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!FREE E-PUB ☲ Surf, Sea And A Sexy Stranger ☮ Honed, Handsome, And Needing The Kiss Of Life Millionaire Entrepreneur Ryan King Is Mortified He S Just Been Pulled From The Ocean By A Pretty Female Lifeguard Why, After Months Recovering From A Horrific Motorbike Accident, Did He Get Back On His Surfboard For The Same Reason He Wants A Hot, Wild Woman Back In His Bed To Prove He S The Same Man He Was BeforeMaddy Is Shocked To Find That This Half Drowned, Totally Gorgeous Surfer Has Her Body Humming She Always Ends Up Getting Used Maybe This Time It S Her Turn To Do The Using It S The Short, Sizzling Affair They Both Need Until Their Dangerously Addictive Liaison Careers Out Of Control This was another sizzling book by Heidi Rice heat level set on high I thoroughly enjoyed it I don t think it really needed the epilogue but the author did have us guessing right up to the end how this was going to be resolved I have this in the RIVA cover and it looks so much snazzier in pink. Two and a half stars The H is a selfish jerk user who finds himself surprisingly vulnerable due to an accident He meets the h while he is trying to figure out what is wrong with life, while at the same time wanting to get back to the way things were There s a lot of pushing away emotionally , and he s definitely a work in progress Safety view spoiler He s patronizing about sex and his superior experience, although he never rubs OW in her face Other women from his past are mentioned, including a former flame, a supermodel with whom things ended ended badly and an older woman, a business contact and past lover whom the H dumped when she started to have feelings for him The older OW has no interest in the H except as a business contact the affair was years ago, and very brief , and she feels sorry for the H She is very kind to the h, too, and says that it s clear that the H has changed as a result of meeting the h There is a final encounter of sorts with the supermodel, but it was merely the h overhearing the supermodel disparaging the H in a way that he kind of deserved in a karma sense hide spoiler The title Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger only covers the initial chapter it s what happens with that sexy hunk later which makes this book such an amazing reading experience This story defines what I look for in a romance book and Ms Rice delivers Maddy is the heroine and she s such a warm and wonderful person it was a pleasure watching her deal with the cranky dude she saved from drowning The fact that she was basically innocent of much of the cynical angst and manipulative plotting that most of the females Rye, the hero, was used to dealing with meant that this story got me excited As soon as Maddy told him off with her Cheers, Grumpy salvo, I was hooked Ms Rice provided Maddy with some of the most adorable and hysterical dialogue opportunities that worked so well with Rye s surly attitude It was when she got Rye to laugh that completely ensnared me and ensured that I would not put down this book until I was done I never knew what Maddy was going to say and neither did Rye which was half the fun I enjoyed how the heroine talked to herself and called herself, Ms Fix it This story is chock full of clever writing and great descriptions I don t know how to express the extreme satisfaction that I got while reading this story Rye is a deliciously complicated man with a few defensive layers just begging to be unraveled He s rich, he s commanding and boy, does he ever know his way around a woman s body There were quite a few times I really wished I was Maddy when he does what he does to her, than once Readers might need to grab a few ice cubes because this story is hot I don t mean that it s graphic, it s not What makes it so darned effective is Rye s seduction of the heroine and her reaction to it The writing is superb When he asked her if she likes a certain kind of sex play, it s her reaction to him and his reaction to her reaction that had me reading wide eyed in eager fascination It was enthralling, entertaining and a heck of a lot of fun The thing is, I can get caught up in talking about all this spice and it is distracting, effectively so And I m not the only one who gets distracted by it It was a pivotal revelation in the story I enjoyed it when Maddy figured Rye out and came to a few hard conclusions It was the hero s response that made this romance so dramatic This story is character driven with the conflict being mostly internal It s about letting go of fears, earning trust and not being afraid of the future It s about celebrating what is truly important in life and grabbing the brass ring Secondary characters are few but the most telling are Rye s buddies, Phil and Zack They are on scene enough to help a reader understand Rye a bit and to stir up the plot advancement a little bit Then there is Cal, Maddy s brother If there ever was a hook for a future book, Ms Rice delivered it with an effective lure There is no way readers are going to want to be left dangling after that little piece of internal dialogue from Maddy Certainly not me I sense a sequel and I can t wait As much as I feel that the dilemma of Maddy s future employment was solved a bit too sweetly for my tastes it didn t dilute the sheer delight I received from the very complete and heartwarming happily ever after I really liked how the author chose to bring it all together In fact, the revelation at the end and Rye s reaction to it from his point of view made me want to hug him Maddy and Rye are really good together and the Ms Rice got their personalities to fit perfectly Surf, Sea and a Sexy Stranger is a very emotional book despite the very cheery title This book hit all my happy buttons and is the kind of book I would have no problem telling all my friends to read There is so much to like and enjoy throughout the entire story, it s actually hard to pick just one scene or moment that was better than another They all contributed to my maximum enjoyment and I look forward to reading other books from Ms Rice If her sense of humor and interpretation of life s quirky moments are typical for her style of writing then the author has found herself a new fan originally posted at Wow, Ms Rice, this was such a pleasure to read Very hot, beautiful male character the sweetest heroine Recommended I just loved Maddie and Rye s story though I wish I would have known this was the first in the series before reading the sequels There story was sweet but Rye was an idiot through a lot of the book if you are asking me Another home run of Heidi in the writing department I think that i have almost read all of her published works. I loved the H in this book for the main part and our h seemed a decent sort too although a little insecure The h was a lifeguard and rescues the H from the sea when his dumb ass decides surfing is a good idea with a bum leg His macho image is not happy about this and he tries to fob the h off but she is having none of it The accident has made him feel inadequate and as a result he had trouble in the bedroom department with his previous lover so hasn t attempted it since Until the h comes along and he shock horror disgraces himself with a below par performance in the bedroom Shes about to go for the walk of shame out of there when offers to rectify the situation He doesn t disappoint the 2nd time.Alas this guy has a few issues and he leads the h a bit of a merry dance before he surrenders and they get their HEA.An enjoyable read and it seemed a bit grounded in reality than the usual HP fayre I look forward to rest of series I have a soft spot for gorgeous Cornwall so maybe that influenced my review slightly. This was my first Mills and Boon book and I actually came into it with low expectations How glad I was to be wrong, it was a short, easy, fun read with good characters and details I will definitely look out for Heidi Rice books in the future. Ryan s been in an accident that hurt his leg badly He does everything he can to convince himself that nothing s changed surfing included When he hits his head on the board he gets rescued by a lifeguard To add insult to injury it s a female lifeguard one that he feels attracted to If only there wasn t a small problemMaddy just decided to try and change, no being Miss Fix it, she only wants a sexual relationship for a change Of course that isn t as easy as it sounds, especially when she begins to fall for him.I had a lot of problems with Ryan IMO he acts condescending to Maddy He s older, much experienced and has no problem with making that clear and taking advantage, I have no idea why she put up with him He s commitment phobic, but that s expected And Maddy s phobia of having sex with her boss was a bit odd, but she did have her reasons.One thing that was different is that problem of Ryan s He s impotent, and when he actually gets aroused by Maddy he tries to take advantage of it by being quick Maddy didn t enjoy their first time, and this has got to be one of the few times a HP hero wasn t a god in bed all the time.Rating 2.5 stars Just what I needed A bit far fetched and unrealistic when it comes to real life romance, but that s why we read novels Loved it Loads of awesome scenes, and not too long.