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~READ PDF ⚈ Fifteen ♠ It Seems Too Good To Be True The Most Popular Boy In School Has Asked Jane Out And She S Never Even Dated Before Stan Is Tall And Good Looking, Friendly And Hard Working Everything Jane Ever Dreamed Of But Is She Ready For This Suppose Her Parents Won T Let Her Go What If She S Nervous And Makes A Fool Of Herself Maybe He Ll Think She S Too Young If Only She Knew All The Clever Things To Say If Only She Were Prettier If Only She Were Ready For ThisWith Her Usual Warmth, Perceptiveness, And Humor, Beverly Cleary Creates The Joys And Worries Of A Young Girl S First Crush This book was my all time favorite book until I reached high school There is so much affection for this book that just seeing the cover makes me smile This book was read between 1987 1989, right at the peak of my adolescence I wish I could remember the exact time that I read this book, but I do remember re reading this book several times I remember wishing that the boy that I liked would ask me to go steady and give me his ID bracelet Unfortunately, I don t think that this book would be as lovingly accepted by pre teens today Perhaps it would only be enjoyed by 7 or 8 year olds tried reading it again when I was about 18 and it didn t have the same effect on me I guess you can t go back Truth be told is that albeit I have certainly found Beverly Cleary s 1958 young adult novel Fifteen delightfully dated and as such also an engaging as well as an educational sojourn into and through 1950s America and its teen culture, as a story in and of itself, the constant focus on boys, love andboys andlove of not only main protagonist Jane Purdy but basically ALL of her friends and acquaintances including in my opinion even the adults, even Jane s parents, teachers etc has actually and in fact rather majorly bored me and to the point that I indeed have ended up skimming through the final chapters of Fifteen because yes, I was defintely getting really sick and tired of same old, same old with regard to thematics and contents For while reading about how Jane and Stan meet, start dating and finally end up going steady has been interesting to a point, as someone who at the age of fifteen was actually not yet all that into boys, I for one have certainly felt as though Beverly Cleary spends far far too much time just on boy girl relationships and 1950s dating culture in Fifteen and well, I would have appreciated a bitof a balance, to have Fifteen presentthan just Jane s relationship with Stan and its ups and downs I guess I was just expecting a bitof a rounded and nuanced storyline from Beverly Cleary, as yes, the one sidedness of there being mostly just girl boy and boy girl scenarios depicted and even though I do appreciate reading about the American 1950s and indeed how important meeting, dating and going steady with a cute and dreamy boy seemingly was for teenaged girls , on a personal reading pleasure level, sorry, but I really have found Fifteenthan somewhat dragging, repetitive, and as such also personally rather emotionally distant. This book is brilliant and I love everything about it, it is simple and witty, and for a long time what I wanted my life to be like when I was fifteen This book is probably the one book that has the most sentimental value for me, it s because the first time I ever read this was when it was read aloud to my sister, Michelle and I when I was about nine years old, it was read to us by our cousin Dominique, or D.D to us She was five years older then me and two years older then my sister and we all where super close, like sisters And we all giggled all the way through it and fawned over Stan the heart throb in this book , and squealed at all the embarrassing moments But then me and Michelle had to move away, and the giggles became rarer, the fawning stopped completely and this book was almost forgotten Until about two summers ago, when me and my family went to visit my cousins for a couple weeks That s when it was picked up again, and read aloud by the same girl and was read to the same people plus to my cousin Sebastian, who wanted in on it And the giggles where repeated so where the fawns and the squeals had been brought back too And though we had all utterly changed in the years we spent apart, we sill had Fifteen. This is a sweet little book written in the fifties, about being fifteen in the fifties, that is probably too dated for a modern fifteen year old Cleary s books about the children of the Klickitat Street neighborhood written in the same period have retainedrelevance, and kept their bloom much better I read this at the same time as Lynne Rae Perkins s Criss Cross It was interesting how muchjaded kids in that book were, written five years ago about being fourteen in the seventies But Cleary s first love books, despite the demise of the ID bracelet and the idea of going steady, remain in print Some things never change, like teen age girls obsessing about boys and vice versa , and eyeing with disapproval their mothers attire To give you some examples of Fifteen s age Jane Purdy runs into her dream boy, Stan Crandall, when he s on his route delivering horsemeat for pets Jane s town, Woodmont, seems to be exclusively populated by middle class white families On a visit to the Chinatown of the nearby metropolis, one boy makes jokes about flied lice, and Jane can t handle the unfamiliar food Then again, there is something appealing about Jane s innocence and earnestness, and something timeless about her struggle to be herself in high school People still watch Leave It to Beaver , for which Cleary wrote an accompanying series of books no longer in print Ken Osmond, who played Wally, explaining the staying power of that TV series, says, Kids are still the same as they were in 1810. Beverly Cleary is better with children books But still, I enjoy her coming of age stories Whenever you need a funny and innocent book between these heavy mind blowing and twisted stories, you know you can t go wrong with Cleary The way she describes ordinary life of families and social life it s so pure I don t think I ever read anything about this type of family and school life. Fifteen shows a generation where life seemed simpler Walking to the soda shop and hanging out with friends and waiting for the phone to ring On page 4, when Jane speaks of no down payments to veterans neighborhoods I think of the Sears house kits which were built when the soldiers came home from war I like the feel of the time Jane lived in and think of how many other kids could use that type of laid back teenage life now Marcy makes Jane feel like plain boring Jane but her relationship with Stan shows Jane she isn t as boring or as uninteresting as she thinks When Jane realizes she is best at being herself the intent of the story shines through.All teenagers at some level can relate to Jane, including myself Who hasn t felt left out or felt they weren t part of the in crowd What girl hasn t waited for the phone to ring with the guy of their dreams on the other end This book is low on real drama or serious issues but it does convey a feeling that many have felt when they were young and wanting to experience their first love or kiss. Loved this book A true classic. Aawwwwww Lovely.THere are two things I really enjoyed about this book First, it s a great slice of life from the mid fifties, when girls wore dresses and walking five blocks to the movies and stopping by the malt shop was the usual type of date that teenagers had No hooking up, they don t even kiss for several dates The parents being worried because she s going out with a boy in a car, shocking The descriptions of the clothes and having to sneak into the closet for a few private minutes of a phone call, were all entertaining The descriptions of Jane s babysitting job were believable and showed different bits of her personality.I loved all of Jane s emotions and her daydreams were cute I ll say this, he ll say that Oh, no what if he says this and I don t have an answer Second, even though this book is about teens fifty years ago, the same things are still important, the basic feeling remain the same Jane envies the popular girl and tries to be like her, before realizing that being herself is what attracted Stan to her It s a lesson that continues to appear in books today So while the story is dated, in many ways it isn t, if that makes sense. What a cute read It reminds me of the Avalon books I read in junior high where the climactic event was that simple first kiss It was nice to read a story about a first crush, self doubt, and simple love Even though this book was written back in the fifties, I was still able to enjoy it for what it was worth No sparkly vampire waiting around the corner in a silvery volvo, just a nice boy with a dip hair cut and an innocent girl waiting for his call and looking forward to a date at the movies and ice cream parlor Funny to think that fifteen year olds back then rushed home to wait by the phone and worried about tying up the lines because they didn t want to miss a call In today s age of cell phones, emails and texting, we sure communicate a lot differently Fun read