for Oscar, and why he s acting so strange and to make matters confusing, Randall arrives That s just the beginning of Camille s adventures.The characters are just as fabulous as they were in Everlasting I thought Angie did a great job at showing Camille s inner struggle from her guilt, her keeping things from Randall, and her struggles with her decisions and her feelings for Oscar and Randall She became relatable to me Randall and Oscar were two characters that I felt torn between, though I ll admit I really loved Randall this time around His character has grown the most for me, and become in depth I felt that all three characters had so much to endure that allowed me to understand them on some level.There are many things I love about this series The unique paranormal elements, the magic, the well written romance, the setting, the time period and of course the adventure on the high seas There is a lot of action, danger and the suspense is one of the things that makes Angie s books so hard to put down If you haven t already read Everlasting, I suggest reading it before you pick up The Eternal Sea Just in time for your summer reading, I highly recommend picking up this fantastic historical fiction On a side note, can I say how much I love the cover This cover is a perfect fit for the story, with the illustrations and the coloring It really sets the tone for the story. My review may contain spoilerish moments during my ranting Torn, torn, torn I loved this book I hated this book There is no in between This story picks up weeks after Everlasting ends Camille thought she and Oscar would live happily ever after SO not the case Oscar is different Obviously disturbed and bordering obsessive with finding the other stone and pushing Camille into Randall s arms Camille goes willingly Here are my loves.The author knows how to tell a story It comes alive and jumps off the pages and I have to look around my room to remind myself I m not trapped in another world The dialog is fantastic It s emotional and funny at just the right times The historical and paranormal fantasy aspects were well developed and oh so cool Now my hates Camille is fickle Fickle, fickle, fickle How easily she flits from kissing one man to the other Not once but often When she catches Oscar in a compromising position she LOSES it Tit for tat I always say Randall shines in this installment and I cheered when he stepped it up I became so disgusted with Camille I actually hoped that Oscar and Randall could ride off into the sunset together and leave her to think about how she acted The last chapter set me over the top For Camille to be so strong and brave for all of the previous book and this one and then the choice she makes or doesn t make in the end Seriously I guess the song says it right, if you can t be with the one you love, love the one you re with Several instances of taking the Lord s name in vain A real turnoff. Sadly this book was a dissapointment, it seemed as if Angie was trying to undo the love she built up in the first book Everlasting The book consists of Camille understanding that Randall may be a good choice despite the fact that there is no sparks I suppose i just hate sad endings.Another reason for my dissapointment was that there was literally no action in the majority of the book, all the action was at the end of the book and had to be wrapped up pretty quickly as she left alot of threads hanging throughout the book Also literally none of the characters which you love from the first book are there such as Ira that really caused some dissapointment as he added a slight comedy and lightheartedness to the book The only intresting factor in this book was Samuels secret, even theough it was not developed further Domorius was also a dissapointment as they passed through the underworld relativly easily, so you did not really fear him There was little description of his character, so was quite a dissapointment as you have heard so much about this keeper of the underworld.The only reason tht i did not score this book any lower was because Angie continued to write well, especially the scenery In some ways i wished it ended with Everlasting, but that is the danger of sequels. The Scoop When we left Camille, Oscar, Ira and Cassie s newly discovered brother Samuel they had found the mysterious stone of Umandu, brought Oscar back to life using it and killed off their nemesis in the search who also happened to be Samuel s father What Camille and her co horts didn t know is that Umandu is part of a set of stones that needed to be united reunited to work properly in their magic of bringing somebody back to life Not having the two stones meant that Oscar s soul was never returned to his body and therefore he wasn t yet, technically, alive Camille is determined to travel to the bowels of the neverworld to get the stone and complete Oscar s reanimation Along the way she must sort out her feelings for him and her former fiance Randall, determine where her brother s loyalties lay and try to locate loyal Ira who was abducted by the supernatural creatures trying to stop her in her quest.My Thoughts Ok, seriously, what is it about book series that have some sort of romance aspect that will have the main characters have some sort of stupid falling out in the middle book of the trilogy Gah I m all for a good love triangle when we don t quite know what is in our main character s heart However, it s very annoying and frustrating when we followed two characters through an entire previous book where they battled and overcame and ultimately decided that they were soulmates I mean, hello She chose to bring Oscar back from the dead rather than her father Her FATHER The person that loved and cared for her her entire life And then we come to the second book and just because Oscar is missing a little thing like his soul and can t shower emotions on Camille and Randall can and will doesn t mean that she should just switch allegiances SHE CHOSE OSCAR OVER HER FATHER That has to mean something in the grand scheme of trying to find a soul, right Ok, so I admit, if I was looking at a future where I didn t have a soul or could be pulled into the Underworld by Domorious I might be a little hesitant to continue on a relationship with somebody but, still Oscar and Camille worked together to get Umandu in the first place so a little thing like finding the sister stone and regaining his soul shouldn t be that much difficult and become a relationship deal breaker Ok, I think I m done with that.But, really, besides that whole Randall or Oscar internal debate she has Camille is one of the best female characters You d think she d be all hoity toity and fancy like because her father owned a shipping empire of sorts but no, she s all kick ass and strong I guess a lifetime of traveling on her father s ships made her a self sufficient, take no prisoners type of gal She had not trouble entering the bowels of hell to save her supposedly beloved Oscar s soul She might have a moment of hesitation here or there but she doesn t let that, her brother s failing allegiance, the soulless cold shoulder from Oscar, Maggie s uncertain guidance and other issues that crop up in her travels sway her from plowing forward in her mission I really admired her spunk and fortitude.Again, Angie Frazier took the reader on an interesting journey to a lesser explored book setting In the first book we sailed the high seas to Australia and on this trip we set sail for Egypt and the Underworld And her way of weaving historical and fantasy aspects together in a subtle way made it a pleasure to read Considering that the resolution between Camille, Oscar and Randall was left hanging a little bit I m looking forward to what I assume is another book in the series. I am so tempted to give this one star I hate the ending Hate it The first book was awesome This book teetered between awesome and frustrating the awesome parts are the only thing saving this book from one star And then it goes and ends like THAT I m sorry, but what kind of author does that view spoiler She killed Oscar For good this time And just after Camille had finally gotten him back hide spoiler