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Aaaaannd the point of this practically 1 2 a chapter story is Kinda puts me off from reading the actual book 13 to Life just because of this free download Ah well not much I can do about it The tiny bit of story in this, basically has the feel of a sorority horror flick. Short story prequel to 13 to Life.I wasn t really impressed with this Catty girls jogging in the woods and something rather large is snarling out there I think my beef is probably with the format of free ebook, where the story is only 13 pages long with a bonus 1st chapter of the book I don t usually read the sneak previews because I then think I ve read the book, but that s just me.Anyhow, no interest to continue the series Free Kobo download a while ago May still be available. I have not yet read 13 to Life so this was my first glimpse at the characters and the first time I ve read a prequel short story before reading any of the books in a series It was a great introduction to the series and to the three female characters Jessie, Amy and Sarah.The author s writing style is very easy and has a nice flow and the short story has just enough mystery to lure you into reading the full length book.This story does not require readers to have read 13 to Life in order to enjoy or follow along Reading this has officially piqued my interest in starting 13 to Life, which has been sitting in my eBook s to read collection Review to come this week. I found this prequel story for free on Barnes Noble and had to download it I did enjoy the first 13 to Life novel but haven t had time to read the rest, and a prequel story wasn t going to spoil the rest of the series for me While the entire book was 31 pages, only about 8 of those pages were the prequel story the rest was a preview of 13 to Life the prologue and first couple of chapters There was a certain atmosphere in the story, as Jessie, Amy, and Sarah go for a run and hear an animal in the woods I was hoping for details about the initial wolf attacks in the other town or even details about Amy s hatred of Sarah and why Jessie was being so nice to her I feel like this was covered in 13 to Life, but I read that a while ago and I don t remember Overall, this was a fun extra but doesn t really add much to the series. Jessie has gone for a run with two of her friends and while on the run they encounter something in the woods that isn t your typical animal I have the whole series but I haven t read it yet but plan to really soon I decided to start with the prequel so that I would have a little insight into who the main character is I like Jessie a sweet character who cares about her friends even if they don t care for each other This is a perfect little teaser as an introduction to the series I m looking forward to diving into the series I also really enjoyed the authors writing style it s a short story but it flows smoothly and the story is captivating. I have to say that I really thought this whole little story was pointless It didn t add anything to the story line or really give us any insight to the characters. This is a such a super short and plotless story, it is clearly designed only to get the reader to read the preview to the first 13 to Life novel There s nothing wrong with sticking in a preview to the next installment of a story, but I expect the main story I m reading to be an actual story This reads like watching only the opening scene to a teen horror flick.It goes like this three teenage girls go for a run out in the woods The redhead hates the blonde and the brunette is friends with both Some scary unseen beast growls in the bushes nearby and scares them half do death, then takes off Redhead s boyfriend drives up, is seen talking to the hot captain of the football team, and the girls all pile into the redhead s boyfriend s car to go watch said hot football captain practice The End.What is that That isn t a story Thirty percent of what was in my Kindle file was the above story and the remaining seventy percent was the beginning preview of the first novel This prequel did nothing to convince me to read it because it showed me how disinterested the author was in writing it What s , I can easily read the preview to the first 13 to Life novel on my Kindle by downloading a free sample This short story gave me a tiny glimpse of some characters that I never got to care about It was completely pointless. Wait what That was such a tease LOL But seriously, you are drawn right in wanting to know about the characters and how they wound up together Will definitely be looking into the book that follows this quick little prequel. DNF at page 4 I could have completed this book It was short enough that I could have powered through it, but the poor editing had me gritting my teethI find myself slightly upset with how the authors coordinating conjunctions connecting two independent clauses are separated by a period instead of a comma It makes the flow of reading less than smooth Some editing would have definitely helped polish this book to make it reader friendly There is also an over use of unnecessary descriptors, making it feel as though the author was using a thesaurus to find new words and decided they needed to pick 2 or 3 of them instead of just one. `DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⇧ Beasts and BFFs ↛ Popular Book, Beasts And BFFs By Shannon Delany This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Beasts And BFFs, Essay By Shannon Delany Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You